Illuminati Mind Controlled slaves


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I was digging around the web and found this thread. Really in-depth read about Illuminati mind control background. I sought of remember Laura talking about this in one of her articles about her early experience with mind controlled people. Sounds like they dug up alot of info about them but of course they don't have the full picture. I was actually scared to read too much into it. Wondered if anyone else has come up across this thread, being that it is so old. tell me what you think and how much of it could be true. here is the link


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You may wish to read these before arriving to a conclusion of "how much that could be true".
Greenbaum project
Chapter 20 from the Wave
If you have printed version of The Wave, this is discussed in length (almost entire volume) in 2nd volume.
And chapter 21 in Adventures
Mass Mind Control? by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. I saved article without url, and can't find it on Cass site using search words from that article. Looks like it's taken out.
More on this:
A classic book Physical control of mind by Jose Delgado (in World Perspectives, V 41)
Braingate implant:
Mind Control Slavery and the NWO by Uri Dowbenko on net


There's also this article, "Chemical Hallucinations, Mind Control, and Dr. Jose Delgado"
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