JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters


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JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters

Review by Edward Curtin @
_ _http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=16273

Having read the review, it seems to me that this book enhances & elucidates the research already done by L Fletcher Prouty and Michael Collins Piper and furthers the case advanced by both of them with even more details. What does it take to wake people up?!! On the positive side, maybe this is the one I can finally share with those like my parents who need this level of detail to see.

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I'm a couple chapters into it. The description of the Cuban Missile Crisis is indeed frightening. If not for JFK's patient, relentless determination to find a peaceful solution nuclear war would have been the likely result.

The Joint Chiefs literally demanded that he authorize bombing and invasion of Cuba. But he stood his ground against them. He even commented that he might be overthrown in a military coup or that they might launch an attack without his ok.

The author seems to suggest that the personal relationship between JFK and Khrushchev was a key factor in saving the situation.
For about two years before the crisis they had been exchanging secret letters. They didn't agree on much but they gained a respect for each other. This respect may have turned the tide at the crucial moments.

In short, Kennedy had a conscience, or the beginnings of one. Like no president since. The forces arrayed against him were indeed "unspeakable".



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I read the book, and think it is one of the best on this subject. The author went to great lengths searching out people to interview, and there is much in this volume that I had never heard before. It is mind-boggling how many direct eye-witnesses to various puzzle-parts were sidelined and forced into silence. How many people ever heard the testimony of the deaf student who, from his vantage point on an overpass actually saw the gun flash from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll and watched the shooter toss the rifle to his accomplice?

The detailed analysis of how the whole Oswald charade was pulled off is alone worth reading the book for.

Fletcher Prouty's 'JFK' is a mind-opening overview of what happened that day, but this book is a much more precise view, with an incredible amount of organization of detail. If one were to pick just one book to read on this subject, I'd say choose this one.


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Yes, I'm about 1/4 through it. But it is a difficult read for me because it is so painful to see the machinations of psychopathy and to realize what we have lost and where we are now as a result. I'm still plugging through it, reading and then putting it down to think about it and deal with the emotions that come up.
i have read lots of the forum, and cant quite put this into words, it is just like all of you have said, cycles and circles, pete's and re-peats.
pete and repeat sat on a fence pete fell off who was left- 'repeat'

repeat the joke till its old and stale. it was a 4th or 5th grade joke, im sure.

im only posting here cuz i got a music on this, its been done b4, hate to say it but it is exactly like you all have said.


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its hard enuff for a legend to lead people from the grave let alone on song and dance.

my dad told me there was a political debate where Dan Quyale claimed to be like JFK and
his opponent i cant remember who said' Son, I knew John Kennedy and you are no John F. Kennedy.'
it was a major turning point for the people. but i do not rememmber or know the fine points on that debate.


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I finished reading this book yesterday. What an excellent, and at the same time totally shocking book! The evidence that Douglass presents is so overwhelming, leaving no doubt about how absolutely monstrous and huge thus unspeakable evil is - really depressing but "sobering" stuff...

And it's even more depressing to realize that this evil machinery must have grown much bigger and nastier since the days of JFK. I don't think we know even half of what the psychos are doing behind the scene. Or make that 10 percent... :cool2:


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Laura said:
One of the few books that I had to put down occasionally because I couldn't read through my tears.

Have not read this book but of studying this more in depth lately, feel the same, it is so horrid knowing what this global Cabal has done, what they have given the world we live in today, what they took away of life and possibility of people through the lands and of those like Jack who dared challenge them.

Have been helping my partner through the series of Evidence of Revision and she knew it was bad, but this! It hurts, it is evil.


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Finished the book, and what a devastating picture it paints of the machinations behind the assassination.

Previously I had no idea at the level of determination JFK had for peace: to pull out from Vietnam, cease the nuclear arms race and end cold war. Also it was very interesting to find out about the experiences that influenced his views.

It is shattering to learn of the plotting and pathology to have him removed.

After Kennedy, it seems so obvious that whomever is selected to be the president (probably the same with most bigwigs), must be verified by the Powers that be to be of their ilk. A man of Kennedy’s caliber will not get to a position of power anymore. The recent (s)election was such a farce to follow, while reading the book.

If a non-pathological person got elected by ”accident” (not likely!), Bill Hicks’s joke is apt:

frederick andré said:
"You know there's a handful of people to run everything, that's true, it's provable, it's not a f**king conspiracy nut, it's provable...
A very small elite run various institutions, which includes the mainstream media.
I've got this feeling that anyone who ever gets elected president like Clinton did, no matter what the promises you promised on the campaign trail: blah, blah, blah... When you win, you go to the smockey room with the twelve industrialists, capitalists scum f**ks who got you in there and you're in the smockey room and this little screen comes down and the big guys are like:
'-Roll the film.'
And it's a shot of the Kennedy assassination from an angle you've never seen before, and it looks suspiciously off the grass knoll!
And then the film goes, the screen goes up, the lights go up and they ask to the now president:
'-Any questions?
-Er, just what my agenda is!
-First bomb Baghdad.
-You got it!"


"John Lennon: murdered.
John Kennedy: murdered.
Robert Kennedy: murdered.
Martin Luther King: murdered.
Malcolm X: murdered.
Gandhi: murdered.
Jesus: murdered.
Ronald Reagan: wounded..."

With the depth and insight he was getting to with his comedy, I reckon Bill Hicks was probably murdered too :(

After finishing "JFK and the Unspeakable" this weekend, I thought of Hicks’s comedy and him being very probably wiped out as well. I also watched Tears of Gaza at that time, with the current catastrophe going on. The overall pathology was suffocating. World is a hellish maze, sincere thanks to sott and everyone here for providing directions to navigate it.


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This is an extremely beautiful book even if sad, even if showing the monstrosity of this complot. There is in this book a lot of love also. And this love and respect for the man, JFK, is something that give us a sort of "contact" with the spirit of John Kennedy. I love this book and it gave me the possibility to know more about this beautiful man and how he died and why he died.

Plus, this book is made like a puzzle and because of it we as readers participated in the construction of the puzzle. And puzzles are very stimulant for the mind, the brain and the spirit.

Sadly this book is not translated in Spanish.


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I have only gotten to page 180 and I am also very moved by the book. James Douglass does an amazing job at describing the President’s own life, his personal struggles and inner feelings which show the truly humanist side of Kennedy providing a context to better understand his motives for the changes he was trying to bring into the White House.

To those who say that he was ahead of his time, I think that’s completely wrong. On the contrary, were it not for Kennedy, we may very well have had WW3 or a contained nuclear conflict that would have resulted in the deaths and suffering of who knows how many people. I just don’t see an Eisenhower or an LBJ managing such a tense situation as the Bay of Pigs. I also think that Kennedy’s correspondence with Krushchev and Castro did a lot to prevent further tensions following his assassination. It’s truly astounding when you read how the Joint Chiefs seemed to have little understanding of the term mutually assured destruction. :shock:

Also, the more I read about him the more I realize how his actions mirror Caesar’s. The parallels between Kennedy and Caesar are truly striking, from their quest for peace and fighting poverty to treating everyone as equals, which IMO was their biggest weakness too.

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This was really important book for me. I'm sorry if i'm ranting a bit, but after I read this book few months ago, I've felt more on the emotional level about the lies we are fed. It's just so staggering how people collectively sacrifice the truth for a fantasy, so they can keep going on their lives in the "disneyland". After watching again a document of JFK today, I just felt really angry and sad.

About the book itself: It's beautifully written, deep in details and should really give insight to anyone with firing neurons about the reality behind JFK death. Here is a link to James Douglass speech, where he emphasize the keypoints of the book. There's also transcription of the lecture in the other link.

James Douglass speech:

transcription of the speech:


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This is a great book. I feel like there could have been a heaven on earth if JFK lived and finished the work. But 4D STS could never allow that. However, the book shows the mistakes 4D STS/Mossad/CIA make and will always make, eg 2 Oswalds seen in too many places.


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This is a great book. I feel like there could have been a heaven on earth if JFK lived and finished the work. But 4D STS could never allow that. However, the book shows the mistakes 4D STS/Mossad/CIA make and will always make, eg 2 Oswalds seen in too many places.

I also thought it was an excellent read. It clearly shows what happens to people with conscience who want to make changes to a system run by psychopathic individuals, and how these pathological forces deal with such people. It sort of reveals "the man behind the curtain" if only people would pay attention and not buy into the lies surrouding JFK's death and engage in wishful thinking and fantasy. But, perhaps even more fundementally, the book also touches one on a more personal level, that is the responsibility of each one of us when dealing with the "unspeakable" systemic evil. There are stories of people remaining silent about what they knew about JFK's death, mostly due to fear for their personal saftey. So do we remain silent and complacent when faced with evil in our everyday lives and the world at large? Or do we attempt to do something about it?
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