JP Sears making fun of "ultra-spirituality"


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Yupo said:
On a more serious note, he has this very good video about being in a relationship with a narcissist.
Very interesting. It seems like when he speaks about "patheticness", at least in some cases he speaks about "covert narcissism" that differs from "overt narcissism" in being "poor me"/"I am insignificant" approach. Here are two articles that talk about it.


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It has been a long road to understanding the marriage dynamics of my parents. But this bit about narcissist/victim dance nails it. Divorced in 1972 and still fighting. Mom is still milking pity by being his victim. I wonder now is her sudden blindness isn't also part of the 'pity me' narcissism.


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Nico said:
A TedX from JPSears : Saying Yes! to your Weirdness.

He teaches us to embody our weirdness in accepting the inside weird stuffs which make who we are.
Thanks, I actually had written on my computer post it note to post this video, but I passed it off as unimportant and deleted it. The main thing he says is that your weirdness is a part of who you are and it is about self expression.

I pretty much agree with that. And I've noticed I've started to be a bit more of my former quirky self. I almost forgot how to genuinely laugh and enjoy myself. And that helps with all of the crazy things going on in the world. But I don't want all of my former self to come back, just the genuine ability to take appreciate light-hearted things and laugh more.

Anyone agree that being silly or quirky helps with sanity in our world?


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I doubt it's intentional, but in this video, Sear is definitely serving as a useful idiot to discourage anyone from believing the human race is asleep and enslaved by 4D STS.

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