Harald Kautz Vella-Morgellons, Sentient Oil, Chemtrails….

He seems to know his topics & it made sense to me. The linkage between Morgellans & vaccines & chemtrails is a bit scary.


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I've had the opportunity to review this presentation - twice. Once to get acquainted with the information and a second time, to take a few notes. I find the presentation, to be interesting and thought provoking.

From what I can gather, Harald Kautz Vella is a German scientist and researcher who is fluent in English. He seems to be "well studied" in the topics he discussed and this two hour presentation is a condensed form of a six hour lecture. Information has been further condensed into three - one hour video's which go "more in depth" into some of the topics. I have not reviewed them, yet but here is the list (in English).

Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part One

Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part Two

Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part Three

A brief summary....

At the 3.30 minute mark - The word, "Chemtrails" is derived from an University Study Course, in connection with the U.S. Air Force, from a tech Manual which explores substances and uses of spraying chemicals or Smart Dust. The Manual is mainly a question format on possible applications.

12.01 - Several years ago, a NASA "classified" doc was published (by accident) and was removed two days later. Copies were made and entered the public domain. Vella presents the doc and discusses strategies in "Future Warfare" and the application of Smart Dust, Sensor Swarms and RNA Synthetic Biology. Vella states, the only reason for the second Iraq War was to test the system - of decoding the activated RNA.

13.57 - War on this Planet is between the Government and the Normal People.

19.48 - Speaks of a German Whistleblower who was working on "Smart Dust" - name of Project - Projekt "Rabl neu" (Project Raven new)

21.01- Extreme Genetic Engineering - an introduction to Synthetic Biology RNA.

23.03 - Discussion on DNA and RNA properties and Light producing things - Substance producing things and Base Pairs.

26.33 - Activation by Radio Waves, signals and frequencies. Smart Dust airborne in Europe since 2003. Dry Rain.

27.01 - Reason for Iraq second war - test the system of decoding activated RNA.

29.14 - Discussion on Smart Dust.

30.40 - Vella states, "This is Alien Technology. The Scientific Community have been "fooled" lied too. There is "NO" deactivation Code!"

31.23 - Chemical and toxicology analysis of Smart Dust in the Lab.

33.59 - Discussion on Lab analysis of dry rain drops and Piezo Crystals - scalar waves.

37.21 - Mad Cow disease - lack of Copper and too much Mercury - stripping down and breaking apart the nerve system. Body trys to repair it's self by going to the next heavy metals (Barium, etc.) to rebuild nerve system which in turn, creates Piezo Crystals and sensitivity to electromagnetics. Nanobot, equal to Mad Cow disease.

39.37 - Nanobot has Military application.

41.10 - Piezo Crystals spread all over Europe for Scalar Military application, as well as, controlling the population via central nerious system. Al Oxide - particle form called "whisker" or star.

43.14 - Morgellons, (fungi) Nano Tags. Self replicating hollow fibers that read out your "Light DNA" transforming it into an electro radio signal that can be detected by satellite. Morgellons and the existence of "M State" matter.

46.39 - Demostraction of rain/Morgellon fibers on a fresh tomato and short film on Dry Rain - paricles airborne, States, particle will not affect the body if in good health with intact immune system. If not, fibers affect blood and symptoms develop.

50.37 - In the body, Morgellons fungi develop a sack-like-spore. Particles from the spores are insect-like. (co-opted insects.)

51.19 - To fight Morgellons, need to take out acids and heavy metals, clear the liver and eliminate Candida.

52.50 - Sample analysis that produces color fragments (dots) Red, blue, black and purple and results of properties (graph) - self assembled nanabots.

53.37 - An American Company in Berlin holds the Patents for the color fibers - quantum dots ( self assembled plasmonic - photonic crystals that collect radio frequencies and turning it into a DNA incorporation of nanoparticles, into polymersomes - photonic crystal fibers - for artificial light harvesting.

56.15 - Blue is the light we process for thinking. Red for sexuality. Green for heart.

1.00.04 - Morgellon victims have sensations of insects crawling in their body. One victim that had Remote Viewing capabilities, after several sessions, drew pictures which look like Alien Spiders with a glowing center red eye. The spider looks highly developed with a human like face.

1.06.11 - Patients describe waves of energy flowing out of the forehead and traveling down a grid and into the gut - lower intestines.
It's stealing Human energy - Life Force and storing it in the lower intestine. If you think in terms of higher dimensional biology, a demonic higher dimensional being - is abusing a Human Being - to reproduce it's own species. Bio-photons from the forehead with accumulating Life Force energy in the lower intestine - so it can "ascend" to the "invisible 4th dimension - while still physically anchored to the Human host.

1.07.23 - Light parasites (demons) feeding on human light protons.

1.08.55 - Black Goo deposits have been found in Paraguay, South America. In a Village near this deposit, there is a large Villa owned by the Bush Family. Black Goo has something to do with communication. (Pictures of Black Goo in rain drops from Germany.) In the lab, liquid Black Goo shows properties of magnetism. Take two tubes filled with Black Goo and hold them 5 meters from each other and they will try to unite. If you keep them separated, they will begin to vibrate to free themselves - to navigate and be one.

1.11.24 - Black Stones have been found in Bavaria during WW2 and the extraction process was known. Folklore of sacrificing babies to get the Demon's out of the Stones, to communicate are found in Black Magic rituals and LoveCraft novels). One Black Stone can be found in Mecca and is part of a Meteorite. Black Stones can be found on old Greek and Roman coins. Centuries old Churches. built in Europe in the Middle Ages had a Black Alter Stone.

1.13.51 - Black Goo has two different properties. Liquid Black Goo from "the Center of the Earth" has feminine properties and exhibits
"Empathy" qualities. Black Stones in the form of fallen Meteorites posses a negative - extracting Life-Force and manipulating quality.
War with Argentine was all about accessing the Black Goo in the Southern Falkland Island.

1.14.03 - A large deposit of liquid Black Goo was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. This is what the Deep Water Horizon controversy was all about. "Someone" was shooting a torpedo at the platform and WW3 almost broke out - with eight Submarine, with special equipment were trying to collect the Goo. Civilians were NOT ALLOWED anywhere near the Beaches or on the water. Crews were brought in to gather the substance.

1.19.57 - What is the function of liquid Black Goo from the Center of the Earth. Formation of scalar light matter interacts with the biological light bodies (Human, animals, etc.) on the surface of the Earth.

1. 23.42 - Reports in reincarnation - discussion - When Lemura was going down (80 Thousand BC) there was a swarm of meteorites, hundreds of them. Behind this swarm of meteorites, an Alien Species appeared and asked "to be taken in" - in return, technology would be given. The "people" allowed them to stay on the Planet. Soon, through mind control and manipulation, this new Species took total control and degraded Manhood - through the subconscious.

1.27.59 - Discussion of Military use of Smart Dust and how it corresponds to the Morgellons fibers in the Human body. How Sensor Swarms turn into rectangle forms.

1.30.36 - Smart Dust Concept - HAARP>(Ba, Sr) TiO3 & Al2O3>DNA> Morgellons and QuantumDots<>Black Goo<> QuantumComputers.

1.33.30 - Navy Military Intelligence are doing the spraying of Smart Dust (to control consciousness.) Black Goo in the rain affects consciousness and sub consciousness in Humans - bidirectional. The creatures comprised of the alien black goo which seem to exist in a partial state of matter, not quite in this dimension.

1.34.02 - Black Goo is connected to Quantum Computers. Four areas where these computer are located, have been detected. Rome, City of London, NA faculity in Germany - in an area of North Houssan (3 levels with Super Computer on lower level and has Black Goo traveling through pipe lines that resemble "Ley Lines." The forth location is between Washington, DC and New York.

2.11.41 - The word "NO" is Alien. When we say - no more war - it means the opposite - more war. The word "no" is invisible and lacks meaning. Al Intelligence mission is to invade Planets and assumulate the biology for it's own use - by sucking out the Life Force to survive.

The April 1986 disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine was the result of Russia using the Power Plant to feed it's WoodPecker Device (Russian Scalar Weapon) in attacking the San Andreas Fault to produce an Earthquake. U.S, wasn't that advanced - so ask the State of Israel for help. Israel counter acted and back flowed the energy - back into the feeding source - the heated energy entered the Power Plant but was able to contain the energy build up for about 12 hours before the Uranium exploded.

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was a disagreement between Japan and the U.S. elites. Japan owed the U.S. for Contracts from WW2. Japan wanted to pay in American Dollars. Washington wanted "assets" in the form of Gold Bullion. It was a form of Blackmail which they knew Japan couldn't meet. U.S. threatened to sink the Island of Japan. With Israel's help, Earthquake weapon - nuclear bomb was deposited off shore in the Ocean. Tsunami was nuclear made. HAARP was used . BUT - not all HAARP are controlled by one entity and "someone" intervened.... and stopped the whole Island from sinking. As for the intervention, I can only guess that "someone was putin on a show" to save Japan.


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Thanks for sharing this, and thank angelburst for the thorough summary! We're covering Morgellons this week on the Health and Wellness podcast, so I'll be watching this tonight to see if there's anything that can be gleaned for the show.


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The drawings of the Morgellons, of what the fibers developed into, within the body as an Alien Spider with a human face - reminded me of drawings - of what is described as T4 nanobot Bacteriophage - a six legged hexagonal robot?

Are they two separate entities and what are the biological differences?


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Well... I watched this last night, and while there were some interesting points regarding Morgellons and other things, I think Mr. Kautz is a bit too fast-and-loose with subjective information to be taken seriously. If he were to qualify the subjective things he said with "this is just my opinion", he might carry more weight, but he didn't, and came across as someone who has a good heart but is taken in by a lot of common new age misinformation.

I *personally* agree with a lot of the things he said, but those things are/were completely opinion-based, and it bothered me that he made them sound like fact without qualification... Like I said I think he seems to have a good heart and a good line of force. I just think if he were to stick strictly to his lab results, he would be much more credible...


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Jonathan said:
Well... I watched this last night, and while there were some interesting points regarding Morgellons and other things, I think Mr. Kautz is a bit too fast-and-loose with subjective information to be taken seriously. If he were to qualify the subjective things he said with "this is just my opinion", he might carry more weight, but he didn't, and came across as someone who has a good heart but is taken in by a lot of common new age misinformation.

I *personally* agree with a lot of the things he said, but those things are/were completely opinion-based, and it bothered me that he made them sound like fact without qualification... Like I said I think he seems to have a good heart and a good line of force. I just think if he were to stick strictly to his lab results, he would be much more credible...

I would like to point out, this two hour presentation is a condensed form of a six hour lecture ... and a three part series, of an hour each is offered to help clarify a lot of the information given in this presentation.

I haven't viewed the 3 part series yet - which might be more detailed and specific. In a sense, this presentation is only a "sampling" of the information offered.


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Jonathan said:
Thanks for sharing this, and thank angelburst for the thorough summary! We're covering Morgellons this week on the Health and Wellness podcast, so I'll be watching this tonight to see if there's anything that can be gleaned for the show.

I would like to say "Thanks" to CrazyCharlie for posting this information.

Jonathan, I reviewed the 3 part series last night and have to admit - I was disappointed. Not in the information that Harald Kautz Vella tried to convey but disappointed by the interviewer, Miles Johnson who would interrupt at vital points in the conversation and steer it in a related but different direction. By the time, I got to the third video, my opinion of Johnson was that he was a Gatekeeper? If Vella got interrupted in mid-sentence, he would patiently listen to Johnson, then nod his head ... and finish his sentence or train of thought. Vella does remark, that there is a difference between Religion and Spiritual pursuits and he's not about Religion. Vella does advocate, in taking personal "responsibility" for our life and surroundings and taking the necessary steps to optimize one's health by diet, detox of heavy metals, addressing Candida/viruses and changing how we view ourselves, including mental hygiene.

The 3 part series does contain interesting information, if you have the time to view them. At the end of the third video, Vella mentioned a website that contained his work and that of other Scientists. The website is a treasure trove of informationwhich goes beyond any of the presentations.

time loop _solution - Consortium for Morgellon-related Research

About the time loop-Consortium

Time loop is a consortium of scientists founded in 2013 with the objective to understand the morgellons disease and announce possible prophylactic solutions to be found in the field of Environmental Medicine.

In cooperation with the Austrian company biopure the consortium created a number of products that - being food supplementary - have the potential to serve as a prophylactical solution for a number of morgellon-related diseases - that normally show up before an outbreak of the morgellons and that have been classified as non-healable:
Pathogenic candida
Malfunction of the liver
Herpes as a secondary symptom serving the extraction of fungus-poisons from the body
Lime disease
The secondary detox mechanisms neurodermatitis/hay fever/asthma
In cooperation with the Austrian company biopure the consortium created a number of products that - being food supplementary - have the potential to serve as a prophylactical solution for a number of morgellon-related diseases - that normally show up before an outbreak of the morgellons and that have been classified as non-healable:

The morgellons disease can be traced back to transhumanistic technologies. These technologies utilize self-replicating nano-bots that are half biological, half technological units. These units are dependent of a supply of heavy metal compounds to function. While trying to understand this concept, other artificial particles caught our attention. This led us to a new understanding of degenerative old age diseases. While dealing with the complex interaction of mercury poisoning, lack of cooper, piezoelectric nano-particles and heavy metal poisoning we developed a new concept to prophylactically treat the following diseases.
Creutzfeldt Jakob

Remedies are about to be released.

Due to the tremendous side effects of antibiotics onto the biochemical environment that have been revealed during our research, the consortium did its best to develop an non-harming alternative to the treatment with antibiotics.

As an answer to the weaponizing of the Spanish flue by the US military the consortium developed a influenza-remedy that is designed to prophylactically reduce the danger of bacteriological co-infections, by moisturization and calming of the mucosa. These co-infections had been the reason for the high mortality of the Spanish flue back in the 20s. Anecdotally, the remedy developed also was used to successfully treat the symptoms of less dangerous influenza-infections.

White Goo Probiotikum

While searching for Black Goo of earth-origin the consortium came across stories about an oil dwell near Modena/Italy, that has been reported to have delivered an oil quality, that was utilized from the 14th to the 17th century by the Vatican to heal the black death. However, the dwell fell dry towards the end of the 17th century. The local vernacular says this has been a punishment for the greed the church was driven by, while selling the remedies to the rich only. Later on, more oil was recovered by deep-drilling, but the healing properties never again came even close to the oil of the early centuries.

Since 2014 the mud vulcanos associated to this oil dwells again show a slight film of oil on the surface. Therefore we decided to test if the oil once again would develop the former healing qualities.

Due to the circumstance that the quantities would never be high enough to base the production of medical products upon them, we decided to utilize the infopathic field of the oil.

According to radionic testing - in the framework of the informational value of such a testing methode - the results were promising. Combining the infopathic field of the oil with dragon tree blood and artemisia the consortium developed an infopathic formula, that eventually could serve as an alternative to antibiotics, when antibiotics are contraindicated due to resistance of microbes or due to antibiotics intolerance. Thus we decided to classify it as a probioticum. It is meant to strengthen the ability of the biological system to self-organize.

It might deliver solutions wherever medicine has to deal with resistant microbes, especially with hospitalism, but it also could be of interest to those who prefer to avoid using antibiotics, being aware of the side effects to the biological system like described in the chapter about the genesis of the Morgellons disease.

We explicitly announce, that this is no approved medicine, it contains no active ingredients, and in the sense of school medicine i.e. the infection theory there is no direct negative impact onto bacteria, viruses or fungi. This is also not an homeopathicum, because the informational content is not potentiated. It is not designed to replace a medical remedy or homeopathicum.

Morgellons (Photo's)

According to hitherto findings the morgellons disease is a mycosis caused by a to date unknown genus of fungi. The disease is not officially recognized; hence there is no acknowledged list of symptoms available. According to different estimations about 300.000 to 600.000 patients worldwide are affected by serious symptoms related to the disease.

During medical treatment it showed that an infection with morgellons hardly ever leads to visible symptoms. Visible symptoms normally appear only with a weakened immune system. Therefore the research also touches the typical diseases that lie under a heavy morgellon infection and are responsible for the weakening of the immune system. It is hard to estimate how many people are actually infected without showing symptoms. It is very likely that the majority of the population of the western countries has been in contact with morgellons, however their immune system manages to handle the disease more or less without showing visible symptoms.

The morgellons disease relates to a number of symptoms. However up to date the disease is not officially recognized. And therefore there is no official list of symptoms. Normally patients are diagnosed having "delusional parasitosis" and are treated with psychopharmaca.

After the analysis of photographic documentations from various patients, and a number of interviews regarding previous diseases, the consortium came to the following conclusion: The morgellons disease is a mycosis, that with a given infection shows open symptoms only in the case that the chemical environment in the human body is in a condition that supports the needs of the fungus. Hence the fungus is not listed in biological records, and the mycelium apparently is distributed from airplanes, the idea emerged that morgellons are a genetically modified species, a weaponized myco-insecticide, i.e. a bio-weapon applied against humanity. This would explain why the health authorities deny the existence of the disease.

The symptoms regularly associated with the morgellons disease are:
itching under the skin,
open and slow-healing lesions with blue and red fibers as well as blue hexagonal structures growing out of the skin.
Anal and vaginal parturition of morgellon fruiting bodies.
Having the feeling of insects crawling under the skin. This feeling of being obsessed by insect like beings anecdotally is not necessarily a direct cause of the morgellon infection. Single patient have been completely healed from the morgellon infection however still had the problem of sensing insects crawling within the body. Apparently this crawling is what leads to the regular diagnosis of delusional parasititis.

There are anecdotal reports of a 28-day life cycle of the morgellons, ending with the parturition of the fruiting bodies.
Shortly before the parturition one female patient reported of heaving the sensation of a strong extraction of bio photons from her body. The process was triggered by pain in the intestines and was experienced as if energy is flowing from the head to the lower body, accompanied with a rhythmically pulsed suction that appears as a sound in the ears. According to her own words the patient during this process of bio-photon-extraction suffered from fever and physical weakness.

People with heavy infections show a number of psychologic patterns. They might become very egocentric, obsesed about talking about their disease, but at the end about 90% miss out on their appointments with doctors, as soon as real help is underway. The disease seems to have the abillity to take over part of the consciosness of the patients. Similar symptoms are reported from borrelia. It is advised to have someone assisting with the medical appointments and the application of medication.
Single patients also show whole insect-parts growing out of their flesh.

Due to the ability of the morgellons to assimilate parts of the DNA and carry the morphogenesis of a higher being, possible relatives or ancestors of the eventually genetically modified fungus could be two bio-insecticides: Beauveria brongnartii und Metarhizium. Due to its morphogenesis and the ability to affect humans another fungus might be related: Basidiobulus, the fungus that causes the perianal crohn disease.

If the several thousand photos processed by the consortium weren't fake, the Morgellon first grows through the cell tissue, including - according radionic testing - bones and brain. To reproduce, the fungus crosses through the stomach barrier and developed its fruiting bodies within the intestines, and sometimes also within the uterus. According to one single patient with strong symptoms one live cycle of these fruiting bodies takes 28 days. The fruiting bodies carry a humanoid morphogenesis. Typical properties of the fruiting body are a shrimp-like form with a hip, a head with a distinct forehead similar to the human embryo in the 20th week of pregnancy, naval cord, a reptile shaped tail and one single insect eye. There are male and female forms, who might form unisexual multiple siames twins within one fruiting body. The female forms are rather oval and carry pearl-chain-like patterns of red eggs or stem cells under their skin, that have been described by the carnicom institute as modified human red blood cells that basically withstand everything, burning with a Bunsen flame, deep freezing, vacuum and treatment with acids. The male forms are rather slim and produce a single "bulbus" like structure, i.e. something resembling the mail reproductive organ of a spider. The single insect eye at the same time is the reproductive organ of the fungus itself, producing transparent multilayered hexagonal structures carrying the spores of the fungus.


Following the laws concerning medical practice and trade with pharmaceuticals, the consortium is not allowed to promise healing or advise distinct treatments available. The fact that the morgellons disease is not even related to an officially recognized frame of symptoms makes the legal aspects of this situation even more complex.

The consortium has come to the conclusion that with many forms of mycosis the question if the infection develops heavy symptoms is subject to the chemical environment within the body, and to the vitality of the immune system. Following this opinion, the consortium believes that the best way to heal such infections without side effects is to readjust the chemical environment within the body of the patient. According to this opinion it is not of primary importance to attack or kill the fungus, but simply to re-adjust the parameters of the system back to normal. These parameters are acidity, availability of certain minerals and vitamins in the body, and the amount of toxins and heavy metals both circulating and deposited in the body. The condition of the environment in the human body is mainly subjected to the uptake of toxins from food and environmental pollution, by genetic pre-disposition and by chronic infections that influence the ability of the body to process food and detox itself. After having evaluated a number of interviews with heavy morgellon cases, the consortium has identified a repeating pattern of previous diseases that seem to form an environment that supports the outbreak of a heavy morgellon infection. These previous diseases are: Pyroluria, camouflaged candida and borrelia-infections.

Pyroluria originally was a genetically caused disease that blocks the ability of the body to take up vitamin B6 and zinc. A lack of vitamin B6 and zinc affects the ability of the body to detox. 2-3% of the population were affected. Nowadays 30-40% of the population are affected by a secondary pyroluria caused by mercury poisoning.

Camouflaged candida is a mutation of normal candida-forms. They appear after the application of antibiotics and a follow-up treatment with antimycotics. They stop appearing in their normal yeast-like appearance, instead form isolated bubbles in the blood that camouflage themselves by placing fungus-receptors on the outer surface of the bubble. The immune system hence looses its ability to recognize and attack these candida-enclaves. The c-candida lives from glucose only. By fermenting the sugar it produces acids and various mycotoxins. According to Ekkehard Sirian Scheller, this c-candida additionally is associated to an under function of the liver, i.e. with a loss of the ability of the liver to detox itself and especially the nervous system. This especially concerns mercury.
Borrelia is known to produce a high variety and amounts of toxins and acids, as well as to use up essential minerals like magnesium.

In this context fungal infections appear in a different light. One could state that the fungi do not attack the body, but that the body takes advantage of the ability of the fungus to absorb and deposit toxins, especially heavy metals. With morgellons this ability leads to the up-concentration of the blue and red nano-dyes within the fibers. On the long hand this mechanism leads to a heavy mycosis and a complete intoxication of the human body with fungi, acids and heavy metals.

Against this background the consortium advises to treat a mycosis caused by the mis-adjustment of the chemical environment within the body by readjusting this chemical environment. This especially concerns the treatment of the three common underlying diseases, pyroluria, c-candida and borrelia infections, as well as the treatment of the acidity of the body and the detoxing of heavy metals.

As to the diagnosis of possible genetic pre-dispositions we advise to consult a physician or healing practitioner. As to special diets, food supplements and other alternative treatments we advise to study the findings of the environmental medicine by Dietrich Klinghardt and/or the consultation of a Klinghardt-therapist.

Due to the fact that up to now the morgellons disease has not been officially recognized, the pharmaceutical industry has no legal frame to develop any treatment. The only products that can be offered legally are of energetic, radionic or infopathic character. However, because of the lack of recognition of these methods it is forbidden to give advice on or advertise single products.

There is a solution available out of the field of "infopathica" that has been developed within this consortium following its findings. For legal reasons the name of the product cannot be published here. "Infopathica" is a trademark registered by Ekkehard Sirian Scheller.


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Black Goo Globuli

During the research of the consortium on Morgellons we came in contact with black goo from German WW II bioweapon research.
It was not easy to find a way to deal with this substance. We had some heavy discussions how to proceed with these findings.If black goo should be an unknown subject to you, please read the chapter in the FAQ-area first.

On one hand there was a high probability, that there could be a connection to the Morgellon topic, and we were hoping, that the black goo could be utilized in a positive way in the process of finding a medication for Morgellons.

On the other hand the first contact with this substance had happened without any preliminary warning , and radionic testing showed that the people that have been in contact with the substance where 100% entangled to the archaic collective sub consciousness carried by the Nazi-Goo.

This was a state that was not supposed to endure. As a conclusion the consortium decided to develop something to detach people form this entanglement.

From Homeopathy we know the rule that a disease can be cured with the diluted information of the disease itself. Following this principle, we transferred the information field of the black goo onto globuli. The testing showed, that these globuli were able to dissolve the entanglement to the Nazi-Goo.

Apart from that, something else happened: after a period of about 12 hours the entanglement switched back to the original collective sub consciousness of the planet, an entity one might call �mother earth�. The subjective experience is well described in the pictures below.

Encouraged by this first success, we tried to utilize the globuli against the aspect of the Morellons disease best described with the term delusional parasititis. While the presence of the physical black goo was enhancing the symptom subjectively by a factor of 100, the application of the Black Goo Globuli had an effect similar to an ayurvasca ceremony. Including vomiting. Afterwards, the delusional parasititis got better.

Later we added two more radionics codes
The radionics representation of the affirmation � please connect me with the one source�.
And the Celani-Code, a number-code that had been channeled by Renzo Celani, a German healer nowadays living in Norway. The code is a representative for the pure natural order of things.

The use of Black Goo Globuli should not be done for fun or out of curiosity. Since the event described in the bible as being expelled from paradise, humanity is separated from the collective consciousness of the planet. Re-connecting is not just a funny event, it will enhance all communicative and telepathic skills, and one should be willing to carry this changed state on mind for the rest of ones life.

Degenerative Old Age Disease

Since about two decades medicine registers an incredible rise of degenerative old age diseases. Today 50% of people of age 65+ suffer from one of the following diseases: ALS, Alzheimer, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Dementia and Parkinson. These diseases are not well-researched and school medicine doesn't offer any solutions.

The few papers that actually do offer solutions are the work of outsiders. Relevant research was done by M. Purdey, a ecological farmer that had refused a mandatory vaccination and therefor was the only British farmer that was not subject to the TSE epidemic in the 80s. TSE, i.e. mad cow disease, is the veterinary version of Creutzfeldt Jakob. The vaccination Purdey refuses contained mercury and a copper-extracting chelate.

Purdey discovered that there are four compounds leading to what is known as TSE:
Mercury poisoning
A lack of copper
Piezo-electric nano-particles
Heavy metal poisoning, especially with barium, strontium, lead & aluminum

Purdey discovered the following mechanism: The mercury dissolves the tubulin protecting the nerve-tissue at the receptor cells. With a destroyed tubulin the nerve tissue is exposed to the copper-undersaturation. The nerve tissue is composed of protein-prion-copper-chains. When the copper is extracted due to the under-saturation, the nerve tissue dissembles to protein-prion-chain-links. Due to the tendency of the body to self-organize, these chain links recombine with available heavy metals. The newly formed organo-metallic compounds are recreating the dissolved nervous tissue, however the new-grown tissue is ferromagnetic, i.e. it reacts on external field stimuli. A secondary mechanism is the crystallization of the protein-prion-chain-links onto the piezo-crystals available within the tissue, that then form new neural nodes tha are also extremely sensitive to external acoustic and electromagnetic impulses. The variety of known degenerative old age diseases - this is a core idea brought up by Purdey - now reflects the availability of heavy metals to recombine with: aluminum would lead to Alzheimer and Dementia, lead to ALS, barium and strontium to Creutzfeldt Jakob, manganese would be associated to Parkinson.

The main reason why timeloop got aware of this complex is the fact that the piezo-crystals - just like the morgellons - are synthetic agents known out of the geoengineering context. This leads to the possibility that we are dealing with bioweapons designed and distributed to give an electromagnetic access to the nervous system of humans.

The solution found by timeloop again is prophylactic. It aims at the initial reasons for the disease instead of doctoring the symptoms.
This prevention should include a cleansing of mercury from the body, copper-supplementaries, and a cleansing of other heavy metals as well as of the piezo-crystals.

Due to radionic testing the utilization of the Modena-type-oil was found to be useful when dealing with old age disease. Prior to the 17th century this oil was used as part of a medication defeating the black death. The source of this oil was claimed to be run dry, however timeloop managed to get hold of small amounts to recover the informational pattern of this oil.

Remedies based on this concept are subject to the approval procedure and will be marketed as soon as possible.

Bothered by the Spanish Flu

October the 10th 2005 news occurred that the pathological institute of the US army recovered the full genetic code of the Spanish flu of 1918 from a corps found in Alaska. Subsequently the influenza-institute at the Erasmus Medical University in Rotterdam, a sister-institute of the Kawaoka Institute of Infectious Virus Research an der University of Wisconsin, Madison, weaponized the virus. From here on the public lost track of the story. It is very likely that the super-virus created was brought to Diego Garcia and has been tested on the passengers of flight MH370 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean March 2014. Flight route, last sighting and fuel reserves - and the fact that the mobiles were still reachable 24 hour after the disappearing of the plane - do not leave space for a different interpretation of the facts.

One also might regard a proven, that the flight MH17 that was brought down over the Ukraine July 2014 actually was MH370. The position of the tin-closed windows at the position of the coffee-kitchen is bijective. According to Ukrainian sources - unlike the passenger list - most of the passengers found dead were Asians and already smelling of decay only hours after the crash.

Radionic testing of pictures showing the dead bodies showed in the frame of the informative value of this testing method that the passengers actually died of the Spanish flu.

Alarmed by the idea that the Spanish Flu might spread from the Ukraine the timeloop consortium decided to develop a flu-related formula, that relates to the special properties of the Spanish flu.
Like all other developments it was based on the findings of the environmental medicine, i.e. it does not spot the microbes al enemies, instead, it tries to create an environment, in which the microbes are not welcome by nature and thus reduce their population by themselves.

It contains:
The information field of the Maitake-fungus. Fungi are the natural antagonists of viruses. Wherever a fungus prospers, viruses by nature reduce their population.

The information field of probiotic microorganisms, simulating a fully populated environment that simply does'nt leave space to pathogenic microbes. This is meant to prevent the deadly bacterial co-infections the Spanish flu is feared for.

Monoatomic gold to strengthen the ability of the cell tissue to regenerate.

A special type of water generated by repetitive motion-patterns on top of quartz crystals. The water has a cluster structure that is close to natural cell-water and it doesn't have the ability to carry nano-structures within the cluster environment. This is meant to reduce the mobility of viruses

A complex infopathic virus-related program.

Till today it was not possible to find out why the Spanish flu did not evolve to a fully grown epidemic. Still, the developed formula anecdotally showed its ability to reduce the symptoms of normal flus that might lead to co-infections. Especially the ability to reduce nervous cough, muscular pain, skin-irritations, fever and ague occurred anecdotally. All anecdotally observations showed courses of disease of 4-5 days, and no co-infection occurred.

We explicitly state that this concept does in no way is understood as a remedy against given infections, it is solely meant to prevent co-infections by quasi-cosmetic moisturizing and nourishing of the mucous membranes. Therefor the product was classified as a prophylactic food supplement.

What are Infopathica?

Therapists applying the system assume that infopathica are substances which carry a stable informational pattern and which are able to transfer this informational pattern to the human body. These informational patterns are supposed to carry information of different kinds. They could be lingual (radionics), mathematical (SUMplus, Celani-code) or physical (like homeopathy). Infopathica are not recognized by the state authorities and by the medical system.

As to the underlying understanding of nature: Therapists applying infopathica assume that life is self-organized matter. This self-organization is based on waves of differed frequency and quality. To start with, one could mention the beat of the heart or the different brain frequencies, it covers the vibrational patterns within the cluster-structures of the cell-water, and ends with the visible light exchanged within the DNA-clusters, aka as bio-photons.

From the field of homeopathy we know how physical information works on the body. Homeopathy is about healing a disease by inserting the informational pattern of the disease itself. This is supposed to enable the body to recognize the disease and thus activate the immune system in a way that enables the body to fight it.

The mathematical patterns aim - according to the people who have developed such patterns - onto a more abstract level of self-organization. Hey are supposed to have more integrating character, they include natural resonance frequencies as well a universal system like the golden ratio. They are supposed to help the body to adjust to natural frequency patterns, to synchronize itself with the cosmic order. According to Eckhart Sirian Scheller once connected to such a cosmic order all sub-systems within the body tend to be in harmony. Things that have been blocked start to flow again. Apart from this, single informational patterns, that are part of a complex remedy, are much more stable when integrated by such a mathematical pattern. This also concerns questions of chronology within a complex process of healing.

The lingual patterns are not as easy to understand. They form the core of what nowadays is known as radionics. Research is still going on. One important aspect of the self-organization of the human body is the DNA-cluster, i.e. genetics. According to recent Russian findings the 95% of the DNA that are classified as "junk", carry the same structural patters and the human language and grammar. As it seems there are still a few fundamental things to discover: concerning the interaction of formulated thoughts, i.e. information encoded in sound, and the DNA, which is exactly the matter that is responsible for the morphogenesis of the human body. Even if this interconnection is not understood to the last detail... Therapists using radionics would agree that certain spoken affirmations, that have some miraculous effect during psychotherapy, would have the same effect when the information of these affirmations is applied-on and stored-in water. Such a classical affirmation could be a sentence like "I am worth to be loved". However, even single words show some effect on the informational patterns within water. Masaru Emoto could show, that a drop out of a glass of water with the word "respect" on it shows beautiful crystalline patterns when frozen, whereas a drop from a glass with the words "you must" will show an amorphous grey spot. The possibility to transfer a "vibration", i.e. the informational pattern of affirmations and single words, onto a probe by using number codes associated with the single letters is utilized in radionics.

Following these basic ideas infopathica are substances carrying information that integrates an intelligent combination of physical, mathematical and lingual in"form"ation, designed to help the body to optimize its self-organization.

What different ways are known to apply infopathica?

Generally spoken one could say that water, naturally grown crystals and metals are the most common materials used to carry informational patterns and transfer them to the environment. Thus informed isotonic salt-water sprays, gemstones & chains worn close to the body and drinking cups or plates to place drinkable liquids in or on have established in practice. One can state, that when a process of transformation is triggered and the body starts to detox, there is the possibility to help the body detox by taking zeolite and/or drink a lot of water of a good quality. Zeolite is a potent ion-exchanger and can deliver minerals needed as well as help to transport toxins and heavy metals out of the body. Among the consortium the idea arose to associate those little helpers by imprinting information directly onto zeolite and drinking glasses or other utilities to prepare or serve water. This way the risk to trigger the release of toxins stored within the body without associated detoxing is reduced.

What is environmental medicine?

The term environmental medicine has been brought up by Dietrich Klinghardt, an originally German physician living and working today in the US. According to Klinghardt a major part of modern diseases (especially autism) are a causal interference of heavy metal intoxication, chronic infections and electro-smog. The possibilities of interference that he describes are manifold. The following examples are derived from his teachings: high levels of electro-smog tenfold the growth of borealis. Borrelia increase the acidity of the body, which is creating a perfect surrounding for developing candida infections. The candida might disable the detox-abilities of the liver, increasing the heavy metal levels in the blood. More mercury acts as an ion-field transmitting electro-magnetic fields deep into the body. This multiplies the borrelia reproduction rate even in deeper layers of the body that normally should be protected from radiation. At the end of such a process the system collapses from one end or the other. The mercury levels lead to diseases of the autism-family, ADS, ADHS, Asperger-Syndrome. . Klinghardts ideas are well bases on general medical knowledge. According to the established medicine with a given paralysis of the liver first the kidneys are taking over the detox-function, once they fail or get an overload the mucous membranes take over their function, leading to viral infections and/or allergies of all kind, sometimes with extreme reactions that end up as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Next step would be to detox directly over the skin, which leads to diseases like neurodermatitis. Also, the skin condition associated with morgellons can be seen in this context. According to the environmental medicine all these diseases need to be treated in a way that is as complex as their interaction. In the environmental medicine detoxing the body hence always lies in the center of attention - to re-establish a healthy environment within the body.

How does the time loop solution work?

According to examinations of the life cycle of the morgellons and the basic ideas of the environmental medicine the time loop consortium came to the following conclusion: heavy forms of the morgellons disease occur only when the body is in an acidic state and intoxicated with heavy metals. Then it utilizes the morgellons to temporarily store the toxins in the mycelium. While originally the morgellons were harmless symbionts, they now turn into their parasitic stage and help to clear out heavy metals from the body. In reverse, it is important to identify and remove the reasons for the intoxication. Possible reasons are - besides a number of genetically caused diseases of the metabolism like pyroluria or chronic tooth infections, i.e. things that deserve separate diagnosis and treatment, often camouflaged candida-infections and borrelia. Exactly here - according to the findings of the consortium - lies the Achilles heal of the morgellons disease. Morgellons and the forms of borrelia spread today are both weaponized forms, and the c-candida is a mutation resulting from heavy use of medication. All three forms thus are not natural, and expectedly do not resonate or harmonize with natural information fields. The informational fields of the time loop solution remind the body of the natural order, inform him about the characteristics of the pathological forms he needs to deal with, and support him in his challenge to detox the toxins he needs to clear out while re-establishing a healthy environment. In the best case the entire environment is reset into its natural order on informational level. This way the self-organization works again and spontaneous healing can happen.

Are there any side effects to the time loop solution?

Infopathica do not have side effects in the original sense of the word, because they do not contain any chemical substance the body needs to deal with. Still, when self-organization starts working again, for example a liver that has been working only on a reduced level fully revives, it will have a hard time to reactivate all the closed, glued lines of the lymphatic systems within itself. This process could lead to colics. Mobilizing toxins might reduce eye sight for a period of time. Still, all these symptoms are reversible.
They are a necessary part of the healing process. If the symptoms get to strong it is advised to reduce the infopathic treatment and replace it by remedies that support the detox function of the body without pushing the transformation.

Since when is the morellons disease known?

According to rumors the morgellons disease first appeared in the German bio-weapon development during WWII. The first public appearance dates back to the novel "Andromeda" by Michael Crichton. Again, rumors state Crichton was informed about details of the US bio-weapon development. Due to operation paperclip after WWII the US took over 10.000 German top Nazi-researchers and integrated them into the US intelligence community. A massive occurrence of the Morgellons disease is registered in The US since 1994 and in Europe since 2004. It is widely associated to the appearance of chemtrails. The mycelium can be detected in the air.
One should regard the nights after days with strong persistent contrails from planes flying at 9.000-12.000 feet, especially in densely populated areas and over areas with national water resources.


The Living Force
Is there any connection between Morgellons and Transhumanism?

Morgellons can be used as a transhumansitic technology. When they get into contact with quantum-dots, phosphorescing red and blue Nano-dyes, which according to a Harvard analysis are also inserted to the food chain by airplanes, together with these dyes the morgellons form self-assembling nano-machines. These nano-machines transform DNA-light-communication into fingerprint-like radio signals and vice versa radio signals into DNA-light-communication, that can be read by the human body as its own internal communication. According to Cara St.Louis-Farrelly fictionalized novel "Crosswalk" the concept serves the surveillance of the entire civil population of the western countries. Scientific publications out of the area of the transhumanistic technologies describe "plasmonic antennas" and "hexagonal self assembling plasmonic-photonic crystals", which are basically identical with the morgellons and their reproductive organs, the hexagonal multilayers spore-bodies. These technologies imply the possibility of a very complex system. It includes a read/write unit, which basically functions like a tape recorder: With the help of the morgellons who are transforming DNA-light-communication into a radio signal it is possible to read out not only a fingerprint like pattern of the DNA but also very complex emotional patterns like anger, fear etc. This signal can be digitized and applied on any other single individual or group of humans. This possibility is technically give once there is a wide spread infection with morgellons, an intoxication with nano-dyes and the access to certain radio signals. The access to radio signals is given with the DoD control of the world wide personal W-Lan routers as revealed December 2013 in the western media. The morgellon infection of the normal citizens does not necessarily have to lead to heavy symptoms.

The integration of aerosol based military technologies, trans humanistic technologies and the further development of German WWII bio-weapons apparently took place at Bell Labs, a US owned military research institute, that for many years was lead by a German scientist and chemtrail-pioneer, who came to the US with operation paperclip. In 1982 Bell Labs announced the discovery of the quantum dots. The industrialization of the concept apparently has been done by MITRE. The spraying apparently has been done by the CIA owned Evergreen International Airlines.

However, Evergreen stopped the flight in November 2013. The same week Ryan Air went bankrupt and Russia refused to further join the international office for the coordination of the national rocket shields. Technical aerosols for 3d-radar-monitoring as used for the morgellon based surveillance are the basis of any rocket shield.

Which species delivers the morphogenesis of the morgellon-fruiting-bodies?

Once the life cycle of the morgellons is understood, the question arises which life form delivers the morphic field for the morphogenesis of the morgellon-fruiting-bodies. The pseudo-morphogenesis of the fruiting body is - as far as it is possible to judge this at such an early state of morphogenesis - humanoid. The cells that have been responsible for this morphogenesis have been found in morgellon samples taken from the air. This means that they are not coming from the human body. After having done some genetic analysis the Carnicom Foundation talks about genetically modified red human blood cells, which are more resistant to any environmental influences then any normal human blood cell. They are said to basically withstand everything. One can suspect that the term "red blood cell" mainly relates to the color.

The morgellon-fruiting-bodies apparently form two different genders with a strongly differing morphogenesis and two different reproductive organs. Looking at the tissue of the reproductive organs one can state that it is not typical for a fungus. As it looks like, we have a fungus that is trying to reproduce a higher life form, being in the function of a symbiont or an intermediate host.

The following picture was drawn by a patient that could remote view the being that is giving the morphogenesis of these fruiting bodies.

The trace of the morgellons dates back to the NS-bioweapon programs. In the framework of the German WWII research under the administration of SS-General Hans Kammler one can find crossing points to other special fields of research, such as the exploitation of oil-schist of the Lias Epsilon, and in this or another context possibly the recovery of oil-schist containing black goo. The consortium could identify such an oil schist containing black goo from mining areas used by the NS-research. Black goo is abiotic oil from inner earth enriched with ormus. Black goo is able to carry consciousness. In nature it normally has the function to mirror the consciousness of all life on earth and store the information collected by the collective consciousness. It is the physical host of what is referred to as the akasha chronic. If the black goo at a certain point of history is extracted from inner earth, cools down and stops to move it is cut of from any further development. The state of consciousness is kind of frozen on the level of consciousness of the time it got stuck in the upper crust. The block goo extracted from oil schist from the Nazi mining area carried a pure retinoid consciousness with a 3-chakra-system. Intelligence, life force and sexuality, following the Vedic color system this represents exactly the colors i.e. the bio photon activity of the morgellon-associated-life-form. It is possible that during the NS research the SS recovered living mycelium of the Morelos including the stem cells of a higher being of that time, which possibly might be Lias Epsilon.

In this case we have to speak about the symbiosis between a fungus and a higher developed species, which uses the fungus to reproduce itself. The fungus by assimilation of the alien DNA is creating the reproductive organs of the higher species and supplies the following generation with bio photons. Living on bio-photons is equivalent to the symbiosis of us humans with the microbes within our intestines that digest 90% of our food and in return supplying us with bio-photons. The mechanism of reproduction is unique and as far as we could find out hasn't been described yet by science. This fact alone makes it very likely that the morgellons are an archaic species.

Are morgellons related to black magic rituals?

It is known that some of the entities dealing with morgellons practice black magic rituals. One possible interpretation of the morgellon life cycle that at this point gains importance, is that the fungus is adopting the morphogenesis of a higher species, and in this context forms the reproductive organs of this species to give birth to a second generation of this higher species. According to this theory, at the end of the cycle the species of the second generation uses the optical properties of the morgellon fibers to extract bio-photons from the human host. This is done by triggering the feeling of pain transmitted through the morgellon grid. The body reacts with the impulse to heal, sending out bio photons produced to regenerate injured tissue. This light could be collected by the morgellons, lead to the second generation species and used by it to higher its scalar potential, i.e. the amount of light stored within its DNA cluster. Increasing the scalar potential to a certain extend would shift the species to higher realms, transfer it to a kind of hyperspace, where it stops interacting with normal matter, becoming something we would experience as a demon, in scientific word a light parasite. Such a process is not in conflict with physics. The possibility of parallel space time sheets is given by Topological Geometrodynamics. These states of parallel space time sheets have been artificially produced in labs.

In respect to the feeling of insects crawling under the skin there is a high resemblance to the subjective feeling of being possessed by a demon following to black magic rituals. Thus it seems possible that the entire morgellon-agenda is introduced by people involved into black magic rituals and is designed to help a trans dimensional species to reproduce via humans. A species that has been regarded as demons.

According to different written traditions these trans dimensional species actually does exist. They are supposed to be arachnoid during embryonic development and youth, and later develop humanoid character. In old age the humanoid eyes are told to close, while one new eye opens I the middle of the forehead. It is referred to as the eye of the antichrist - the symbol on the top of the pyramid - resembling the single eye on the morphogenesis of the morgellon fruiting body.

Sufism understands itself as the order that has the mission to keep this species under control.

During human history there is a long list of rites and cults gathering around black stones containing black goo, all the way back to Greek coins showing that the tree in paradise was connected to these stones. This would hint to a very rational interpretation of the process that kicked humanity out of the collective consciousness of paradise, re-directing its consciousness to black goo stuck on retinoid consciousness, creating duality. Additional, there are repeating connections between black stones that resemble the stones identified in the NS mining area, demons and black magic rituals done by humans to revive these demons. Also, these stones form the center of Islam and Christianity; being deposited in the Kaaba in Mecca and under all the altars oft the older churches of Europe. Would be interesting to find out which consciousness they carry.

The discussion of these tings exceeds the frame of healing morgellons. Further links are available in the download-area.

What is Black Goo?

Black Goo is an abiotic mineral oil from the upper crust containing high amounts of m-state gold and iridium. It has been found on Thule Island on the South Falkland Islands and under the Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore there exists a black oil schist containing this type of oil from earlier tectonic events. These events apparently broke up the crust of the earth.

M-state gold and iridium function as the bio-photon-field attractor responsible for interconnecting life forms with their morphogenetic field. Sea-water contains high amounts of m-state matter. Within the life forms the superconducting m-state matter is placed inside the DNA-strings. These mono-atomic elements are attracting the bio-photons, while the DNA acts like a coil transforming the field energy into electromagnetic scalar potential. This m-state-matter guided bi-directional light-exchange of the DNA defines the scalar potential eddies who's fractal and holographic character is responsible for the form and shape of life-forms.

Black Goo shows a hitherto unknown type of magnetism much longer in range than ferromagnetism, that seems to be interactive in a spontaneous way, that very likely is based on bi-directional, annihilated photon exchange as known from m-state-matter in life-forms. Due to this magnetism Black Goo shows the ability to mechanically self-organize in many different ways and has been reported to carry highly intelligent consciousness.

The Black Goo within the crust and the m-state matter within the biosphere seem to be inter-connected by quantum entanglement and function as a consciousness-mirror.

Black Goo thus carries an a-biotic consciousness representing the collective consciousness of the entire bio-sphere. The form of organization is holographic, thus every portion of Black Go is able to interact as a fully conscious being.
Looking at the mythological reception of nature it has been described as Lucifer, Mother Earth, the Black Madonna, and is meant to be the physical location of the collective memory of mankind, aka the akasha chronic.

The quantum entanglement between life-forms and the Black Goo inside the earth seems to lead to a very high degree of self-similarity. In result, the Goo extracted by past geologic events carries a different type of consciousness than the Black Goo of our days. The Black Goo with an age of about 300 million years extracted from oil schist even today still carries a reptilian type of consciousness.

This dis-connection from the actual state of consciousness has been regarded in mythology as the fall of Lucifer.

During the evolution of life certain life forms stayed connected to the geologically marginalized Black Goo and thus got stuck on reptilian consciousness. When humans are brought into contact with this type of Black Goo, the light-transfer of the bio-field of the human body might be redirected onto the archaic Black Goo, which might reduce the complexity of the human Chakra System to blue, yellow and red, i.e. to mental abilities, life force and sexuality. It leads to a state of being intelligent, but heartless and cold in appearance. It disconnects the human from the collective consciousness of his time.

Something like this must have happened in the event described in the mythology as the deterioration from paradise. The effect seems to be handed over to following generations referred to as the heritable sin mentioned in the bible by ongoing quantum entanglement transferred with the genetic information. It also refers to the traditions of the bloodlines, who seem to try to keep this reptilian entanglement as strong as possible.

Archaic Black Goo played a major role in black magic rites, last intensively researched by the inner core of the German SS. In the middle-ages these black stones were utilized by black magicians to connect with archonts, aka demons, archaic beings which have developed out of early spiders who entirely live as light parasites and try to align with humans to form a symbiosis, where the archont feeds on the bio-photons of the human and the human profits from the mental (magical) abilities of the archonts.


The Force is Strong With This One
I just watched this video 3 times. I'm still trying to absorb it all. Its really interesting. All the different aspects of this topic fused together. I was going to post this but someone was already way ahead of me. The black goo in the jars with the strange properties is mind boggling.
Hi Friends,
I watched it and checked out the web site too. Mind blowing to say the least. Having read a good bit of Gnostic stuff and studying the material here for 5+ yrs, it does mesh with a lot of things.

What hit me most, in a "big picture" kind of way, is this; It seems to explain scientifically, the actual physical mechanics of how a parasitic 4d hyper-dimensional being would "feed" on human 3d emotional energy. Also, the ability to control and create "spikes" in the energy in the form of war, civil unrest, "color" revolutions, etc..which for them would be a feast.

IMO it "tightens the braid" of the hyper-dimensional, the esoteric, and the health subjects discussed here...really drives home the "you're cattle" thing, and "as above, so below"... :shock:

Kudo's CrazyCharlie, good find.

Thanks, Dave


The Living Force
I haven't listened to the Health and Wellness podcast on Morgellons, yet and hope to review it this weekend.

While going over the information presented in the link that Vella gave at the end of the 3rd video, a thought surfaced - of Human's referred to - in certain circles as, Empty Container's and wonder if Morgellons was part of that process, by extracting Life-force?

Something else came to mind, although probably far fetched and out in left field, in regards to the meteorite fragments or black rocks referenced, that contain amounts of Black Goo that the Nazi's and Hitler were interested in. For some reason, Francois-Berenger Sauniere and Rennes-le-chateau came to mind? Why did Sauniere, accompanied by his housekeeper Marie, wander the surrounding countryside - loading sacks with stones "that he had selected with care?" Were the stones, Meteorite fragments or black rocks?

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man
Part V-f: Rennes-le-chateau and the Accursed Treasure


In 1855, at the age of 33, Francois-Berenger Sauniere was appointed cure of the tiny church of Sainte-Madeleine.

Sauniere learned that one of his predecessors had left a small legacy for the upkeep of the church, and in 1892 he decided to restore the church altar. This was made from a solid stone slab, one end of which was cemented into the wall of the church, while the other was supported on an ancient carved stone column that had survived from the time of the Visigoths. When the slab was lifted, the column was found to be hollow; inside were three wooden tubes, sealed with wax, which held four parchment manuscripts.

At first glance they seem to be nothing more than transcriptions of well-known New Testament passages, written in Latin in a strange archaic-looking script. The first, (John 12:1-12) describes Christ's visit to Bethany - the house of Lazarus, Martha and marry Magdalene. The second is the story of the disciples plucking ears of corn on the sabbath; but it has been put together from three different versions, those of Matthew (12:1-8), Mark (2:23-28, and Luke (6:1-5).

At the beginning of 1893 Sauniere took the manuscripts to his bishop, Monseigneur Felix-Arsene Billard, in Carcassonne, and was given permission (and money) to go at once to Paris.

For just three weeks Sauniere remained in Paris. He spent much of his time in the Louvre, where he bought reproductions of three apparently unrelated paintings: Nicholas Poussin's "Arcadian Shepherds," David Teniers's portrayal of Saint Anthony, and a portrait of Pope St. Celestine V by an unknown hand.

On his return to Rennes, Sauniere continued his restoration work on the church. With the assistance of some young men from the village - one of whom was still alive in 1962 and provided invaluable details of the cure's activities - he raised another stone slab, which lay directly in front of the altar. The underside of the slab was found to be carved in an archaic style identified as dating from the sixth or seventh century.

There are two scenes on the slab, which take place either in an arched building or in a crypt. That on the left represents, as far as it is possible to tell, a mounted knight sounding a hunting horn while his horse lowers its head to drink at a fountain. That on the right is of another knight with a staff in one hand and either a child upon his saddle-bow or a disc or sphere of some sort. The stone is worn and chipped in places, and it is difficult to identify the subjects clearly, but there is no doubt as to the great age of the work.

After the slab had been removed, Sauniere ordered the youths to dig down for several feet, but when they announced that they had discovered something in their excavations he sent them home and locked himself in the church. It is said that they had discovered two skeletons and a pot full of bright objects, which Sauniere told them were worthless medallions.

After this discovery, work ceased in the church for some time. Instead, Sauniere, accompanied by his housekeeper Marie, took to wandering the surrounding countryside, a sack on his back. Each evening he returned, the sack loaded with stones that he had selected with care, and when he was asked the purpose of his excursions, he replied that he had decided to beautify the tiny garden in front of the church with a stone grotto. Certainly the grotto is still there, although sadly reduced; it has been ransacked, either by souvenir hunters or by those who hoped that the stones might reveal Sauniere's secret.

But this was not his only strange pastime. The cemetery of the church contained two memorial stones marking the grave of Marie de Negri d'Ables (died 1781), the wife of Francis d'Hautpoul, the seigneur of Rennes. By night, Sauniere moved these stones from one end of the cemetery to the other, and patiently erased the inscriptions. Unknown to him, however, his labours were in vain, for the inscriptions had already been copied by itinerant archaeologists - and one of the stones, we now know, bore the same monogrammatic device as appeared in at least one of the manuscripts.

For the next two years, Berenger Sauniere spent much of his time traveling.

Then, from 1896, Sauniere undertook a major refurbishment of the church, the results of which can be seen to this day. The overall effect is extraordinary. Fitting diagonally into the junction of nave and transept he laid a checker-board floor of 64 alternate black and white square tiles; beside the entrance door he raised a huge garishly coloured monument, the stoup borne upon the head of a wildly staring life size figure of the demon Asmodeus, while above rise small statues of four winged angels, with the motto Par ce signe tu le vaincras - 'In this sign shalt thou conquer' - a quotation from the vision that brought about Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity in AD 313.

The walls of the church are covered with painted relief scenes in popular style - a rather unconventional series of the Stations of the Cross, and, above the confessional, a representation of Christ on the Mount. Sauniere himself painted the picture of Mary Magdalene for the front of the altar. Strangest of all, carved above the porch of the church are the words of Jacob at Bethel, spoken the morning after he had seen the vision of the angels ascending and descending a ladder that led to Heaven: Terribilis est locus iste, 'This is a fearful place.'

When Sauniere died in 1917, it is calculated that he had spent well over one million francs - and these were francs d'or, worth about 20 times a present-day franc.

[Laura's note: At the time this was written, the franc to dollar conversion fluctuates around 7ff=1dollar, so that amounts to something close to three million dollars in today's values.]
Alien Spiders! Black Goo, Chemtrails, Morgellons, Excellent Must See!!!

I just found this video, maybe someone already post it, but just in case , He is a German scientist, Harald Kautz , to me is very :) :) reliable in his information (investigations) very informative, interesting!!

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