Genetically Modified Mosquitoes being released


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Wow, that didn't take too long.
"Oh, the Population doesn't want forced vaccinations?"

No problem....release the Frankenstein Mosquitoes.
Nah, that only happens in Sci-Fi right?

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Cleared For Release In The US
Published June 6, 2020
By Mark Horowitz

The Environmental Protection Agency approved an experimental use permit May 1 that allows Oxitec to release genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys and Harris County, Texas, where Houston is located.

“To meet today’s public health challenges head-on, the nation needs to facilitate innovation and advance the science around new tools and approaches to better protect the health of all Americans,” according to the EPA’s news release.

The permit, which lasts for two years, requires Oxitec to “monitor and sample the mosquito population weekly.”
Scientists hope that these genetically modified mosquitos can help eliminate diseases that are typically carried by mosquitos, such as dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika.

The plan is that these genetically modified male mosquitos will mate with wild females, and their genetics will cause the children to die, and should cause a collapse of the wild population.

However, there is growing concern among scientists that this technology may not be ready for deployment, and that the risks have not been studied thoroughly enough. Many scientists are warning about the potential unintended consequences that can come from unleashing such insects into the wild. For example, researchers are entirely unaware of what type of allergic reactions that these insects could cause if they interact with people.


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Wow indeed this is a real scary one particularly as, according to Whitney Webb in a highly interesting article about this business, all the usual suspects are deeply involved, and have been for years. The ties evidently run from Oxford University and Imperial College via the Pentagon and Darpa, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (what's in a name :rolleyes: ) to Bill and Melinda Gates and corrupt leaders in African countries.
The CEO of Oxitec is a Mr Grey Frandsen, an individual with a background in the nexus between the military, "humanitarian" NGO's and the diplomatic circuit especially in conflict zones all over the world (he was involved in the Balkans, Dafur and Syria) and it seems that through the years he carefully laid the groundwork (and was seemingly carefully set up to do so) through various NGO's and government institutions to now release these frankenbeasts upon the population wreaking God knows what havoc. Amazingly, they have been tested in several countries with disastrous results but of course that did not hinder the EPA to okay the operation to set this thing in motion in Florida.

Whitney Webb further points out that the funders and backers of these high-powered gene-editing technologies, Darpa and Bill Gates, are, unsurprisingly, the same as the ones behind the mRNA and DNA vaccine candidates for coronavirus as well as coronavirus “treatments” that directly edit human genes in vivo.

But there is a glimmer of hope here, on June 12 a total of five environmental and anti-GMO groups have announced their intent to sue the EPA and its Administrator, and hopefully achieve that the mozzies stay put or whatever.

Sjeeez, there are so many aspects to this fascinating global horror-show :cool2:



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Yes, I remember these little monsters being released in Brazil a few years ago when they were scaring us that we were all going to die from Zika or Chikungunya.

I am of two minds on this one. First, it’s a horrible idea, this is how every zombie story begins...”and so they released the modified mosquitoes with the hope of getting rid of itchy skin.... but then.” I mean there are transmittable diseases for which mosquitoes are the vector, but not for others, being imaginative here, what if modified mosquitoes develop new abilities and start becoming able to transmit new diseases. Or have the ones they already transmit be worse.

But, at the same time, we know so little about genes and are so arrogant about that ignorance, that mosquitoes might simply become useless insects and die off rather quickly. Trying to manipulate one aspect of the genome of a being could cause a cascade of deleterious mutations which may simply result in decay.


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Highly possible, and something to look out for!
I once translated a huge book on mosquitoes, and besides the biological aspect, one should know that with every shovel of earth shoveled there a millions of particules of mosquitoes, worldwide. So this would be the best measure to spread anything you want. And they need not be mechanical jus bred.


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Face it, we are ALL vaccine modified, genetically mutated people.
All of our pets have been vaccinated.
ALL commercial meat Animals are injected with antibiotics, artificial vitamins, growth hormones, vaccines and gawd knows what else!
The varied and HUGE amount of man made chemicals in everything, is WAY beyond ANYONES control now.

BUT, Souled beings can and MUST overcome ALL of it!

Each and EVERY interaction we have with ANYTHING in Nature, and I mean EVERYTHING : plants, bugs (biters and butterflies!) all of the animals, Trees, the microbes in the dirt, worms, and on and on, and especially every person, downloads data instantaneously to EACH OTHERS cells.

The combined and complex exchange of information, is SO high tech!
The sum total of ALL our trillions of cells, those vibrations COMBINED, sing a message, and it is LOUD.

We ARE living, breathing "Cell Phones".

WE are emitting our own Wi Fi, transmitting EVERYTHING to the Living World, as well as receiving.

That is what Frequency Resonance Vibration means.

The C's HAVE mentioned this more than a few times.

So, here is the scary stuff about MUTANT MOSQUITOES!!!!
The very last line I have Highlighted by (L) kinda sums up the issue, but it is BASED on a BODYCENTRIC, physical, materialistic, DARWINIAN foundation.

Laura said:
(Andromeda) Do you wanna ask about the Zika virus?

(L) Yeah, we've got this thing called the Zika virus. They're saying it's responsible for causing these cranial and brain malformations in babies. I'm not too sure that the Zika virus is always correlated. I haven't read any serious studies on it. It just seems to me that there are a lot of assumptions being made. Is it the Zika virus causing it? Is the Zika virus caused because of genetically modified mosquitoes, or are birth defects being caused by vaccinations?

(Galatea) What's the cause?

[Noko gets up and moves to the floor, goes back to sleep]

A: Mutations began in humans due to vaccine and then collected by mosquitoes, undergoing further mutations by combining with modifications of the insects.

Q: (L) In other words, the mutation began in the human beings. Then the mosquitoes bit them and sucked up their blood. The blood mixed with the genetic modifications in the mosquitoes, and then the mosquitoes went and bit somebody else which injected it into them? So it was a combination of the genetic modifications of the mosquitoes and the mutation of the vaccinated human? Is that what we're getting at there?

Q: (L) So the vaccine is actually the ultimate origin of this problem. People were vaccinated with something that's causing this mutation. Mutations caused by the vaccination are now being spread by genetically engineered mosquitoes.

Q: (L) In other words, blaming it on the Zika virus is almost a misrepresentation, or red herring, or misdirection?

A: Yes
(L) It's like just a bug. You got a bug. But now with these mutations in people, it could become more dangerous. As could so many other things. For all we know, when they genetically modify a mosquito to control one thing, that makes the mosquito more liable to further modifications on its own.

A: Yes


We have to face it, WE are ALL undergoing Genetic modification.
By the PTB, and every contact with Nature.
The C's have said "The war is being Fought, through US".

Gaining control of this Genetic "Switchboard" has been my passion, my mission, my Holy Grail, for at least 40 years.

I have found that gaining access to our Psyche and Sub-conscious mind, can give us the ability to FLIP the upside down way that we have been "Mind Controlled" into Believing in Disease and vulnerability.

This info seems to be in direct opposition to the Bodycentric foundation that the Forum seems kinda stuck on, or so it seems.

My clumsy attempts at information presentation probably are to blame, and it is such a hard thing to wrap ones mind around, the regeneration capabilities we have is boggling!
I am reminded of the discussion of Time, I believe it was written about in the Wave?
Everyone agrees time doesn't exist, but then the question "What time is it?" flips the switch of mind control back on.

To sum up, we are NOT our Bodies, and anything that happens to the BODY can be neutralized and rectified by our Psyche, by our Pure Soul mind, it is Fear and programming holding us back.
Don't Fear the mosquitoes!
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