Isolation Ward?


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I saw that Laura moved a topic titled "Ra Sessions" to the "Isolation Ward". I guess I'm curious about what the "Isolation Ward" is (apart from the obvious interpretation of a place to isolate something where contact may be highly undesired).

I did a search and did not find anything in the forum about the "rule(s)" for isolation. I know about banning and "Baked Noodles" for those who consistently do not follow the forum rules of respect and consideration and for those topics that are clearly spam (respectively). However the Isolation Ward is new (to me).

Would you please consider providing some background context?



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Quite simply, when we decide that a thread is a duplicate, spamming, phishing, noise, defamation, or needs to be removed for whatever reason, (including legal issues), we do not destroy that thread, we keep it in the "isolation ward" for possible future reference. Thus, if someone comes along making noise and gets banned for it, (mostly spammers), we keep the thread or post intact so that if they show up again, we have a record to refer to. In short, it is an archive. We call it the "isolation ward" more from humor than anything else.
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