George Floyd's Death, Protests and Riots across the US


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Consider this...
They COULD crack down on groups of people... OR...
They let it play out. Imagine the fear this will cause many. The panic. All of the above....and takes people's mind off the uncovering of plandemic

Speaking of race card...when I 1st saw the video of him on the ground, the mayor made the statement that being black in America shouldn't mean a death sentence....or something like that. I told my son that was a bad move statement and would get the black community upset. He should have said no human being should be treated that way. And I wondered if the mayor's statement was construed to incite violence....guess so! Divide the masses.

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (@SaRaAshcraft) Tweeted: #FactsMatter #TacticsAreTactics The murder of George Floyd by a uniformed, on-duty police officer is a public ritual meant to incite violence and dominate the news cycle. Making a video that goes "viral" forces everyone who watches it to participate in the murder as a witness. Mike Bravo (@mikebravodude) Tweeted: Ive got some questions about this #GeorgeFloyd incident. The car in the resturant footage doesnt match the one he was killed behind. And the cops that killed him are not the ons that arrested him. Mike Bravo on Twitter
Derrick.Broze on the George Floyd murder. Says exactly what I thought before they killed anyone....when they were ripping babies out of woman's arms....."Why is the crowd not screaming and surrounding police?" They just take pictures with their phone. Where are our men?"
Language alert. He's angry!
Its obvious that the private security force (the "police") did that intentionally. And the reason for that would be to incite even greater riots and looting. Which then gives them the pretext for new harsher "laws".
Last night, “protesters” rioted and looted in Minneapolis. Here is a good account of what happened. Below are some of the sights and sounds: Minneapolis Riots: Sights and Sounds - American Renaissance
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a Hollywood dystopian movie!!

as someone whose country was bombed by America and called that operation "Angel of Mercy", I don't give much empathy to this situation..

I'm sorry to hear that your country was bombed, AzarHyun. And I can understand your feelings.

With this George Floyd incident or murder, there is a possibility that it was a staged false flag. Thoughts and screen shots coming in now. If so, then US citizens are being pushed to destroy their cities.

Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine) Tweeted: BREAKING ** WATCH: Minneapolis Cop at Center of George Floyd’s Street Murder Has Gone Missing; Neighbors Say They Didn’t Even Know He Was a Cop WATCH: Minneapolis Cop at Center of George Floyd's Street Murder Has Gone Missing; Neighbors Say They Didn't Even Know He Was a Cop – True Pundit
How come calls to violence aren't censored from twitter? Rhetorical question...please don't answer.

AerinCreer (@AngelAerin777) Tweeted: Some of y’all aren’t ready to go into violent protests and i think you should prepare better. Masks, glasses, gloves, hoodies, sneakers, backpack, washcloth, cellular data OFF.
City of St. Paul (live now)
Looks like they're using the Floyd case to attack Trump by association:

One post circulating widely across social media platforms juxtaposed a screenshot of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck with a photo of a man holding a blackberry between his thumb and index finger and wearing a red baseball cap that said "Make Whites Great Again."

The post, shared by prominent figures including the rapper Ice Cube, suggested the two photos featured the same person. But the man in the "Make Whites Great Again" photo was actually Jonathan Lee Riches, a known internet troll. Riches told the AP in a Facebook message that he was the person in the photo. However, he said the image was altered and he was not wearing the hat. He could not provide the original.

A second set of viral posts on Wednesday featured photos of a man smiling onstage at a Donald Trump rally in Minneapolis last October. The posts falsely claimed the photos, which showed a man wearing a "Cops for Trump" shirt and holding up a "Vote Trump" sign, were of Chauvin. According to Minneapolis
police union president Lt. Bob Kroll, the photos actually showed Mike Gallagher, the president of the police union in Bloomington, Minnesota.

"Can you put a stop to the false narrative please?" Kroll told the AP. "None of the officers in the incident were near the Trump rally." False news swirls around Officer Derek Chauvin after George Floyd's death
I can't break these all down; I'm getting alot of feeds.
It's getting bad! Protests - LIVE right now
Cont.... Minnesota National Guard: — "We have activated more than 500 soldiers to St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding communities. Our mission is to protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate. A key objective is to ensure fire departments are able to respond to calls." Update: - 1st and 4th precincts in riots, Columbus rioters have surrounded state town house, possible storming of state capital anniunced, Shots fired in 3rd precinct and Kentucky.
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