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A Disturbance in the Force
Ok, I feel a little awkward in posting this as I have not let many people know of my experiences. Its hard to tell your story when you fear the criticism and non belief of others who hear it.
I'm 33 years old and have been I guess you would say "haunted" since the age of 13. Now I don't mean haunted as in possessed I just mean in the sense that I can feel unembodied spirits and often I can see them. I believe I opened up this doorway while playing around with some of my mothers wiccan chants. I've never been afraid of them and most of the time I can choose to ignore their presence...until now.
Last year I decided that it was time to end my 18 year relationship and move on with my life. A short time later I persued a more intimate relationship with my best friend. After we had our first "big" argument I noticed I felt nauseous and had a headache so I went to bed. I was awaken that night by a burning sensation on my inner thigh. I turned on the lamp and noticed 3 scratches. I didn't want to tell my friend cause you never know how they will react so I just went back to sleep. It seemed that after that everytime he and I argued new scratches appeared and I would have outbursts of anger that were just not in my character. Then one night as we argues I got a sharp pain in my forehead and I leaned over to put my head face down in the pillow only to hear his voice saying "What the hell?!" Evidently the scratches manifested in front of him on my back and as I sat up I felt them appearing on my stomach.
Now other than the scratches I haven't had any other experiences. And it seems that whatever it is plays off my emotions with my friend. As long as we have great days nothing happens. But as soon as a tiny disagreement surfaces I get outbursts of anger and scratches appear. Does anyone have any advice...other than the obvious of don't argue...that will get rid of or at least control whatever the hell this is that's going on?
Thank you in advance!! :-[


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[quote author=Chass]
...I would have outbursts of anger that were just not in my character.[/quote]

Perhaps a person can have a spirit attachment and perhaps a spirit attachment can be the one who is antagonistic towards this new relationship person?

I don't know, but maybe someone with more knowledge of this kind of issue will chime in.


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Hello Chass, welcome to the forum.

Does anyone have any advice...other than the obvious of don't argue...that will get rid of or at least control whatever the hell this is that's going on?

Well, as the Cs often remind us "Knowkedge Protects". Have you read The Wave series, or High Strangeness? The Wave would be a good place to start.

It is recommended that new members post an introduction over in the Newbies Forum, so that others can get to know you a little better, your journey here, what interests you etc.


A Disturbance in the Force
Thank you Buddy and Alada for responding. No Alada I haven't read either of those but I will check them out. I'm just nervous that whatever this is is going to drive away my new friend. He is more into the biblical aspect and believes that anointing and prayer will take care of this, but I'm not so sure. We have had the home and me anointed and I keep getting these scratches and anger outbursts. I'm just looking for any clues to help out the situation....


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Based on the reading I've done here, a real solution will necessarily involve work on yourself. Often in excorcisms the attachment will just pretend to go away, convincing everyone that the problem is gone when it is just in hiding, to reemerge later. Even if it does work, the underlying crack that let it in will remain and another attachment will just step in to take its place. It takes knowledge and inner work to heal the cracks. This is one reason that knowledge protects.

Here is a relevant thread. Pay special attention to Laura's comments:,29894.0.html

If you become familiar with the Wave series (free online) and you make use of the knowledge available here I think you will find a solution. I would also suggest looking into the Eiriu Eolas meditation program created by Laura, who has done quite a few excorcisms:


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Doesn't even have to be a "spirit attachment", it can be your own subconscious sending you messages. Not saying it is, but it can be. Read "Life Betweeen Life" by Toronto psychiatrist Joel Whitton.
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