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With all the talk of vaccines for measles, tetanus, and flu in the news lately I found Dr. Mercola's take on herd immunity rather interesting. Earlier on some news channel a medical doctor was touting the safety and efficacy of vaccines stating that, as per the usual, vaccines are responsible for mostly eliminating, or at least controlling, measles (and polio as well I think), a point that is specifically dealt with in this article; namely, that measles continues to break out even where there is widespread vaccination. This corresponds to another article on SOTT discussing whether outbreaks are an issue of failure to vaccinate or a failure of the vaccine. Anyway, happy reading. Mercola seems to be a rather outspoken critic of forcing vaccinations on the public, when, at least in some cases, they may be harmful, and this article reinforces that they also do not live up the advertised hype of providing "herd immunity," a term I continue to hear parroted ad nauseum.

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  • Amazon has removed at least five vaccine documentaries from its streaming Prime Video platform, all of which questioned the safety of vaccines. Pinterest has also responded to calls for censorship and now blocks all vaccine related searches
  • According to the herd immunity theory, once a certain majority of people have been vaccinated, the disease in question can no longer spread and everyone is protected, including those who cannot be vaccinated
  • Herd immunity doesn’t work the same way for vaccines like it does for naturally acquired immunity, which confers a more robust, longer lasting immunity that may be life long. While herd immunity often occurs in populations in which a majority has had the infection, vaccines confer only temporary immunity, which means that herd immunity is unlikely to be fully achieved even if nearly 100 percent of the population are vaccinated
  • Between 2 and 10 percent of vaccinations result in “primary vaccine failure,” meaning those who get the vaccine do not gain even temporary artificial protection after vaccination
  • Several studies show disease outbreaks in populations with very high vaccine coverage, where vaccine acquired herd immunity should have effectively prevented the outbreak


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Yeah this stuff drives me nuts. Think about it - the current herd immunity theory is based on a mathematical probability model. It has nothing to do with real herd immunity.

Real herd immunity comes from nature taking its course and the ones with weak immune systems who can't fight off a disease just die off and the ones with immunity breed. So simple. But humanity is not a herd and, in a sense, vaccination actually goes against natural selection! But logic has no place in the pro vaccine argument.

Not to mention the fact that vaccination is like spreading the disease so everybody gets a taste. That makes sense?
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