Incident at Oglala


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I just watched "Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story". This is a documentary about the murders of 2 FBI agents on avreservation in the early 70's. Leonard Peltier was the one convicted for those murders.

The doc establishes the atmosphere on the reservation at that time and describes the role of the American Indian Movement of trying to address the inequities affecting North American indigenous peoples. It then describes the shoot-out itself, the escapes of those present at the shoot-out, their captures, and finally their trials.

Besides being emotionally poignant, it is of interest because one gets a taste of COINTELPRO at that time in the 70's. There were mentions of federally condoned death squads on the reservation (condoning by looking the other way) and divide-and-conquer tactics. Also, one sees the ritual trial with a preordained outcome and a bit of how that is perpetrated. As a human watching it, I was sad. Looking at it from a research POV, it definitely establishes the willingness and capability of the pathocracy to carry out operations within US borders. I could not help but wonder if this was the North American wing of the pathocracy whetting it's teeth on false flag operations. IMO, this is a good case study of a pathocratic manuever.
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