Hopi Indian Chief speaks: "It's time to get ready."


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Thank you for this. So very true. The First People have known all along what the Cs have been telling us. We are going to go through some stuff…and the principles needed to achieve balance. Simple things our current leadership just will not follow. Their moral compass is broken-corrupted by greed.
The fires, the rain or lack of it, the storms, the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions- all happening now, as we have been warned. War without end- only a major cosmic catastrophe or alien invasion might bring us together, but even that I fear will not be enough.


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That was a very nice speech, what's coming is unavoidable and we can but get ready for it.

I like that, it's a better message than the activist who're trying to "save the world". This one was more about what we're about to go through and how it can't be stopped, but that we can in fact go through it, we just have to keep on keeping on.

very nice, thanks for sharing.


I am planning a trip right now to the four corners region in hopes of connecting with the Hopi tribe.

I have always felt a kinship with Native Americans and have participated in some of their rituals and practices in the past.

There message is always one of hope and, in my thinking, they are the only tribe of man who have remained true to the traditions of the past.
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