Ghost in our house?


The Living Force
We recently bought a house, where lived a (by now) deceased Old Man. He liked wood-working, building a well, a bungalow and all kinds of good able hands work.

We had flickering lights, bulbs going out, cold, etc.. Some poltergeist phenomena maybe, haven't checked with an EMF meter after loud clattering on shelves, etc..

Anyway, this morning I observed through the door with glass** - the type of glass where you can't see right through:
a human shape leaning on a walking stick and making steps, but it was repeatedly hitting the floor too loud, in a systematic pattern and thoroughly so the sound was more than just a man walking with a stick, it seemed to want to get attention, make an impression. The rooms occupant wasn't home at the time..

Doesn't feel anything malevolent, if he is really there, I guess the house is still his, despite the amount of money (his son asked for the place) having changed hands during the summer.


Died the old man in this house?
Sounds like something emotionally unprocessed in that family.


The Living Force
It was probably mice and not enough time getting used to the house, its sound insulation properties, sounds coming from the neighbors, who - as customary - are next to the wall basically, hacking wood, neighbors dogs making noises with their empty metallic bowls, etc.. Will report if anything distinctly ghostly might happen, but I was probably imagining things.
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