Jordan Peterson: Gender Pronouns and Free Speech War


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Looks like Peterson has his powers back:

I'm just listening to this now.

I've never heard him talk about psychopaths before.

At 43:20 he lays it out.

I wonder if he's read Ponerology at this point. It sure sounds like he has, or at least the nebula of materials collected around the concept as regarded through today's political lens. I know I've sent him links, (though I doubt he's seen them due simply to the pure volume of messages he must receive), but I can't have been the only one. I know the SOTT team interviewed his daughter a couple of years back.

Anyway, it's great to see him on his game again. His strength has clearly come back, at least enough to allow him a long interview without appearing so sickly and beat down as he had been in recent months.

He also, early on, talks about the vax program and how he now considers having taken the drug an error.


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This video is a reverse Q&A session (I didn’t know there was such a thing?) brought together by Peter Boghossian to discuss SJW at Portland State University. The young people were a bit shy at first, but they got over it and shared, even though a bit cautious. Also, as noticed in the comment section, it was a surprise to not have the session invaded by the SJW themselves. It’s a bit long 1.5 hours, and nothing earth shaking, but I think it is significant to see the students in Portland and what they think about SJW and education.

Prior to the above (2019), Boghossian spoke (40 min.) in London on the "seven different ways that the "Critical Social Justice ideology stifles free speech," which I had not seen before (searched and did not spot it here) - which is so relevant today. He does a good job unpacking (IMO), which includes ensuring "frankness" in speech (Gk. parrhesia).

Peter offers a short summary at the end of the talk regarding these seven ways.

Peter Boghossian: How Social Justice Silences

  • SEPTEMBER 4, 2020

In October of 2019, we held a conference in the heart of London with the simple mission of starting to “Speak Truth to Social Justice,” a conversation that we can all plainly see now was, even by then, long overdue. Among the eight talks given that day to address the subject, Peter Boghossian addressed the important issue of the ways that the Social Justice ideology stifles free speech. In this passionate talk, he outlines many of the speech-stifling actions that have been made against himself and others when they have dared to speak up about something they believe in when it goes against the “prevailing moral orthodoxy.” For Boghossian, and now many of us, that moral orthodoxy is the ideology calling itself Critical Social Justice.

Boghossian outlines seven different ways that the Critical Social Justice ideology stifles free speech and discusses each with poignant examples. Its advocates call names. They brand unwanted speech as violence. They assert policies of “inclusion” that are meant only to allow viewpoints they agree with. When people who hold ideas that challenge their growing hegemony are invited to speak about those views, its advocates see to it that they’re disinvited. Speech is stifled further in institutional settings that take up “Bias Response Teams.” They also, quite famously now, engage in a bullying tactic reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution of China that goes by the name “cancel culture.” Lastly, they justify all of this through “idea laundering,” a process by which they provide false legitimacy to these ideas and the other tenets of their ideology by getting them published in their own corners of the academic literature and mainstream journalism. These seven methods combine to stifle speech and even free thought in an incredible fashion.

Join Dr. Boghossian as he walks you through these points, speaking truth to “Social Justice” and fighting back for freedom of speech and cognitive liberty.


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Twitter has a new CEO and he openly hates white people. Big surprise.

Incoming Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, who will shortly replace Jack Dorsey as head of the far-left social media company, uncritically repeated a quote in 2010 suggesting that there should be no need to “distinguish between white people and racists.”

EDIT: He also hates the constitution and the first amendment (Free speech)

All of this is good. It shows us who they really are without the masks. Open fascists are better than covert fascists.

These people have no idea that their days are already numbered.
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I don´t know where else to put this, so please move if is not quite right.
Anyway, here are some new plans of new coalition in Germany:

Plans of the new German governing coalition: A Handbook of Family Destruction

Written by Hedwig von Beverfoerde for Junge Freiheit.

“Get rid of the family at last” - something like this must have been the motto under which the negotiating partners for the traffic light coalition agreement set the course for family policy for the next four years. In any case, the result reads like a handbook of family destruction. What the left-wing intellectual feuilleton could only dream of a few decades ago has become a dramatic reality with the coalition agreement now in place.

The grand coalition had already prepared the ground for this development in the past few years, which can be seen in “achievements” such as marriage for all, rainbow portal, third sex, gender gaga and sexual diversity on all channels, sexual education even for the youngest. Now the new federal government is taking over to complete the campaign against marriage and the family - the coalition agreements leave no doubt about that.

In view of the similar program on family policy, there should have been little dispute among the three governing parties about these points. The fact that the Greens, of all people, will take over the family ministry makes the situation even worse.

Abolition of parental rights
It is well known that those who have been declared dead live longer, and so the old favorite project of the left can be found in the coalition agreement of the new government: “We want to expressly anchor children's rights in the Basic Law”. Although this failed for the umpteenth time for very good reasons only a few months ago, the attempt is now to be made again to undo the annoying right of upbringing of parents in favor of the state, to secure it access to the children and to drive a wedge into the families.

At the same time, children are to be given more opportunities to complain and “self-determined child and youth parliaments and participation networks” are to be strengthened - the “Fridays for Future” movement should be pleased.

A central point of the red-green-yellow family policy is the "modernization of family law". Regardless of biological facts and important developmental psychological prerequisites for a child's healthy upbringing, up to four adults should in future be able to count as “parents” of a child by extending custody.

If “a child is born into the marriage of two women”
, according to the will of the coalition, both women would automatically be the legal mothers of the child.Consistently thought through to the end, this arbitrary inflation of the family concept in law dissolves the natural family structure of father, mother and children. The family is de facto abolished - with foreseeable dramatic legal consequences for all families.

Gender change as a pure speech act
In addition to the "children's rights", the traffic light coalition has pulled another legislative proposal out of the box, which could not be implemented in the previous legislature: The transsexual law, which has so far regulated gender reassignments and changing the gender entry, is to be replaced by a "self-determination law". The change of gender should then be "basically possible by self-disclosure" and no longer be tied to any expert opinion. The costs of a gender reassignment as well as lifelong hormone administration should be "fully covered by the statutory health insurance scheme".

In keeping with the rampant transgender hype, the Self-Determination Act would also remove all obstacles to sex reassignment among minors. The administration of unhealthy puberty blockers and later opposite sex hormones, changing the sex entry and surgical sex reassignment operations would also be possible against the will of the parents in case of doubt.

In line with this, the government is planning a “National Action Plan for the Acceptance and Protection of Sexual and Gender Diversity” and an “Equal Opportunities Check”, which checks whether a measure or a law complies with gender ideology and is “fair” towards all sexual minorities and genders is. Once again, this list of priorities serves the shrill demands of a loud minority who impose their sensitivities on the general public.

Enemies of life and family
In addition, the light traffic coalition is waiting for other family and life hostile projects: Abortion should be possible free of charge in the future and advertising for it should be allowed, while awareness-raising work in abortion practices should be forbidden. Artificial insemination is to be allowed for everyone. "Regardless of medical indication, marital status and sexual identity". The general public should bear the costs. Even the ban on egg donation and surrogacy is now up for grabs.

The traffic light has unearthed the hatchet and the ultimate fight has been announced for the family and the protection of life. It is important to put a stop to this.

What article doesn´t state is also following:
  • a new form of partnership: a “community of responsibility”. Such a relationship, which can be entered into by two or more adults, as Zeit Online writes, is in principle like a marriage, but without a presumed love affair. According to the announcements, close friends or family members could decide on such a thing.
  • protests in front of hospitals fighting to preserve all unborn lives would be sanctioned according to these announcements. Their protests should be limited by "effective legal measures", writes Zeit Online.
  • legalization of cannabis
  • lowering the voting age to 16 years
  • introduction of the possibility of dual citizenship
  • the new government promises to facilitate immigration


I caught this earlier today, Jordan Peterson is going back out in the world to talk, let's see how it pans out with travel restrictions for Canadians. He will be going to several spots in the US and Europe,

Announcing 2022 Beyond Order Tour​

In Poland, for vaccinated only:
By purchasing a ticket, the buyer declares that on the day of admission to the Event, the participant using the ticket will be fully vaccinated, and declares that in the event of not having a valid vaccination certificate against COVID-19, he will not participate in the event.
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