I jumped into beekeeping...


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I jumped into beekeeping last week.
This nuc contains 3 frames with several queen bee cells, that are ready to hatch soon. Hopefully, these bees will create a strong colony by time the winter comes. It seems to be not so difficult to manage these beasts. I bought a few essentials tools and a friend of mine gave me a crash course on how to maintain the give... I am concerned that a survival rate is about 60% for overwintering...
Are there any experienced bee keepers here?




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Ohh,this is one of my dreams in the future to have a bee family.I really sure you will have a lot of fun experience with your new folks.
Keep us posted,please. :clap:

Here some useful information.



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I had my share of bees stings, but never into the same place. The apiary has grown to 4 colonies, hopefully they will all survive the winter. I watched tons videos on youTube from American and Russian beekeepers (aka beeks). Unfortunately, my practical skills lag far behind theoretical knowledge that I got from fellow youtubers. Just last week I lost 2 hives - due to colony collapse disorder. I believe it is because I have not done any treatments this year and varroah mites took over. That allowed wax moth to get in and place their eggs into the honeycombs...
I am treating my bees with formic acid now - they don't like it a bit. On the photo you can see a group of bees trying to drag a pad, that was soaked in fumic acid, out through a narrow hive entrance..

if you have a place for bees and some free time - go into beekeeping. It will be fun!


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That's very interesting Slav on. A couple of months ago, i found a project called HoneyFlow, they sell hives specially designed to reduce the stress of the bees when harvesting, avoid unnecessary bee deaths, and get more honey. I really liked the idea and design. Anyways, all the best with your beekeeping project :)
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