Imminent Alien Disclosure?

Australian government published their own documents about UFOs.



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(Edit: I thought it was a recent article. But it's from 29/03/2021. My bad)

More to come

The former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe stated in an interview on Fox News that an upcoming report from the pentagon will reveal a great deal of information with regards to UFO sightings that the public has not yet been aware of.



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I've recently started to watch this series that Netflix just launched

And so far it has been decent, there's a collection of events and they've taken some time to explain several episodes of the lore of the UFO phenomenon.

There are several prominent figures from the UFO research field and so there's a lot of information that to me personally, it's not that surprising, however I do have to admit that we've crossed a large threshold for something like this to be publicly and widely available.

There's a lot of toying with the idea of disclosure, they mention Podesta (out of all people), Roswell and several other famous incidents. To me it's a step forward in disclosing information to the public, but at the same time I am left with the idea that there's an agenda, to present the information in a specific way that wouldn't disclose anything at all, or would present the reality of the phenomenon in a specific light that would probably leave us in a very similar place than the one we're at now, only with.. "oh hey UFO's are real btw, and Aliens exist, put your mask back on".

All in all, with a bit of that in mind, I'd say it is worth the watch as a good refresher of a lot of events and whatnot. So far, they haven't mentioned John Keel, which for the life of me I can't comprehend, although knowing how much closer to the truth he was than many other of the people interviewed and mentioned, I suppose I do understand why they'd steer clear of him.


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Documentary or debriefing....🤔, (for the herd, that is).

The UFO Phenomenon | Full Documentary 2021 | 7NEWS Spotlight
Sep 6, 2021
It is now beyond doubt that strange, anomalous objects filling our skies and caught on camera are the real deal. Even the Pentagon admits it’s true. These seemingly intelligently controlled craft are operating above the clouds, in our oceans and in our orbit – travelling at hypersonic speeds far beyond any known human technology and completing manoeuvres unknown to science.

The subject of conspiracy and derision for years, UFOs are now the hottest topic in Washington and the world. Five-time Walkley Award-winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart – who has been investigating the phenomena for the past two years – led the 7NEWS Spotlight team across the US, amassing never-before-seen compelling evidence and speaking to the key players behind an event that will change the course of history.

Featuring interviews with the highest echelons of military defence and intelligence officials, leading researchers, scientists and witnesses in America and Australia, this mind-blowing documentary years in the making seeks to answer the most fundamental question there is: are we alone? The US director of national intelligence is expected to hand down an unclassified report next month that will change our understanding of life itself.

On Spotlight, we reveal what is in that report. 7NEWS Spotlight: The UFO Phenomenon unearths startling new evidence of Australian Government cover-ups and extraordinary vision of unidentified aerial phenomena in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland – all credible and important additions to the worldwide data being accumulated by the US. For Coulthart, the project has become the most fascinating and challenging of his career, becoming the focus of his new book 'In Plain Sight', available now in Australia and soon in other territories: Australia: In Plain Sight US: In Plain Sight: An investigation into UFOs and impossible science|Paperback UK: In Plain Sight: An investigation into UFOs and impossible science


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