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A nice site of beliefs people used to have as a child.

Here are some"

As a child I was totally floored by the fact that my dad owned a monkey wrench. We had never had any monkeys that needed to be taken apart and I could never figure out which part of a monkey it would fit on even if we had.

I used to think that vanilla was the absence of chocolate, not its own flavor.

I used to think that The Great Wall of China was made out of porcelain.

Because I kept getting told that Jesus loved me, I thought everybody meant real love, and that when I was old enough I was going to marry Jesus. For ages I felt so proud knowing that I was engaged to Jesus, and that when we were married I would be able to take my revenge on anyone who was mean to me!

I always used to think that there was a totally different world through the mirror. The reason why we couldn't get through was because the person the looks exactly like you on the other world does the exact same thing. Whenever you poked the mirror to get to the other world, the other person pokes it too, blocking you from getting through.

When I was little I didn't understand the concept of the intercoms at Meijers stores very well. I thought that the building had a second story, and that there were people who were paid to lay on their stomachs on the 2nd floor and talk down through the intercoms in the ceiling. I just imagined all these people spread out flat on the second floor, doing nothing but talking through holes in the floor so that we could hear them.

when i was little, i thought that a con artist was a person that painted pictures of people commiting crimes

When I was about 6, my mother told me I could be anything when I got older. I told her I wanted to be a dinosaur or the color orange. I am 21 now with a math degree and I still destine to be "orange!"

I grew up in Texas and when I heard someone was "sentenced to death" I thought that they'd been forced to write the same sentence over and over again until they died, since one of my teachers at school made us write sentences on the blackboard when we were bad.

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