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Actually, having reread the explanation of Subud, I do think it is not the best of practices. I ws originally interested in it for two reasons:
1. John Bennett reccommended it and he was a disciple of Gurdjieff (of whom I had read through Ouspensky)
2. It was a spiritual practise unconnected to any religon or dogma, and offered itself as a connection to god unmediated by any priest or scripture.
So I was iniated into Subud back on the late seventies, but I don't know if it 'took' or not as I realized that the only possibility of successfully practising latihan(as outlined on the web site) is to suurender your heart and mind to the 'will of god' and I was not capapble of trusting or surrendering myself. It felt like I was saying, "all right entities or spirits, possess me" Surrendering myself to what? which god? I don't know if it is possible to surrender for me.
But, recently while visiting my daughter ( who has been pratising with Sunud since the age of 18) I went to a latihan, and I thought I would do some self-Reiki there. It occurred to me that I had surrendered with regards to reiki as reiki only works for me when I allow it to pass through me on the way to the "patient" and there is (usually) a definate feeling of something happening with the top of my head and my hands, when doing reiki. And so there is a sense of surrendering to the reiki. When I tried the self-reiki in place of, or as a latihan, I felt a very strong sense of energy, which felt like a strong reiki session. I have since tried a latihan back in Toronto, without doing reiki, and it feels as if I am doing reiki.
I want to ask if anyone here has done reiki, has any first hand knowledge or experience with subud and/or latihaning?
I don't know if I will continue latihaning as it feels so much like doing reiki, it makes more sense to give reiki to heal, rather than doing the latihan.
any thoughts on this, from anyone, or the C's?


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Read the Wave.

Such questions are answered there.
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