Happy Holidays from the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind


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I have not received an email either (checked spam folder). If it contains the same text as the message above, you don't need to send it again. Maybe just check what the problem is. Donation and goodie order done. Thank you for your tireless work. :hug2:


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Dear @Chu! Although I have already communicated with you via my new email and although I saw that PoB warned us about possible changes to our data (addresses, etc.), I was not aware that I did not change the information about my new email on my forum account :-[. Today I corrected that on my forum profile and sent new information to info(at)paleochristianity.

I haven't received your mail yet, so I apologize if you have already sent an email to the old address! Thank you so much for your tireless work!:hug2:
THANK YOU! It is the first word that comes from the most sincere part of my being. Sometimes I feel that word is too short to contain such a great feeling.

I want to send a greeting to the whole community and wish you peace, love and light every day of your precious lives!!!



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Thank you, Chu, and everyone else involved with the holiday message :)

As always, the messages of hope and faith come at the right "time".

I can't tell you how much it means to be part of this group and to know how much you also care/support for the whole network and not just the most advanced members.

The biggest challenges lie ahead maybe, but together we can do this, we all know this at some level.

Happy holidays to you all ;)


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So, sott.net goodies also ordered and donated :hug:
I noticed that although I wrote to you that I hadn't received an email, I didn't respond at all to your lovely holiday message :-[
With that in mind, this year we proceeded with our Crystal project, online meetings, and gatherings in our local communities and other places where members could spend time together in good company, with soul enriching activities, prayer and conversations, and recharge their batteries.
All these offers really help to stay connected, grow close and be a support to each other.
Laura’s latest book, From Paul to Mark, Paleochristianity, was also published this year. Extensively researched, written for academics and laymen alike, it has helped us understand Christianity better, and strengthened our faith in our collective ability to figure out some of the deepest truths of the human experience.
I'm still struggling with the book and only manage to read short sections at a time, but I'll keep at it. It will probably be a longer project, though... :whistle:
To all of our members, we would like to extend our gratitude and tell you how happy we are to be able to know you.
I think we can give this gratitude back to you 1:1 and even more. I am so happy to be part of this forum and can say it has literally changed my life. So nice to know you guys. :cool2:
“Things may heat up a bit and create unpleasant frissons in many. Do not be dismayed or alarmed. Continue to work and build your network and connections. As we have said before, all this is evidence of the anxiety as the big changes approach. This will pass. Have faith and love.”
I've been clinging to this sentence ever since I heard it.... Two years ago, I would have considered everything that is happening right now impossible and classified it as a worst-case scenario. Now I have the feeling that there is still a lot of room for improvement and it can always get worse... But the hope that everything will be all right in the end strengthens me and keeps me calm (most of the time).
Huge, big hugs to you all and thanks again for your work. :rockon:


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All my gratitude goes to the team and Laura & Ark and to the Sott team, for the unimaginable and intense work accomplished.

Happy end of the year to ALL. :flowers:

Toute ma reconnaissance va vers l'équipe et Laura & Ark et à l'équipe de Sott, pour le travail inimaginable et intense accompli.
Joyeuse fin d'année à TOUS.


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Thank you very much for being here with and for us another year, the world would be a darker place and even more unbearable if not for the light Laura and all the Cassiopaea family provides.

I would gladly make my donation in the next days I hope. Happy holidays, God bless you all:flowers:


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Thank you so much, Chu for writing such a beautiful message of hope to all of us. And thank you all who participated in creating these beautiful goodies. (I ordered several and donated.) I was so happy to get the emails, my words are too limited to express the feeling of gratitude and joy for all of you being here on this planet keeping the light and faith in goodness and the Devine. Thank you again and many blessings, merry Ceasarmass and happy New Year. :flowers:

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Thank you Chu for the e-mail and the beautiful uplifting message. I find it hard to express how grateful I am to be a part of this awe inspiring group. You all literally keep me grounded allowing me to fight another day. I've sent a donation and an order. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks time for some Xmas cheer.


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Thank you the the good wishes! Thank you to the SOTT's team and all the members of Cassiopea for making this community a haven of peace, knowledge and comfort in those hard times! I wish you all a happy and drama-free Christmas!
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