How do you "make" a pedophile?

As the psychopaths are coming out more flagrantly with their agenda of enslavement via mRNA vaccine, vaccine passports, and vaccine passports being tied to one's ability to function in society, I'm reflecting on another trait that psychopaths tend to have in common: the predilection for the sexual abuse of children. In terms of soul-smashing, causing major psychological trauma that can last a lifetime (or lifetimes), creating subsequent personality disordered people, people who destroy themselves or others, pedophilia seems like a master stroke of 4D STS. And now, it seems, the sexual abuse of children and sexualization of children, as many of us have noticed, is becoming somewhat normalized in society. Fortunately, it seems likes it's starting to get exposed. Also I just watched the documentary with Ronan, Dylan and Mia Farrow about his abuse of Dylan Farrow. What a creep. Did people not think an older man living with a teenager was wrong in the movie "Manhattan." Anyways, barf.

I'm wondering if pedophilia is the result of genetic tweaks done via viruses? Is pedophilia the sexual manifestation of psychopathy? Or is it a manifestation of immature sexuality perhaps from those lacking an emotional center? Or a stunted, traumatized sexuality during which some sort of imprinting occurs if the victim, now victimizer, was abused themselves? Whatever the reason, sexual abuse of the innocent seems the ultimate way for 4D STS to feed. Would like to hear people's thoughts.

There is this from Session 3 September 2008 (sorry the quote function didn't work)
Q: (L) That leads me to my next question. You've said that psychopaths are defective OPs?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, how do they get to be defective? I'm trying to figure out how to ask this... Are they defective because they're born that way?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Are they defective because of something that happened in their childhood?

A: Sometimes...

Q: (A***) Were they engineered that way somewhere along the line?

A: Some are engineered especially lately. But in general it is genetics due to mutation.

Q: (L) Okay, so if it's due to a mutation, when did the original mutation occur?

A: More than one occasion, but first time was fifty thousand years ago.

Q: (L) Is it true that psychopaths... well, we know they appear in the population at a certain percentage. Do they increase at various times in history so that they grow more numerous and kind of take over the planet and create a lot of destruction, and in creating this destruction, do they destroy themselves or reduce their own numbers significantly, kind of like populations of rabbits and foxes or something like that?

A: Very similar, yes.

Q: (L) Is there anything to my idea that the present strain of psychopathy comes from a crossing between Neanderthal and Aryan types in Europe or in Asia somewhere?

A: One strain, yes. But not all psychopaths.

Q: (L) What particular strain would come from the crossing of the Neanderthal and the Aryan cross?

A: The kind with the drive to destroy.

Q: (A***) Aren't all psychopaths basically destructive? (L) I don't think so. I think for example the schizoidal psychopath, they're different. And then there's the paranoid psychopath, and then of course when you're dealing with pure psychopaths, you've got a scale... what do you call it, a spectrum. Can anybody else think of any other questions on that topic? That pretty much covers my questions.

I found this dialogue from Session 12 June 2008 about psychopathy and lacking an emotional center:
Q: (L) Any other questions? What are we going to do about {name deleted}? (discussion) (Perceval) Is not having an emotional center the same as being a psychopath?

A: Not exactly, but close.

Q: (Andromeda) Does he feel any emotions?

A: Not what you call true emotions. But you haven't experienced the full range either. Most of what you experience is chemical, though there is a true emotional component. You are still the "princess in the tower" kept captive by the dragons set to keep you captive.

Q: (L) What are the dragons?

A: Fear and distortions of your emotional center programmed into you in childhood. You bit the apple and fell into a trance.

Q: (Andromeda) Not permanently though, right?

A: True love conquers all. But chemicals usually only feed the dragon; at least as long as the dragon is master.

Q: (Ark) This lack of emotional center, is this to some extent genetic?

A: Yes.

Q: (Ark) How it comes to... like every second generation, or father to son, or what?

A: Mother to son. If father is "the son" and marries one like himself, it can also manifest in a daughter.

Q: (Perceval) Is that similar to psychopathy? (L) Pretty close, yeah. Can you grow an emotional center if you don't have one?

A: No.

Q: (G) Is it like a malignant narcissist?

A: Close. Do not underestimate the ability to mimic and to also generate bodily resonance.
A creature without an emotional center is quite a "thing", eh?
Also from the session:
Q: (L) In other words, possession is a quality [process] of eating emotions. There have to be emotions. (Andromeda) What drives them, then?

A: Pure "nature". That's why there is so strong a bodily resonance. In a strange way they are more closely connected to the "divine stuff" of creation than you are. The sex center is directly connected with that heavy sleeping matter that just "loves to be loved" and creative.

Q: (Andromeda) What exactly is bodily resonance? (L) Is it something like limbic resonance?

A: Close but not exactly. It is similar to a forced vibration. When a creature with those properties is in proximity to wounded or weakened prey they can force the weakened body to their own frequency. Imagine a violin that has no music emanating. Then imagine some primitive string stretched taut. When it is plucked strongly, it doesn't matter how the violin is tuned. It will respond, and produce distortions of its true sound. Call it a "crime of opportunity" with other forces plucking his string. A one note samba, no doubt.


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Raine's book The Anatomy of Violence talks a lot about what types of things can predispose one to harming others. It's discussed extensively here: Raine, Samenow, Fallon: Neuropsychology & The Work

Reading between the lines, it seems as if you're asking if a vaccine would be capable of turning some people into pedophiles? My understanding is that orientation or strong parahilias which form as a result of early imprinting are impossible to change. Maybe ones that develop later can be though (for example, in Anatomy of Violence a story is recounted where one man became a pedophile due to a tumor in his head, which then went away when he was healed). There's still a lot we don't know neurologically speaking.
Not necessarily thinking a vaccine can turn people into pedophiles, but just thinking more about psychopaths, their predilections and genetic tweaks because they are in everyone’s mental space with the scandemic and vaccine role out. I’ll check out that thread though.

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My understanding is that orientation or strong parahilias which form as a result of early imprinting are impossible to change.
It seems to me that there is the "core" of the matter.

It is programmed in the person and if a total lack of "empathy" is added in an "STS" environment, more power and money to use, the person "executes" the programming.

In a person with "soul" and empathy the ability to "see" makes it difficult for that person to execute the programming.

However, the traumas inflicted in childhood to program those wishes will be a "backpack" that that person will carry throughout his life.

Eventually, the "knowledge" can make the backpack lighter or even empty of that useless weight.

Without empathy and knowledge, I believe that the person is not able to overcome that programming.

They are "tools" used.


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I think that what you suggest is possible, essentially that enough tweaking via various methods can create in a person a behavioral tendency that they may be unaware of. In that sense, I am reminded of the Greenbaum speech, I would say that there's a possibility that these tendencies to pray on the youngest could be programed into someone. From what I understand Greenbaum focused on psychological and physical abuse as a means to garner a reaction of dissociation in the form of a personality that could be programmed and controlled. With the advances in technology, I think there's a possibility that genetics could have been brought into the mix to achieve similar results.

I believe the C's hinted at the virus being a genetic initiative to achieve something along the lines of changing people's propensities towards more STS or being easier to manipulate and control, but that it backfired. This would lead me to think that even if they wanted to include a genetic effort into the Greenbaum template, so to speak, they do not understand genetics well enough for it to be successful, not that such a fact would stop them from trying, but that's another conversation.

But the thing with crime, and antisocial behavior, is that it has so many origins and explanations that it's complicated to determine, I think nurture and culture has a definite effect on people, but it takes a particular kind of individual to turn their hurt and pain (if there) into sexual predation, a conscious one at that, on the most vulnerable. And I am not sure that you could genetically program that into someone, I think a criminal who kills, enjoys it and seeks more, a human being who kills ends up with PTSD.

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