Is The US Government Hiding An Alien Pyramid in Alaska? | The Alaska Triangle


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I found this video rather interesting. Especially since Linda Moulton Howe is in it.

Hidden beneath the Alaskan wilderness lies a top-secret government facility that may be concealing an extraterrestrial pyramid. Former Counterintelligence Agent Doug Mutschler shares his extraordinary experiences while attempting to investigate this enigma.

Not quite sure what to make of it.

I thought the C's said there was a port hole in Alaska. I was wrong, it was in Canada. I wonder how close the port hole is to the "possible" pyramid? Then there is also HAARP up there too.

Excerpt from the session:

(Alejo) Are there any other such download portals on the planet?

(L) Yes, we already discussed that. There's one in Israel. Are there any others besides Israel and Ukraine?

A: China, North America, South America.

Q: (Artemis) Is the North America one in Canada or…?

A: Canada.

Q: (Artemis) I knew it!

(L) You knew it? Yes! [laughter]

(Artemis) Yukon.

(L) Oooh, you're right! The Yukon! CREEPY stuff happens in the Yukon. [laughter] It's true.

(Andromeda) Oh, yeah!

(L) Look it up. Look up "The Valley of the Headless Men"!! I read about it years ago, and it gave me the absolute total creeps!
I wonder if this was Tom DeLonge's source for saying the same thing here:
It sounds like it's the same one. The "earthquake" he mentions was caused by China exploding a nuclear bomb underground that was, supposedly, the biggest nuke that had been exploded underground and caused shockwaves that were picked up in Alaska.

The man who is on the video I put up was a counter intelligence agent who then worked for the military. Whenever he would try to dig deeper into the subject, he would be confronted by, usually, two men and told to stop.

It's interesting.
We’re definitely in the right place for this, look at this image around Mount Shand. This is a tell-tell sign of them trying to hide something. They have been using the same tactics for many years, a standard sub-standard blurring of the surroundings of areas that you are not allowed to look at. The right side of the image is clear almost all the way to the ground, the left side is the area of concern, blurred showing that they need a new playbook once again. Haiku …

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