Hostage to the Devil, Malachi Martin/Glimpses of the Devil ,Scott Peck

I find really important the understanding of the demonic possesion on every day life, nowadays. The tricks of getting a person possesed are worth of a corruption handbook, and the exorcism, at a basic level, a very tested way out of this corruption.
We have constant shelling of "let the corruption in", ( granting inferior free access to superior ), coming from mass media, daily or hourly biased news, and futile ways of living and thinking, all backed from elites.
I share this sentiment, altomaltes.

I was raised Catholic - though I say that loosely. What I mean is, much of my family has Irish Catholic roots, and so the tradition was respected if not practiced devoutly. My parents didn’t practice, but my great uncle helped fund my education at a small Catholic school from first through fifth grade.
In that time, I attended church every Wednesday and Friday with my classmates.

Of course, as a child, the notion if demons and exorcisms seemed particularly fascinating, though the church and curriculum did not place any focus or importance on these stories particularly.

I am not a practicing Catholic now, and in fact I haven’t participated in the church since my confirmation as a teenager. I have always been grateful for the experience though, particularly because the priest at the time was very kind and compassionate, and he was good at explaining the messages in the Bible as what we as children could do to become better.

As far as demons go: I have always appreciated the significance of the demon giving up its name, and of that act as a sort of turning point in working through the possession. On a more mundane level, it is the same sort of turning point we reach when we finally identify the root of a problem. Once a person identifies the broken part of a thing, the broken step of a process, or the fault in logic, then we are able to mend and adapt and progress.

And while the elites are surely meddling in all things, I think it is important to remember that we don’t need their influence to fall prey to possession - at least at this point. Non-elite society and our own psychological conditioning are, at this point, self-sustaining in their corruption unless we become aware and have some sense of the steps we can take.
So, while I am not ordained and certainly don’t carry holy water around, I have found the principles of the biblical stories as well as the modern rite of exorcism to be a fine symbolic rubric when clearing my own stagnant or malignant energy.


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The James Delingpole Channel published a new podcast with Jerry Marzinsky last month. I haven't watched it yet, but I did watch the first one that was mentioned in this thread. The follow-up video also has a guest who overcame his schizophrenia. (Apparently, the video is not available, although I can see it on my YT page.)
The shadow people brought to mind the Castenada’s flyers. Or the glimpse of movement one sometimes has out of the corner of your eye.
If I'm not mistaken Castenada said that we have to go absolutely quiet internally, no fear, in order to make them go away. Jerry Marzinsky repeated the same thing when dealing with these voices and also said that he was reading Castenada before (or about the same time?) he started this very important work.

I was very glad to hear that, because he couldn't talk to anybody about what he was doing, not even to his wife. Perhaps the knowledge he gained from Castenada's work gave him some protection.
I wasn't sure exactly where to put this. Tucker Carlson actually has a new interview out with a guy named Vince Lampert (a Friar, I think) who speaks about his experience performing exorcisms!
Fun fact: The Roman Catholic church used Rue (Ruta Graveolens) in the ritual of exorcism. They must have been on to something, as the Chinese used it to counteract negative thoughts OSIT.
Rue was used in rituals involving curses and the popular expression, but it was also said to be a protection against the evil spells of witches and Rue was once used by the Roman Catholic Church in the ritual of exorcism!

The Chinese used it to counteract negative thoughts or wishes.

Celtic magicians said that rue provided a defense against spells and could be used to promote healing.
I don't know how valid the following is, but according to a phase IV clinical study of FDA data on eHealthMe:
We study 1,359 people who take Ruta graveolens or have Morbid thoughts. No report of Morbid thoughts is found in people who take Ruta graveolens.


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Fun fact: The Roman Catholic church used Rue (Ruta Graveolens) in the ritual of exorcism. They must have been on to something, as the Chinese used it to counteract negative thoughts OSIT.

Interesting. And noticed from your link, that this Rue is also called the Herb of Grace.

Herb of Grace. Herbygrass. Garden Rue. Herb of repentance. Fue des Jardins (Fr.), Gartenraute (Ger.), Ruta (Ital.)

It also has a Greek meaning:

Ruta” derives from the Greek word “reuo” meaning “to set free

The Chinese name is

臭草 (别名: 芸香)

Main constituents
Rue contains max. 1% of an essential oil, whose main components are 2-hendecanone (2-undecanone, methylnonylketone, up to 60%) and 2-nonanone (methylheptylketone) plus several more ketones and corresponding secondary alcohols. Methyl anthranilate and anethole glycol are also reported; terpenoids are represented mainly by limonene, α-pinene, cuminaldehyde and l,8-cineol.
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