German books and documentaries on Corona


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I think it is useful to have some resources at hand that can either be read or viewed in German on the topic with and about Corona. And that could also be shared with some people who are still a bit open and able to discuss the corona topic.

An excellent and legit summary gives Sucharit Bhakdi in both of his books. They are loaded with facts where you can follow the sources with each statement:

A good documentary that was recently released is Eine andere Freiheit and talks about the vaccination of children and takes a critical stand.



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I would like to add to your list two books of Clemens G. Arvay:

"Corona Impfstoffe: Rettung oder Risiko? Wirkungsweisen, Schutz und Nebenwirkungen der Hoffnungsträger"

and the second (which was the first dealing with the so called pandemic)

"Wir können es besser: Eie Umweltzerstörung die Corona-Pandemie auslöste und warum"

you can find them both easily on the internet.
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