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I'd very much like to know if any study of Jain philosophy has been done by anyone here? There is much mentioned of other philosophies and/or religions, but I have not seen any mention of Jainism and a search of the SOTT comes up with no results.

Much of what the C's say bears similarities to some of the teachings/history of the philosophy. While it is a philosophy, and like any other such (or religion) it's subject to the twisting manipulations for gain by 'organised groups', the overall message is entirely about STO.

I've found most online resources about Jainism to be incomplete at best, and innacurate at worst. Printed material is even more difficult, much of it tends to be completely inaccurate misinformation lumping it in with Hinduism or Buddhism. That aside, I think there are some very relevant issues to be examined, not least among them the interdimensional time travel, and physics (which is not my area of expertise by any means)

I'd be very interested to know if anyone's got an opinion on this, and would like to engage in a discussion about any of the specifics.

I don't suggest that the philosophy be clung to religiously (bad idea all around, I think) but there are details, theories, etc. which could bear fruitful thought.

ps: I'm new to the forum and I'd also like to say "Thank You" to Laura, your writings (particularly the Wave, which I'm reading slowly in order to digest optimally) have acted as a binding agent for many of my own abstract thoughts and gut feelings about reality (actual and perceived) and are a constant source of confirmations, questions, new ideas.... more knowledge.

And thanks to all at SOTT - a wonderfully valuable site.
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