How does STS choose their moment for negativity to "encircle the planet?"


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The Aug 10 2019 session brought this question to mind: how does 4D STS choose when to generate chaos/negativity?
(L) We want to know what happened to Pierre the other day when he fainted?

A: In case you did not notice, a great wave of negative energy circled the planet over the past few days, affecting those who are vulnerable due to lack of awareness.

Q: (Artemis) What happened?

(Andromeda) There was all kinds of stuff like multiple shootings and...

(Artemis) Yeah, but why and from who?

A: General chaos generated from 4D STS sources.
Does 4D STS attack when there is upcoming timeline merge or is it just random/opportunistic?
Do they plan grand-scale/symbolically significant attacks (like the burning of Notre Dame) directly with their 3D counterparts? (ie Mossad/other secret government organization) Or is it more influencing thoughts of those most receptive?


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The way I imagine it is that during any point in time there sort of a "probability vortex" of energy in terms of what is possible/potential in any given moment. I am sure there are all kinds of sort of systems in place that we cannot directly observe that direct the reality we live in, a sort of scaffolding effect that comes all the way from 7th density and works its way down the ladder.

I would imagine that they can manipulate the probability levels themselves, sort of like how big time players in the stock market can influence the stock market to their advantage, almost like they are planting seeds that will eventually potentiate in to circumstance in their favour. It is quite a complicated subject and I am quite sure nobody on this level would be able to fully explain it, but I can imagine certain variables.

An imagined scenario(a little sloppy im sure) is that lets say they want something to go their way, they would influence the specific people involved by manipulating the energy/body of that persons soul profile/environment so that they lead that person to make certain choices without ever abridging their free will(which is strictly forbidden by the 6th density quarantine lain over the planet). This would create a sort of domino effect or chain of choices in the corresponding people that would ultimately lead to their desired effect. A similar effect is observed from the STO side when they send inspirational images or thoughts in to the minds of certain people, such as directors for movies so that they lay STO concepts in to their films, leaving it up to those people themselves to create upon and expand these inspirational injections, if you will.

Of course with the STS working directly with human proxies on our level they could also take advantage of that by giving direct commands to the people necessary to carry out their will on our level, as we know that near the apex of the control system on our planet, 3rd and 4th density sort of merge in to one. I am sure there are several ways to carry out whatever it is they want and several ways as well that they would end up failing on their endeavors. They key though is that they cannot directly abridge the free will of anybody and that sort of balances out the playing field.

Our control system itself has many levels to it, with a lot of different factions competing with each other and against us, and I am sure there are all sorts of decisions being made without the direct influence of 4th density. We all know how self serving and greedy people can be, so take the worst examples of those traits and apply them to generally the entire "ruling class" of our world and you have a recipe for a chaotic and fragmented society.

I do believe that 4th density control's a relatively large portion of our society in a macro sense, which ultimately affects the micro level, but I also believe that a lot of it is coming from humanity itself, the lust for power and greed and all that.
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