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About week ago, on Sunday, according to reports about 4 incidents involving bladed weapons happened in Singapore all within the same day (24 hour period). While 3 of them could be somewhat explained - the 4th incident, resulting in a death is the mysterious one that I think has elements of high strangeness. Singapore is basically one of the safest countries in Asia - and knife/edge weapon incidents are rare - because the government dispensation of justice is swift. They bring charges and jail time (including canning) swiftly, and people here normally understand that violent assault is punished seriously, and they risk losing their freedom and future life. Hence it is at a very low level, but it still does occur occasionally. This is a society that prides itself on social stability and safety. Further it is small island city state. 30km north to south, and about 70km east to west with about 5 million people. 4 incidents in one night is an extraordinary spike.

First incident was a "gangfight" or riot - where a bunch of boys in Chinatown attacked another group along a corridor - and the incident was filmed in cctv. The perpetrators also seemed to carrying "parangs" the Malay jungle machete - the weapon of choice for most triad members in Malaysia/Singapore if scores need to be settled between triads. This happened at 3.30am. Apparently they said it was a brawl "over a girl" .

Second incident, was around the same time at 3am, but this time at a cemetery (strange place for an attack) where 2 men attacked a single man; apparently the 2 men had knuckle dusters and batons....and I quote from the article below:

"The alleged assault left the victim with injuries including: A 4cm laceration on his head, a cut forehead, swollen lips, multiple abrasions on both arms, a deformity in his left arm, as well as multiple abrasions, puncture wounds and lacerations on both legs.
The police said in an earlier statement that they were alerted at 5.40am to a case of a 30-year-old man who was found with multiple injuries including head lacerations and a fractured hand at Bishan Street 12. The charge sheets did not indicate how the victim ended up in Bishan following the attack in Choa Chu Kang."

Just for information, Bishan is about 35km from Chao Chu Kang cemetery - and it begs the question how did a severely injured man at a cemetery make it that far, and then only calling the police at 5am.... no details given by the police on this aspect. Both the attackers were in their 20s, and we have no idea if the attackers were known to the victim.

3rd incident, I don't have the timing, but it occurred in Jurong West (which is within 6km from the Chao Chu Kang cemetary) - where a man (in his 20s) attacked and stabbed another man (also in his 20s) multiple times. In both the 2nd and 3rd incident; police again fail to explain the motive and details are scarce, and similarly we don't know if the victim knew the attacker.

The 4th incident, resulted in death of man. A 38 year old man left his house in Punggol (this is the northeast of the island) around 10-11pm on the 10th of May for a jog.

From the article :

"A resident who lives near the scene of the incident and had called the police told The Straits Times that he heard a cry for help while he was having a late-night snack in his living room.
The resident, who wanted to be known only as Mr Leong, 49, said: "At first it didn't occur to me that it was coming from downstairs at the park connector. So I hesitated for a while, and then I heard a second cry for help."
He said he went to his window to look outside and saw a man kneeling, then standing up and walking over to the back of a bus stop, where he collapsed on a grass patch.

"I decided to go down to see what was going on. I thought maybe the man had injured himself or he was having a heart attack," said Mr Leong, who works as a cabin crew member for an airline.

He added that there was a lot of blood at the scene, "all over the bus stop".
He recalled asking the man if he was attacked, and the man said yes.
"He kept saying he was losing breath, so I told him to relax and calm down, that help is coming," he added.
When the ambulance arrived, Mr Leong noticed that the man had a "deep gash" on the right side of his armpit".

Unfortunately the victim didn't make it in hospital, and passed away - and police were not giving much details out. When I first read about the case, I have a very uneasy feeling about it; it was a sixth sense, and I felt that some high strangeness was involved - and the first thought that came to my mind was the possessed "killer" in the introduction of "hostage to the devil". Then a few days later, they arrested a 20 year old, who lived nearby for the murder. The only thing we can glean from the scarce information is that he did not know the victim, and was also out for exercise and he acted alone.

Next day, newspapers in Chinese were reporting that his mother said he was suffering from mental illness; while some articles were claiming that he also jogged that night with a knife. Only in Chinese media online, they mention the possibility of "possession", but do not take it further. The murder weapon also is a mystery, cause I recall the police spending days combing the field next to the bus stop, and not finding the murder weapon, but after arresting him, they are confident that he carried the weapon. They are now going to charge him with murder, which carries the death penalty.

Needless to say, the case and 4 incidents in total kept bugging me - when the next day after his arrest; from a popular facebook site of "ghosthunters" in Singapore - they link a picture from an article on CNA (Channel News Asia) a Singapore media outlet - and in one of the photo's there is a weird shadow that appears in the middle of the road next to a bunch of policemen. The picture is from a high angle, and shadow looks humanoid in shape.... Offcourse it can be easily explained away by "debunkers" - however considering the details of this case, I have my doubts, or maybe I'm just wrong.

I attach the link to the CNA article here, and the pic is the last pic at the bottom of the page. The is a group of policemen/people in the middle of the road on the divider, and the humanoid "shadow" is on the left of it.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but I feel uneasy and my hunch : a dimensional window faller, causing mayhem and death in Singapore. Maybe the veil between densities and dimensions really are thinning right now.

Any thoughts most welcome.


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That's a heck of a list and it reminded me a bit of the introduction to Hostage to the Devil that depicts many in the Japanese military brutally slaughtering a number of the occupied Chinese during a particular time in WWII, and the suggestion that there was an element of possession or discarnate evil to it - given the strangeness of what some experienced during that event.

While I don't discount these types of possibilities, I do wonder if the recent spate you mention has more to do with "lockdown-inspired"
craziness, the effects of the Wave, etc. though. There are some articles such as this one for instance, that mention the uptick in family violence in Singapore since their "circuit breaker" or lockdown - and states: "Worldwide trends show that stress and social isolation caused by Covid-19 could lead to more cases of family violence,".

So I wonder if the events you mention above isn't just, for the most part, an 'across the board' development that is "stimulating" the worst instincts in every cross-section of society.


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Thanks Ennio, actually I had the same thoughts too - that these were all lockdown inspired pent up emotions. What caused me to pause and propose the hunch of the "entitiy" angle was the spike of 4 events in a day (which almost never happens), the weirdness of the cemetery incident and the final incident, which really made no sense. Random 20 year old, brutally murders another jogger that he does not even know. It was more a gut feel than anything else, and the introduction in "Hostage to the Devil" also crossed my mind.

I also found out a bit more info from the grapevine on the 20 year of boy - he apparently was found through cctv just sitting on the pavement in a daze not very far from the incident as he lives in the same area too. When picked up by police a few days later - he maintained that he did not know what happened. He said that he was jogging, when suddenly a "dark entity" pounced on him and there was a struggle, before he found himself sitting on the pavement in a daze with blood on his mouth. He assumed the blood was his and just walked back home in confusion. He apparently maintained he does not know anything about the murder when arrested by police.

I'm not sure how accurate the info of the "dark entity" pouncing on him is - could be just a made up story, or just rumors; hence I guess we can only know more from the trial, as I doubt he will plead guilty to an offence carrying the death penalty.

Though the hunch is bugging me, I definitely agree - as there is a high probability that this could just be all part of the lockdown stimulating the worst behavior in society.
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