H&W Show: Not to get Drastic, but the Plastic is Making us Spastic


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I'm about half-way through listening to the MP3 archive of this show, and wanted to comment while the thought was fresh in my mind... (Great show, by the way! The H&W Show is one of my must-listen-to podcasts.) It's not a new idea, but it has been at the top of my mind in a slightly renewed form...

Plastic pollution is one reason the anti-human sentiment, upon which so much political activism and Gaia-based religion, has been such an easy sell!

We really ARE an ugly, filthy species in many ways. It's hardly any wonder so many people hate people.

However, I think the pollution we are experiencing is likely all part of a clever scam orchestrated at higher densities to engage exactly those sentiments. -As part of a plan to grow the perfect 'food human'.

It has all these clever, layered inter-dependencies. -The pollution and its effects on the world give the SJW types ample reason to hate humanity, (why fight your captors when you believe you deserve to be mistreated for all your filthy sins?), while at the same time, that very pollution just happens to have the effect of throwing out of whack the hormonal balances which, under normal circumstances, would lead to more aggressive resistance behavior. "To hell with you! Humans are the best!" (More chest hair and less "agreeableness" toward the notion of self-hate.)

And the whole thing is brilliant on a third level as well; you don't need mystery planes and Dr. Evil types distributing toxins over populations in order to genetically modify a species. No sir! You trick the target population into doing it to themselves! They think they're making cool consumer goods, when really they're distributing hormone drugs across the entire planet! Their own industrial practices are the distribution system! (Except for the Fluoride thing. That stuff is so lousy and awful, there really was no elegant, "you did it to yourselves" way to put that into the water supply. But that's just how it goes sometimes; when you need to get the job done, sometimes you just have to drag on your farm boots and stomp out there to tip the damned chemical drum yourself. Calling it a "dental health care service" is like a grumpy shrug from the 4D farmer's son who was roused from bed at 5:30 AM to feed the long pigs).

Still, for the most part, successful Fourth Density social engineering is like completing a multi-dimensional Sudoku puzzle. There is an evil elegance to the whole system.

I remember an old C's quote, which I will not spend half an hour trying and failing, (whoops. I tried anyway. No luck.), to dig up which described that pollution was a non-issue, an easy fix when you're living at 4th Density. A "clean the whole planet in fifteen minutes" sort of thing. -Which indicates to me that the current state of our polluted environment is entirely in keeping with some sort of design.

I think perhaps we're finally seeing what that design was meant to produce.

-Social: Convinces people to hate themselves and thus meekly accept further abuses and authoritarian rule.
-Biological: Creates a weenie species incapable of fighting back even if they wanted to.
-Political: Creates an opening along gender fault lines which can be leveraged into hysterical, planet-wide self-destruction.

Those were my thoughts. I'm going to return to the program now and listen to the rest of it.

Thanks again for the broadcast!

(This message typed to you on my 100% authentic plastic keyboard!)

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