JAH and "The Long Awaited Truth"


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Here is the site:


I would appreciate it if some of the forum members would go over there and read this material, report back what you read there, how you react to it, what you think about it, etc.


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Laura said:
Here is the site:


I would appreciate it if some of the forum members would go over there and read this material, report back what you read there, how you react to it, what you think about it, etc.
Two things I noticed immediatly while reading the ebook. First, its written in a commanding tone much like the way Dr Frankenstein or Yahweh might command his beloved experiments to arise from the dead (I command thee to arise!). Second, the writings seem to see Lucifer as some kind of 'aberration' of God ( it seems to be very David Ickeish in it's interpretations of good and evil)).

The JAH writings appear to be related to the Rastafarian movement who seem to have deified the Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia (Ras Tafari ).


"Rasta, or the Rastafari movement of Jah people, is a religious movement that reveres Haile Selassie I, the former emperor of Ethiopia, as King of Kings, Lord of Lords and the Lion of Judah. The name Rastafari comes from Ras Tafari, the pre-coronation name of Haile Selassie I, who Rastas of many mansions say is the earthly aspect of Jah (short for Jehova or the Rastafari name for God) and part of the Holy Trinity. The movement emerged in Jamaica among working-class and peasant black people in the early 1930s, arising from an interpretation of Biblical prophecy, black social and political aspirations, and the teachings of their prophet, Jamaican black publicist and organiser Marcus Mosiah Garvey, whose political and cultural vision helped inspire a new world view".


The Force is Strong With This One
Very simplistic and repetitive writing, as if being written by and for
juveniles, commanding and authorotative. Some curious combining and
re-interpretation of other religions (muslim and jewish) as if to bring them
all under one flag.

The writer Jah is intimating he is the prophesied comming of EliJAH before
the second comming of christ, and that his book is the 'little book'
described in revelation. This seems like a delusional writer, a symptom of
type one schizophrenia. it is not unusual for people with this type of
illness to think they are special people, god (jahweh)even, and will spout
all this type of knowledge and somehow make it fit in their own psychotic

Asking for cash only for the books is either a scam or tax evasion, and the
site registration gives an address in Gibralter, different to the UK
address. There is quite a bit about the politics of Gibralter (british) and
he seems to be linking the connections he has made from revelation and other
religious writings, back to being of british origin, (nationalist) more
delusion., but it fits his mind set.

The reference at the top to rastafarian ( mentioned by Kenlee) is quite
compelling but could be a red herring! Why I think that is that the guy
seems like a 'national-front' type, and anything less than white would be
anathama. Purity of the race etc.

Deliberate disinformation, possibly; Money scam-tax evasion, possibly, or
delusional sick person, most likely. The cash only and different address on
Gibralter probably helps him to escape the men in white coats. Plus he even
quotes a long passage from the 'Celestine Prophecy' because it fits his mind
set. He is seeing patterns in everything al la John Nash.


The Force is Strong With This One
I read the introduction page, and a few other pages linked from there. I
actually laughed out loud almost right away at the arrogance of his

He attacks religious institutions for what they are (fair enough), but at
the same time mirrors their idea of salvation; only by destroying evil or
teaching evil-doers to be good, can one be saved. Another join-us-or-die
type affair. With comparing terrorists to Lucifer, and calling Jesus
Commander-in-chief of the Jedi knights, this gives the STS-hierarchy mode of
thinking away here.

I think the movie Starwars is an excellent archetypal drama. But Jah has
seriously misinterpreted the films' scenes into bizarre christian paradigms.

" Luke starts to learn to use the "Force," firstly trying to use his human
eyes, then later whilst wearing a helmet with the "blast-shield" down
(Ephesians 6 v 17) so that he cannot see, symbolising "blind-faith". "

I searched Ephesians 6:17, no mention of blast-shields i'm afraid.

Jah mentioned he contacted George Lucas to advise him while making the new
Starwars movies, and that George exercised his free-will and ignored him. I
guess George must be used to fan(atic)s contacting him about the films by
now though.

All in, his writings are hard to digest and could lead to severe heartburn.
To quote Starwars, 'Only a Sith deals in absolutes'.


The Living Force
Well, the first thing i noticed was it's purported to be "The truth!" which automatically sets my questioning mode off. I'm reading the ebook so ill comment as i read chronologically. I'm gonna point out the fishy stuff and ill summerize on the good stuff.

"keep interested in your career" - IE: Keep working.
"Lucifer did not declare war but sneaked around murdering... as all terrorists do." I love the idea of satan as a muslim... err... terrorist.
Hehe "JEsus DIsciple = JEDI" and YODA as a training manual - great stuff. Although i must admit, the allegorical nature of the star wars films is high and ill buy "The Force" before id buy christianity.
Animal life teaches male superiority? I think not.
I dont like this line: 2:1 "Nature teaches self-perfection, weeding out the freaks and the weak and the imperfections..."
I don't like the idea of faith, nor his discussion of free-will, according to G we have no free will and after practicing self-observation i tend to agree.
I don't like the discussion of God as a friend who's there 24/7, it's too christian imho.

Okay, i got 18 pages outta 171 through it and im done reading. Overall the document is a wonderful blend of truth with fiction. For the Born again christian with a few questions this might be the answer. I didnt get to the part where he explicitly implied humans were "fallen angels", but that seemed to be what he was leading to. I dont think im a fallen angel, fallen perhaps, but not because i participated in a revolution against the "true creator", moreso because i wanted to learn the rules faster (im impatient as all hell, so i can identify with that). I like the karma bit, but overall it's too simplistic, too christian, and too much emphasis on faith in god, be nice to others, and for a document claiming to be not religious it REAKS of religious dogma.

I think its wonderfully written cointelpro.


What perusing this site brought to mind was the thread here at SOTT discussing "channeling". The thread started by adpop.

This site reminded me of the thread because it has "nuggets" of data I can agree with in some of the links (see politics) BUT at the end of
the day is another "disempowerment" site.

Both the fear it attempts to generate and the commands are dead-giveaways as well.


Here we read many "trivial" truths, at least trivial for those who have seen the control system for what it is.
But what we actually see, the main bulk of the material, the core, it's boundary, and what is interwoven through all those other little truths, is something very different. As such,
it reminds me of the bad cop/ good cop strategy...
trying to get all those who have by now seen the deception of the hierarchical systems to control and manipulate, in contemporary politics, sociology, or religion back in line ... for yet another blind following for yet another hierarchical system.

From: http://jahtruth.net/socio.htm
However, if you take the same hundred people of whom you are one and each and every person, including you, puts everyone else first, and it will not work unless everyone does it, for the reasons I have previously stated in the first example, because one bad apple ruins the whole barrel, everyone, including you, gains ninety-nine times. Think about it. You each have ninety-nine other people putting you first. "All for one and one for all." Then all you can ever have is peace; security and prosperity for everyone
Agreed, one bad apple can contaminate the entire barrel.
However, these Jah teachings seem to forget, that replacing such with a renewed but still blind belief in something entirely outside of our human endeavor and experience is what has been creating this mess for eons maybe. The other side of the "phone home line" that Jah refers to as the function of the "Ark of the Covenant" could just be another rotten apple so to say, but than one that is even more difficult for us earthlings to discern as to the TRUE fruits that it brings forth.


Right off I noticed that I was being lead along the preprogrammed christ promotion program (IMO). In my own mind outside the realm of programming (not to imply I am not running programs by any means) it makes a little sense. Though in a realm of interpretation I am rather new to, the sense it makes seems to be a reflection in a mirror (opposite) instead of a realistic interpretation of the person/being/achetype/teacher.. the Lord. I hope if anyone reads this they don't take more than a grain of salt with my mumblery.

I am implying that I resonate with some of the information, or my living illusion/delusion does, for example: "when he eats it up (reads and digests its contents) it is bitter in his belly, but is in his mouth sweet as honey (easy to read, but not so easy to digest and do what it says)."

This qoute in reference to the book of revelations makes me think about esoteric learning. Being still (in part) a captive of my security bubbles and self-lies the learning is rather difficult maybe even detestable at times to that series of false I's and my security bubble. I also think of it being factual as I often endevour to share this sweet on my tongue learning but I am finding more and more it just creates a reason in the closed minded (of which I may be a victim) to rise in a form of combat against me, as I now see their (the closed minded) defenses and attacks as their own illusions.

Not to imply I am at or near any lofty level mind you, but I am beginning to see in a way that is kind of new and yet foreign to me. A closed mind person seems unable to even take in information and draw a conclusion, theory or hypothesis, it's all "I know the way, I am right." I got attacked by a couple of full on christians the other night and they would not even talk in the realm of politics other than, oh a few thousand people, who cares? At least it wasn't as bad as WWII when 6 billion Germans were killed.. I just kinda backed away, besides the lady (17-20'ish) had a theology major (in 2-3 years, if she is even out of high school). I backed away in hopes that they would realize they are lying ontop and in the name of what they were depicting as thee ultimate in religious dogma.. err religion.

It is very difficult when someone asks me what I believe. I think I know how to term what I am searching for, I got the idea of the term here, partially, and from Carlos Castaneeda, freedom. I believe that is what I am searching for. Sorry got a little side tracked.

THE WAY HOME. (browzed the intro..)
I like the peace and good will part of the intro, though I think the writer is depicting some touch with divinity, uhh kinda ego driven, osit. It seems to be implied that YOU need This Book! I am kinda wondering how one can communicate with so much authority and (command and) control as if they just got off the phone with, well, whatever 'it' is.
Biblically speaking nothing is good but god (so it says). I see often that the writer brings up "...Be careful, keep the commandments, do god's will, and strive to be happy and good." How can 'I' machine(s) know God's will? Happiness to me is to become unshackled and lose my illusions. Back to making biblical qoutes, "nothing is good but God."
What is God's will, does this writer think to know it? Can the writer imply they 'know' God? If yes how is it possible, how do they have more faith, hope, divinity, unity with 'it' than another more devout person?
At the point at which I identify myself at being (again this could be and is likely a self made illusion) I am becoming more and more disgusted with the whole of religion(s). Here are a few Christian facts that blow me away.. from fantasy land. Babies beam out of Virgins, Virgins get pregnant, dead guys fly off into the sky after
just 72 hours (of being dead) after talking with a few friends. From a scientific standpoint (or my version of what I think one would be) it's simply not possible. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, ya know they got a comeback for that one, "with God, all things are possible."
I'm getting the painted myself in a corner feeling so I will close with another 1,000 things I would like to say ask or offer for dissection. Sorry, I often start rattling along.
It's an interesting site. Strange they took your credit card mark of the beast information Laura(osit, 'see the Wave'), that thought came to me before I even went to the site. It (the site) looks to me like a modern Government(religious) fear and control tactic. Get right with (the preboxxed version) God, we've already done all the work for you, or you can, as the title states, ..face the fire.


Hi everybody,

Thanks Laura, this is very helpful to me.

I made some comment about this here:


so if anybody wants to make some specific replies to this that would be great.

Also to the idea of a regualr slot for site evaluation and NWO counter techniques, this would be great also.


Cyre 2067 wrote:

according to G we have no free will and after practicing self-observation i tend to agree.

Hi Cyre,

I would love to know who G is? Please let me know.

I wonder though, what do you mean by free will, and if there is no such thing as free will, could we be wasting our time trying to make a difference at this time?

If there was no such things as free will, why would our rulers have worked so hard to limit our freedom of thought and so enchain us. In this respect I agree that we have been limited in this physical realm by political limitations of free will, or the creation of a limited belief about free will, but does this mean that metaphysically we have no free will, and therefore the potential for such?

I would be interested to know how we get around such conundrums with the system of 'no free will'.

Great to discuss this sort of thing, and much needed when worrying oneself silly about what to do in the world. If there is no such thing as free will, I would be very happy because I would just be able to stop worrying.

This is not a challenge, or is it intended to be offensive.

Al Today

The Living Force
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In regards to: http://thewayhomeorfacethefire.info/
I don't have the luxury of reading everything (deeply) that exists on this BBM.
I tend to scan and see if something holds my attention.
I scan any given writing to see if it strikes an inner chord with me.
Kinda like speed reading.
I ask myself, will ?something? inside me have a need to me read the article in depth?
Perhaps read numerous times for insight.?.?.?
Although I have not completely read The Way Home, in depth, I feel a need to express my opinion.
And since opinions were requested...

The Way Home is hard for me to read.
Hard because of the message, not it's verbage...
I got some bad vibes.
At first I am not impressed, but, I will look at the e-book more closely.
The drift I get is the usual message, "DO AS I SAY OR DIE".
We must worship and fear eternal damnation.
Been there, done that, and that way home may not be my way.
I dunno, there can always be tidbits of truth hidden away in corners.
As my ole Gramma taught me...
"The best lies have pieces of truth"

:cool: :cool: :cool:

ps: What happened to the cool smoking smilies that were in the old forum.?.?.?


I wondered if we might develop a part of the forum which looks at and evaluates websites informing us of world events and what to do about them.

I thought that by this process we might be able to discover a smaller or more manageable number of reliable and effective sites for developing our understanding and possibly to develop a toolkit for protection and countering the dark forces of this planet.

To begin the process I looked at a site last week, in particular a page devoted to a plan against the NWO:


This page the makes a strong recommendation to read a book available in PDF format online:


After reading all this material and reading a fair amount that made a lot of sense, I was disappointed to find that, toward the end, the real agenda became clear.

Fundamentalism, homophobia, and follow me otherwise you will die material.

The author of all this calls himself Jah (a bit of a give away perhaps), and I think he is saying that he is the new messiah.

I decided to contact him out of curiosity and politely ask how certain elements of double-think could be reconciled with his system of thought. To begin the communication I wrote:

Dear Jah,

I have now read the book.

Some good information here that is very powerful. Yet some concerns.

If you say that you are the chosen one, then I do not suppose that you will take kindly to my constructive criticism.

I do not wish to get into conflict, but there are contradictions here that might make matters difficult for many to understand.

There is also no answer as to how we are supposed to actually fight evil. In which way (non-violent protest? Yet you approved of the British Empire-P113 which was possible only by killing), which venue/battlefield? I mean could you explain just what we are supposed to do?

I look forward to your reply.


He replied in this way:

Dear Nigel,

I can tell from your intellectual arrogance and attitude that any further dialogue would be a waste of my time, so it ends here.

Well I did try, and perhaps my reference to his claim to messiahship was a little inflammatory, but I was not trying to upset him, really. Perhaps we could also have a part of the forum dealing with how we ingratiate ourselves with messiahs so as to get their best attention and best advice?

Needless to say I would not recommend this site personally, nor do I believe it to be a fair sytem for making our world a better place. I feel that power seeking is the name of the game here. If one cannot ask a reasonable question of an author purporting to be offering his help to the world, then perhaps the motive behind it all is different to the one presented in the first place.

This is my opinion, but I would welcome further views on this matter if possible. If anyone does read this material and wants to know where I think there is massive contradiction please let me know. If for no other reason than to reject it as a waste of time, this process must be useful to others accessing this site.

Any other sites that anyone feels needs an exposee of sorts?


The Living Force
G is Gurdjieff and In Search of the Miraculous is a book written that covers alot of his "teachings" though its more like he talks and if people like what he has to say they can listen and try the stuff out. You might be interested in this thread: http://www.cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=22

By no free will he means that we are merely a collection of input/output programs based on our experience/genetics. As long as we continue to believe we are who we are and we have free will we cannot break free of the chains that bind us, so to speak. The first step into gaining freedom is to realize that one is not free.


The Living Force
Sansom said:
Cyre 2067 wrote:

according to G we have no free will and after practicing self-observation i tend to agree.

Hi Cyre,

I would love to know who G is? Please let me know.

I wonder though, what do you mean by free will, and if there is no such thing as free will, could we be wasting our time trying to make a difference at this time?
G is George Gurdjieff, a teacher who died in Paris in 1949. The best introduction to his work is Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous.

What Gurdjieff meant about free will is that as we are now, we have no free will. Why? Because there is no "I" at home that remains constant enough to have any direction or decision-making power. We are pushed and pulled by all sorts of impulses, desires, likes and dislikes, that arise and fall from one moment to another. These are called our small 'I's, little pieces of our personality that make up who we are.

The Work, as it is called, has as its goal to align all of these small, chattering voices and impulses in the same direction so that they all want the same thing, to be aligned with the higher self, the real 'I'. Before the real 'I' is in place to direct things, we can only talk about free will in potential. Slowly, as we become aware of the small voices, we can choose to not listen to them when they do not speak in our higher interest. There is the beginning of free will, the moment when you are strong enough to say 'No' to some desire that may be pleasant, fun, and enjoyable, but is not in the interest of your higher self.

Another writer, Boris Mouravieff, illustrates the idea with the following parable:

Mouravieff said:
Esoteric science indicates the possibilities and the means of freeing one-self from this law. It helps us to begin a new and purposeful life; first to become logical with ourselves, and finally, to become our own master.

But to begin effectively on this way, one must first clearly see the situation as it is [to recognise objective reality - ed.]. A parable found in the most ancient sources permits us to get a clear picture of this, and so keep this condition in mind. It is the parable of the Coach.

This image represents the characteristics of man by a coach. The physical body is represented by the coach itself; the horses represent sensations, feelings and passions; the coachman is the ensemble of the intellectual faculties including reason; the person sitting in the coach is the master.

In its normal state, the whole system is in a perfect state of operation: the coachman holds the reins firmly in his hands and drives the horses in the direction indicated by the master. This, however, is not how things happen in the immense majority of cases. First of all, the master is absent. The coach must go and find him, and must then await his pleasure. All is in a bad state: the axles are not greased and they grate; the wheels are badly fixed; the shaft dangles dangerously; the horses, although of noble race, are dirty and ill-fed; the harness is worn and the reins are not strong. The coachman is asleep: his hands have slipped to his knees and hardly hold the reins, which can fall from them at any moment.

The coach nevertheless continues to move forward, but does so in a way which presages no happiness. Abandoning the road, it is rolling down the slope in such a way that the coach is now pushing the horses, which are unable to hold it back. The coachman, fallen into a deep sleep, is swaying in his seat at risk of falling off. Obviously a sad fate awaits such a coach.

This image provides a highly appropriate analogy for the condition of most men, and it is worth taking as an object of meditation.

Salvation may however present itself. Another coachman, this one quite awake, may pass by the same route and observe the coach in its sad situation. If he is not in much of a hurry, he may perhaps stop to help the coach that is in distress. He will first help the horses hold back the coach from slipping down the slope. Then he will awaken the sleeping driver and together with him will try to bring the coach back to the road. He will lend fodder and money. He might also give advice on the care of the horses, the address of an inn and a coach repairer, and indicate the proper route to follow.

It will be up to the assisted coachman afterward to profit, by his own efforts , from the help and the information received. It will be incumbent on him from this point on to put all things in order and, open eyed, to follow the path he had abandoned.

He will above all fight against sleep, for if he falls asleep again, and if the coach leaves the road again and again finds itself in the same danger, he cannot hope that chance will smile upon him a second time; that another coachman will pass at that moment and at that place and come to his aid once again. [Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis, Vol I, pp. 6-7. Gurdjieff uses the same parable in ISOTM, p. 92.]
So, we have three major parts: the physical body, the emotions, and the intellect. In this tradition, each is called a "centre": the motor or moving centre, the emotional centre, and the intellectual centre.

And each of these are fragmented into many different pieces. Each of these pieces has its own set of likes and dislikes. There may be many hundred of these small 'I's, each with its own likes and dislikes! It is chaos! If each is demanding that 'its' likes and dislikes be recognised, you may begin to understand that there isn't one master in the coach directing things. Our development of free will coincides with the development of the "master", the real 'I', that can bring some order to our inner life and permit us to exercise our will in such a way that today's decision isn't changed tomorrow because it is based upon our long term, real interests, that is, our desire to become masters of ourselves.

Approaching Infinity

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First impressions of web-site:

-"...or face The Fire". Seems like typical Christian scare tactics to me (Join we Christian Borg or face The Fire!!!!). Where's the room for choice when you're being threatened with eternal damnation? These are mob/Gestapo tactics.

-"The ONLY Survival Plan". Ditto. Follow us or you're screwed. How is this different than any other control system?

-He claims his book is the "little book" mentioned in Revelations. Also, it contains the "Truth about God; the True interpretation of The Holy Bible and The Holy Koran; the True reasons why what is happening is, etc". There is no room for additional data or even a working hypothesis. JAH has the whole truth NOW, and that's the way it is.
This seems to me like what the C's said about the tree in Eden: "Believing that one source contains all knowledge is contradicting reality." So not only is he cashing in on the orthodoxy of Revelations (the little book is practically canonical, being mentioned in the Bible), he's cashing in on the belief that anything canonical is inerrant and 100% true the way it is.

I had a quick look at some parts from the book. Here's what I noticed:

On the first page, JAH says that "even if you go through life without considering such matters [eg. life's meaning, science and religion, etc] this Book is STILL for you." This is like saying "even if this is totally wrong for you, it's still right for you." JAH ignores the fact that people are at different places, with different lesson-plans. Should Bush or any other Psychopath follow "the way"? By saying this, JAH is denying polarity and the existence of evil by saying it is a "stain" that is a "mistake" and is not part of God. He's also denying free will.

JAH's "appeal to all nations":
"(1) forget your superstitions and religions, (2) unite yourselves into one brotherhood, (3) become "children of God" (by adoption) and (4) bring lasting peace on Earth, and (5) have goodwill towards ALL men. (6) PLEASE!!!"
(1) The command is to forget, not to analyze and understand. Simply forget your old religion and accept a new one.

(2) Again, JAH is denying the multifaceted nature of existence. This is STS striving for oneness because it cannot accept difference. It strives to bring everyone in line.

See also the dedication: "This Book is dedicated to all my enemies who ever loved me, and to those who will love me in the future. Hopefully the whole of mankind, for eternity." I think JAH is delusional (maybe schizophrenic, too). He wants the whole world to love him for eternity. Wow.

(3) What does 'by adoption' mean? Are we not already "children of God"? What is a child of God? It seems there is some residual Christian programming in JAH's mind, as I haven't found a Christian willing to admit that Jesus wasn't the ONLY true child of god. Anything else is heresy. For example, CS Lewis says we cannot become "Christ" but only "little Christs." Even my spell-checker tells me that Christ cannot be pluralized! I guess mankind is hopeless then, and must rely on an outside saviour, because we cannot reach whatever "Jesus" reached.

(4) Peace will come when people are ready for it. If you're worried about changing the world "out there" before understanding and working on the world "in here," I think you're fighting "God."

(5) This is easy when ALL men are exactly the same. Funny how JAH said 'men', not 'man(kind). More residual misogynistic Christian programming?

The impression I got was that JAH's "little book" is no more than "The Bible Lite", despite his protestations that what he is offering is NOT religion. With that being said, I didn't even get into the real content of the book. From what is available on the site/introduction, I wasn't too impressed.

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