Health Protocol for Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination

Sorry, if already someone posted here, but I found an interesting site, from dr. Kathrada, from South Africa, who collected and put together various post jab protocols. On her, or better to say, their site, she with her co-workers put out post jab protocols, as well as nummerous good informations and COVID-19 self exemption forms.
For more and detailed information, just visit the site


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My mother forwarded me a french article that i read diagonally, but which can be rapidly summarized :

To get rid of graphene oxyde, use activated carbon

I do not have the knowledge to comment this information. All i can say is that if it's true then it's a great thing to know.
I searched on the word "carbon" in this thread, but only one post of ketone mentions it and it's not activated one ...
At least, the guy who worte the article seems much confident in this.

As the article is in french, i have to use google translate to give the link to the auto-traduced to english version, here it is :

And here's the link to the original in french :

If any here is in measure to comment about, please do not hesitate 😅
Hang on dudes ! :-)
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