Imminent Alien Disclosure?

Did you get the chance to photograph your object 10 years ago? It would also be interesting to know if any UFO group in Switzerland or other parts of central Europe have done a formal investigation into this sighting? Does anyone on the Forum from this part of Europe know if any reports into the incident have been posted on the internet yet?
Yes, but I didn't have much experience in photography and the camera was as bad as today's smartphones. It was dark. No single image showed that object. It didn't emit any light either. It was just white. So I deleted all 26 or so images.
Translation of the article: Interestingly, the Babylonian sky god was called Anu. The Hopi word for "ant" is also anu , and the Hopi root word naki means "friends". So the Hopi Anu-naki , or "friends of the ants", may have been the same as the Sumerian Annunaki, beings who once came to Earth from the heavens. It's perhaps more than a coincidence that the Egyptian word sahu means "stars of Orion", while the Hopi word sohu means "star", the most important of which for this civilization are those in the Orion constellation.

What this appears to support is that the Hopi as members of the Atlantean red race and the Sumerians/Egyptians who were Atlantean survivors of the Kantekkians who had occupied Atlantis, once shared a common language (as the C's have told us), which over time and distance started to diverge, as languages do. However, many root words will still remain the same or very similar. Hence, "sahu" and "sohu" are very similar sounding words both referring to stars.

As to the importance of Orion to the Hopi, they apparently built their settlements over a long period time in accordance with the star formation of the constellation of Orion. This is an example of the ancient practice of geomancy, which the Egyptians also used when locating their major temples and monuments (which reflected the serpentine Milky Way as viewed from the Earth) in following the Hermetic maxim of 'as above, so below'.​
Yes, but I didn't have much experience in photography and the camera was as bad as today's smartphones. It was dark. No single image showed that object. It didn't emit any light either. It was just white. So I deleted all 26 or so images.
That's a great shame. What intrigues me though is that cell phone cameras are now so good, they are capturing UAPs more than ever before, even when the naked eye doesn't spot them.

I have banged on about the TV documentary series The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch quite a bit of late but in its own way it is part of the current ongoing revelation or disclosure, since they are filming UAP's more and more frequently as they poke the proverbial hornets nest with their rockets, lasers and other scientific experiments.

Although they are capturing UAPs on film in real time, on occasions they have only spotted the UAP after the event where their numerous cameras set up all over the site have captured them when they were not visible to the naked eye. A good recent example was a silver orb filmed in a field where the team had been investigating strange anomalies, which none of the team saw when they were actually there, but due to diligent observation it was subsequently spotted on one single frame of digital video film where it literally blinked in and out of vision.

Another incredible example occurred on the last episode I watched when an infrared camera observed two large spherical balls of light pass at speed in quick succession through the solid rock of a mesa where the investigators had been observing a group of local Native Americans carrying out a ritual drumming and chanting session based on old traditional chants. The Native Americans had been quite spooked at the end of the session since a couple of them had claimed to see in their peripheral vision what they considered to be a shadow person or skin walker. However nobody who was present saw the two balls of light disappear into the mesa. They were only spotted after playing back video film taken by the infrared camera when filming the ritual. What is also interesting is that the chanting was carried out near to an ancient spiral stone circle, which a Native American local guide or trooper who was present at the scene, and who is well versed in the lore of the Ranch, believes is a portal. When the chanting and drumming started, the stone circle lit up like a Christmas tree as the infra red camera filmed the site but the infra red glow just as quickly disappeared when the drumming and chanting ceased.

More and more the phenomena being seen and experienced at the ranch are giving the investigators a glimpse of the hyperdimensional reality that surrounds the UFO subject or what we know as 4th density. Since this is all being captured by accredited scientists on film and on their scientific instrumentation, it is hard to ignore or dismiss the evidence.​
The place is Sicily, it is a bit of a who dunnit, and involves tic tac's, UAP's, UFO's and magnetic anomalies. The documentary is called INTO THE UNKNOWN (UAP DOCUMENTARY) - which moves to a town in Sicily and 'something' odd, the Sicily fires.

Watched on the Mouthy Buddha

As for the fires, at one point they look to the four factors that shift the subject away from simple arson, which was the first direction in the news. #2 factor, which was noticed, deals with the plant Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus, where it was said that they were;
carbonized up to the root in soil depth, while the upper part has suffered only the superficial burns. The other plant species were completely intact.

See photo:


What's with that I don't know (see the documentary for context), yet it comes up with other recent fires where only certain things burn, and often deep in the ground. One can read a little about the plant here.

As for forces (that some said came from the sea), the scientific team was said to have measured fraction of a second electromagnetic pulses at 15 Gigawatts (that is massive), and there is evidence going back to to WWII from pilots, of magnetic anomalies in the area.

Much of the documentary looks at the subject of UAP's
Giant spaceship near the Sun

The European Space Agency has released a video titled "The highest resolution image of the south pole of the Sun in the history of Solar Orbiter".

The description states: "The South Pole of the Sun, a view from the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft on March 30, 2022, just four days after the spacecraft passed the point closest to the Sun. These images were recorded using the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) device at a wavelength of 17 nanometers"

There is an important detail in the description: "The color in this image was added artificially because the original wavelength detected by the instrument is invisible to the human eye"

At the same time, ESA /NASA completely ignores the fact of the presence near the Sun of a huge, no - giant (The diameter of the planet Earth is present in the video) a spaceship of a very unusual shape.

Judging by its size, it is not even just a spaceship, but some kind of space station so huge that it is simply unthinkable.


Could it be that space station the Cs talked about long ago🤔
Giant spaceship near the Sun

At the same time, ESA /NASA completely ignores the fact of the presence near the Sun of a huge, no - giant (The diameter of the planet Earth is present in the video) a spaceship of a very unusual shape.

Judging by its size, it is not even just a spaceship, but some kind of space station so huge that it is simply unthinkable.


Could it be that space station the Cs talked about long ago🤔
Is this the session you were referring to?

Orion Headquarters

Session 4 December 1999

Q: Now, according to some information posted on the Millennium Group site, there are some photographs that seem to indicate that there IS something anomalous in orbit around the Sun... maybe a new "planet, " or something. Is there a new object in our solar system in a close orbit around the sun?

A: Maybe.

Q: There is conjecture that this object appeared around the time of the passage of the Hale Bopp comet. Is that the case?

A: No.

Q: Is this object that is possibly in orbit around the sun, is it a natural or artificial construction?

A: Latter.

Q Who constructed it?

A: Orion STS.

Q: What is it?

A: HQ.

Q: The Orion Headquarters?

A: For your star system.

Q: Okay, you said "maybe" to this being a "new object." When did it arrive, or when was it placed there?

A: You measure "time" linearly.

Q: Can we give it a "linear" definition, or does it come and go through some sort of portal in terms of time, in a cyclical way, or a variable and selective way?

A: Yes, but it arrived at that coordinate 26730 years ago, sort of.

Q: What is its orbit, or distance from the Sun?

A: 31,230,000 miles.

Q: How large is this object?

A: 1005.6 kilometres diameter.

Q: What is the general configuration or shape of it? (A) A sphere, a ball, a disc, a cylinder?

A: Partial sphere, hexagonal.

Q: (A) Is it in a circular orbit or an elliptical orbit?

A: Circular. Rotation is altered by guidance system, gravitationally powered.

Q: What is its angle to the plane of the ecliptic?

A: 21 degrees.

Q: Okay, you said that it is "headquarters," so that answers what it does. And, it did not arrive with Hale Bopp. Just off to the side, was there REALLY a Hale Bopp companion - this rumour just won't die!?

A: No.

Q: Now, what do these Orions DO in this object? I mean, isn't it a little warm so close to the sun? I know. That's a stupid question. Space is cold.

A: Yes, and study magnetism for answers.

Q: Do Orions LIVE in this object?

A: Close.

Q: Do they use it as a transfer portal?

A: Yes.

Q: So, it is a doorway, so to speak?

A: Doorway as are many.

Q: How many of these objects are in our solar system?

A: Two.

Q: Where is the other one?

A: Outside, on the fringe of the solar system.

Q: Is the government, or some faction or department, aware of this object?

A: Yes.

Q: Anything else you can tell us about this object?

A: No need.

[Break to look at photographs.]

Q: Now, in terms of the photographs of this object, it looks sort of like two cylindrical objects with a dome or energy flow arc at the top. Could you tell us what we were seeing.

A: The object.

Q: Was it two part?

A: No.

Q: What was this arc looking part? Part of the spherical part?

A: Your visual perspective.

Q: Are the two cylindrical parts aspects of the hexagonal shape extending down from a spherical cap?

A: Close.

You will note that the C's spoke of a second headquarters on the fringe of the solar system, which could be much larger of course. However, the C's told Laura that the Orion HQ was 1005.6 kilometres in diameter, which is about 625 miles and thus far smaller than the diameter of the Earth (which is 7926 miles or 12,756 km at the equator).​
Yet another very recent UFO based article in a major UK wide circulation tabloid newspaper, this time the Daily Mirror. See: MSN (with my comments in parentheses in red).​

Pentagon’s UFO chief reveals real probability of aliens having repeatedly crashed into the US​

Story by Paul Donald

Alien life is unlikely to have crashed into the United States according to a top UFO chief, despite the bombshell claims of a former intelligence official.​

Dr Sean Kirkpatrick of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office said that it was not his organisations' job to probe the subject of aliens specifically but to attempt to make sense of objects that at first could not be understood. He said: "Our job is to understand the unknowns and what could be there. What are the possibilities that threaten us? And how do we get at it? How do I apply technical rigour to go after that 'hunt' mission, if you will?"

The Pentagon's UFO chief, who is preparing to resign from his position, said that in many cases they are unable to find an answer and in others, what may have appeared as a flight into the unknown was easily explained, such as a balloon that floated in the wrong place. [MJF: Seemingly, an indirect reference back to the old, now worn-out explanation for the Roswell crash.]

The US government launched AARO in 2022 to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and AARO's leader Kirkpatrick revealed what his position involved and some of his findings in a recent interview with Politico. However, after explaining that UFOs are not his main concern, he has become used to answering questions about them and the many sightings that take place.

He said that if there was no evidence of aliens, that would mean other countries had found ways to invade US airspace without the government knowing about it. He said: "Number one, the best thing that could come out of this job is to prove that there are aliens, right?" Because if we don’t prove there are aliens, then what we’re finding is evidence of other people doing stuff in our backyard. And that’s not good." [MJF: Which may have been the thinking of many, if not most, senior officers in the US military since 1947. This seems to demonstrate a strange logic though, since you would think that if aliens with advanced technology could invade your airspace with impunity, this would suggest they represented a far greater threat to US security than international rivals, especially if these aliens should prove to be hostile.]

And he claimed that he loves to answer queries about aliens. He said: "From a scientific perspective: The scientific community will agree that it is statistically invalid to believe that there is no life out in the universe, as vast as the universe is and the number of galaxies and solar systems and planets."

"The probability, however, that that life is intelligent and that it has found Earth and that it has come to Earth and that it has repeatedly crashed in the United States is not very probable." His remarks follow on from former intelligence officer with top-secret clearance, David Charles Grusch, claiming that the US has found non-human remains and that his government has a UFO retrieval program.

The Pentagon, like Kirkpatrick, denies the bombshell claims, and Kirkpatrick said: "It's all about what is realistic and statistically probable. Talking about looking for life out in the universe, it is a very objective, very scientifically sound discussion and discourse. As that discussion gets closer to the solar system, somewhere around Mars, it turns into science fiction. And then as you get even closer to Earth, and you cross into Earth’s atmosphere, it becomes conspiracy theory." [MJF: No change in outlook there then.]

Kirkpatrick has been explaining his thoughts as he prepares to leave the agency to retire in December and says he feels he has accomplished his mission. He said that there would be more information, “educational material that will help inform the public,” released by the AARO soon, adding: "“We’ve got a package of a lot of new material that we’ve got ready for release. We’ve uncovered some things that we are having declassified. Not just operational videos, but historical documents."
Pour ceux qui n'ont jamais suivi le phénomène OVNI, je vous présente la meilleure vidéo certifiée à ce jour (désolé pour ceux qui connaissent par coeur).
De août 2007, à septembre 2008, à Kumburgaz, un village sur les rives de la mer de Marmara en Turquie, Yalcin Yalman, un veilleur de nuit, a filmé un objet volant en forme de croissant. Certaines images de ses vidéos affichent un luxe de détails stupéfiant et permettent même de distinguer ce qui pourrait bien être l’équipage de cet étrange appareil.
A l’origine, la vidéo a été analysée et rendue publique par le groupement ufologique turc Sirius UFO dirigée par le chercheur Haktan Akdogan. Cette affaire a fait les gros titres des médias en Turquie et à l’étranger. Elle a aussi suscité un grand débat au sein de la communauté scientifique locale. Le Conseil National pour l’Etude Scientifique et Technologique (Tubitak) s’est emparé de la vidéo et l’a analysée avec l’intention proclamée de démontrer qu’il s’agissait d’un canular réalisé avec des modèles réduits et quelques trucages numériques. Cette très sérieuse institution a rendu un rapport dont les conclusions sont bien différentes et qui s’achève par ces mots:
« Il faut conclure que les objets observés présentent une structure physique et sont composés de matériaux qui n’appartiennent à aucune catégorie d’objets aériens connus (avions, hélicoptères, météorites, vénus, mars, satellites, lumière artificielles, lanternes chinoises etc.) Ce qui place d’évidence cet objet dans la catégorie des OVNIs (Objets volants non identifiés d’origine inconnue)».
Après libre à chacun de penser ce qu'il veut...

For those who have never followed the UFO phenomenon, I present to you the best certified video to date (sorry for those who know it by heart).From August 2007 to September 2008, in Kumburgaz, a village on the shores of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey, Yalcin Yalman, a night watchman, filmed a crescent-shaped flying object. Some images in his videos display a stunning level of detail and even make it possible to distinguish what could well be the crew of this strange device.Originally, the video was analyzed and made public by the Turkish UFO group Sirius UFO led by researcher Haktan Akdogan. This case made headlines in the media in Turkey and abroad. It also sparked a major debate within the local scientific community. The National Council for Scientific and Technological Study (Tubitak) seized the video and analyzed it with the proclaimed intention of demonstrating that it was a hoax made with scale models and some tricks digital. This very serious institution has issued a report whose conclusions are very different and which ends with these words:“It must be concluded that the objects observed have a physical structure and are composed of materials which do not belong to any category of known aerial objects (planes, helicopters, meteorites, Venus, Mars, satellites, artificial light, Chinese lanterns, etc.) Which obviously places this object in the category of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects of Unknown Origin).”Afterwards everyone is free to think what they want...

A couple things:

Jesse Michels on why he trusts David Grusch:

Includes bite-size summaries of some interesting stuff from his YT documentary, including: Manhattan Project as the original UFO study program and source of secrecy protocols, Townsend Brown's research, Condon's links to Manhattan Project.

Also this weekend was the first Sol conference, which featured talks by Garry Nolan, Diana Pasulka, Karl Nell (Grusch's old boss and rumored candidate to replace Kirkpatrick as head of AARO), Jacques Vallee, Chuck McCullough (Grusch's lawyer, ex-ICIG), Hal Puthoff, Avi Loeb, a brief Zoom address by Grusch, and some others. Videos should be posted in a week or two.
I thought this was interesting

Tom DeLonge: "The significance of UFOs is multiple parts, but number one, it's not what you think. It's not coming from other planets. The evidence doesn't suggest that."

Co-host: "Interdimensional."

DeLonge: "Yes. And, the reason is because time is parallel, it's not linear, or it's not like we start here and go forward in time. "Time is side by side, which means everything in the past and future is existing in this moment, but within different frequencies. "So, a civilization that's at the end of their technological cycle could build a submarine that changes it's voltage and materializes in that same location, just into our timeline.

"So, there's a consciousness aspect to this. Like you have to think of this like, um, consciousness is like... it's like the mind of God, you know? It's not a dude in a toga with a crown of thorns making Jupiter, you know? "It's like everything you see is one band of frequencies. The highest frequency is Light Unified Mind. The lowest frequency would be blackness, absence. Absence of love. Absence of whatever. And physical matter is somewhere right in the middle, right? "

So, you have the ability to tune up higher or to tune down lower. And, behavior and all these things... and time, all comes together. "But, what it means also is that your brain is what's called a transducer. You're an antenna."

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