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Good news for those who want reliable anti-virus protection but cannot afford a high price. Kaspersky Lab has announced it's busy to roll out a free edition (without advertising) of its renowned program:


We’ve been working on this release for a good year-and-a-half, with pilot versions in a few regions, research, analysis, tweaks and the rest of it, and out of all which we deduced the following:

* The free antivirus won’t be competing with our paid-for versions. In our paid-for versions there are many extra features, like: Parental Control, Online Payment Protection, and Secure Connection (VPN), which easily justify the ~$50 for premium protection.
* There are a lot of users who don’t have the ~$50 to spend on premium protection; therefore, they install traditional freebies (which have more holes than Swiss cheese for malware to slip through) or they even rely on Windows Defender (ye gods!).
* An increase in the number of installations of Kaspersky Free will positively affect the quality of protection of all users, since the big-data-bases will have more numbers to work with to better hone the machine learning.

And based on those three deductions we realized we had to do one thing, and fast: roll out a KL freebie all over the planet!


The roll out is going to be in fazes. Check the following article for a world wide overview of countries and dates:


More info and review here:


Kaspersky Free will start rolling out in the U.S., Canada, and "many of the Asia Pacific countries" today, July 25, for Kaspersky's 25th anniversary, before rolling out to the rest of the world over the coming months. At the time of writing, however, the announcement post's link to the Kaspersky Free page redirected to Kaspersky USA's homepage.

NOTE -- The mentioned redirection has been mended, see here: _https://www.kaspersky.com/free-antivirus


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Also on SOTT now (RT-version):



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FBI Trying To Get US Companies To Stop Using Kaspersky Software

The FBI is actively working to convince US businesses not to use antivirus software from Kaspersky, a Russian company believed by some to have ties to the government. Kaspersky has strongly refuted the allegations and in July it released its source code to US government officials in an attempt to prove it's not working with the Kremlin.

Despite Kaspersky's insistence, the FBI and others believe there may be a connection, with data collected by the company's software being sent to the Russian government.

Rob Joyce, the US government's Cyber Security Coordinator, has confirmed the agency is working to convince companies not to use software from Kaspersky due to these security concerns.

I don't use Kaspersky Lab products. I worry that as a nation state Russia really hasn't done the right things for this country and they have a lot of control and latitude over the information that goes to companies in Russia. So I worry about that.
- Joyce

So far, at least a few energy companies have stopped using Kasperksy software.


Well Russia should now also recommend that their companies stop using the US software because they have ties to the US government. :rolleyes:


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I use this. Also free:


has excellent malware protection. never had issues with it over the last year or so since ive started using it. worth checking out.

(edit: i inculded a review but edited out as its mac only. i use this on my windows computer)

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I used to use kaspersky full version, but when my subscription ran out I refused to use it again. It has a high rate of false positives and the interface was not to my liking.

Sophos is great, duyunne.

I currently use avast free, which gets good marks on tests and doesn't remove some critical features that allow it to protect from suspicious behavior of programs. Kaspersky free lacks some key features from the paid version.


I am using Kaspersky Free and it works good. I usually come across malicious links or downloads and it has always blocked them.

My laptop came with McAfee pre-installed with a thirty days trial, and when it ran out I just reseted my laptop and I would get the free trial again. It worked for maybe 1 and half years, then my laptop would crash every time I tried to reset it.

So If I must reset my laptop now it doesn't work, the whole laptop freezes in just a few minutes, but opening the task manager and starting killing processes related to McAfee and then uninstall it makes the laptop not freeze and work properly.

One can simply reset the PC and install a trial run program like Kaspersky over and over also. I have done that. Not sure if it is legal but I am not doing it anymore.
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