Isolation and sanitation during COVID-19 may affect human microbiome


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This is an interesting and well written article, regarding the dangers we as a species are facing due to the eradication and perceived war on microbes.
It is absolutely mind boggling how many amazing roles bacteria and viruses do for all of the living beings on this planet.
They all do different "jobs" and highly intelligent functions, at specific times, according to natural biorhythms.
These little workers are literally "programmed" to do all kinds of stuff in the natural world.

They way I have always seen the microscopic jungle, they(bacteria,viruses, and other microbes) are the natural "Sim-bots" and original Nano Tech, that the power crazy STS Mad Scientist factions are attempting to "recreate" and replace.

When I studied a bunch of the material that dedicated researchers and physicians, now,long dead, murdered during WWII, had compiled, documents and research that managed to survive the purge of the Nazis, I was astonished at the amount of knowledge and perception of the world of microbes that was honored and understood.

It made sense, why wouldn't the vastly Superior Intelligent Designers who created, seeded, experimented and interwove our genetics, our DNA with everything else living on the Earth, have rigged a Superior symbiotic system of survival in our genetic programming?

Designed and refined not to kill us, or de-volve us, or whatever term you want to use, but to assist in survival and advancement into the Future.
The interactions of all of biology on this Planet depends on all the parts, not just some, working together, in my opinion.

I have shared several of Brett Finlavs articles and comments with several of my family members, as they are raising small children during this War against Nature/Scamdemic.

Posting a few quotes and the link as it may be of interest to others interested in this same paradox.
You will have to "weed" a bit, and read between the lines, but, the point is there:
As people around the world remain isolated in their homes, avoiding close contact with others and meticulously sanitizing their hands and surfaces, scientists warn there may be unintended consequences of these necessary pandemic protocols.

"Finlay said the discovery of pasteurization in the late 1800s kicked off about a century of society being “hellbent” on getting rid of microbes, and infectious diseases declined as a result. But the loss of microbial diversity has been linked to conditions including asthma, obesity, diabetes and brain and cardiovascular diseases, he said.
Finlay, who co-wrote a book titled “Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Our Children from an Oversanitized World,” have been trying to persuade people to be a little less afraid of germs.
“We were cruising along, starting to realize these microbes are good. Maybe we shouldn’t wipe them all out. Maybe we should let our kids play outside and maybe we don’t have to use hand sanitizer five times on the playground,” Finlay said.

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