Great song & video from a cooperation of artists


The Living Force
Hi All,

In my "Conscience" bookmarks folder there's the website of Caitlin Johnson. I do not often use this link, i just bookmarked it in the past as it was sometimes used as a reference (for articles) by a belgian reinformation website named dedefensa.

And today i checked it, and was directly attracted by one article, or better say, one video/song dated of the 1st february.
Here's the link to the small article from where you can watch the song, or directly the youtube link for those who prefer :
And, well, she's right, this song is really great, the various movie clips are nice, joyfull, earthwarming, or simply positive, human ! It's good to watch such creation, it helps. And of course, I wanted to share it here. Enjoy !

Cheers to all
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