Home remedy for gastritis


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This is a very effective remedy to cure the gastritis and other erosive disorders of the stomach. I know many people who have been cured with it and that's the reason I recommend it

The remedy is prepared in this way: Take a small potato (or a half of a medium size potato) will be remove the peel and grate in a fine pore grater. Squeeze it with the hands and drink the juice obtained . Drink 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast and before bedtime in order to act while sleep. It is extraordinary, I was in treatment for 3 months by a stomach erosion associated with the elicobater pilori bacteria and I had cost me much to recover, but since I started this remedy has been remarkable improvement and only took about a week to see the difference. At the beginning of the treatment there could be something of heartburn. Of course you will need to continue an acid free diet.
The potatoes peel have been used to cure burns in the skin in India.
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