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Regular readers of the cassiopaea forum know that the health research is a must due to the unquestionable benefits of taking proper care of our machines. What we eat affects our body, mind and soul in ways that the average person has never learned about. The great improvements in body and brain health that forum members have achieved are based on solid science and research. It is not an exaggeration to state that this research - pioneered by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the Quantum Future Group and expanded by the members of this forum - has saved many lives around the world!

Since newbies find it overwhelming to catch up with the various must read threads, I'm - as discussed on other threads - working on a couple of documents to help newbies get up to speed quicker. By reading the documents, they’ll be able to navigate the various threads (which still are a must read!) much more quickly and painlessly.

The document is a synthesis based on dozens of health books (both ones on the recommended books list and others), hundreds (if not thousands!) of scientific journals and articles, explanations and experiences from forum members, and the threads "Life Without Bread", "Ketogenic Diet - Path to Transformation?", "The Vegetarian Myth", and also a few others.

So the aim is to cover the scientific background of the diet, practical aspects of keto-adaptation along with recipes, a carb and protein counter and other practical resources including’s best health articles and videos, videos made by the “Château Crew”, and theoretical and practical aspects of the most favored supplements and complementary therapies for detox and keto-adaptation.

The document will be in google docs for updating purposes according to new dietary research, books, etc.

Now, after reading Emmerich's book Keto-Adapted and seeing what's happening in the world from where I sit (and it is not a pretty picture!), a couple of points need to be brought to everybody's attention.

We have discussed in the past a diet transition that can take months (if not years). The thing is, that becomes unnecessary with keto-adaptation. The ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory, heals the gut and food sensitivities among other things. Yes, getting keto-adapted can be difficult for some, and some troubleshooting is to be expected, but with the Fat Bomb and the bone broth, plus some investment in supplements and implementation of keto-adaptation tips... it is the BEST solution.

Prolonging keto-adaptation is like allowing for toxic sugar to further deteriorate the body's metabolism before a person finally decides to do a diet that is anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating.

I'm with Emmerich when she explains that she realized people just needed to get keto-adapted and that's it. After some consultations with newbies and seeing how some struggle, I also realized that the transition throughout months is painful and makes them suffer even more.

I know we discussed in the past all the issues of not getting adapted gradually, but we also lacked vital information in regards to supplements. Also, the Fat Bomb makes a heck of a difference. There is no comparison: when I tried to go into ketosis before, it was by force of discipline - now, with the Fat Bomb, I'm like... oh, I'm done (and effortlessly). I haven't lost any weight either, and didn't intend to, taking some days even two Fat Bombs per day.

This is the approach I'm taking in the guidelines being written because people need to heal like yesterday... And a gradual transition creates confusion, temptations, people end up eating stuff they shouldn't because "they are in transition", etc. Might be wishful thinking on my part, but I just want to see all those who are asking, healing in the most effective way. It is like with some of you who fell sick with infections. Because it was a "low carb" paleo diet, some were still having toxic foods and plenty of sugar and not enough FAT. Maybe you all would have still fallen sick in the ketogenic diet, we don't know. But some were so confused (and probably still are) as to what carbs to eat. And it is only on high fat bomb ketogenic diet that some are finally feeling more reassured.

Another thing: If cancer patients can do the ketogenic diet... then so can everybody else.

So this is some background as to invite all of you to post your own experiences and troubleshooting with this keto-adaptation process. The more the merrier. I have a good ability to synthesize information and a pretty good hold of the cassiopaea health research. I have kept a tab on it throughout the years (including the entire sott database!), have read the diet books and hundreds of scientific journals.

Hopefully, as you all post more, the documents will evolve into something (sooner rather than later) that can be put into book format by QFG and can serve as a guide for being ready for the upcoming black death. (See here and here for background on the black death, which is an Ebola-like virus.)

While there are anecdotal experiences of therapies that could help with the black death, they are no more than a little band-aid if a person is not keto-adapted. Even IV vitamin C is more effective on those who are not eating sugar.

Don't want to sound like an alarmist, but something is definitely brewing out there:

Ebola outbreak shows no sign of slowing

It can takes months, maybe less, maybe much more, we don't know. But I'm sure you all would like to see this forum's research readily available for those who are truly asking regardless of what happens. For me it is a little bit beyond ridiculous that famous authors are quoting and using this forum's experiences in their books. It is time we have our very own presentation.

Any feedback is more than welcomed!
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Thank you for starting this Ketoadaptation project. What I was reminded of - in addition to all you have mentioned - is just how useful the diet is for even other health issues as well. And there seem to be a number of them as has been written to the main Ketogenic diet thread. So maybe a few short sections on the diet's multiple uses for various conditions may be of benefit too. In that one regard alone, this project will be unique in it's ability to cover more ground in some ways then most sources of information about it, I agree.

For myself, I have been keto-adapted for more than a year and a half, a couple of times succumbing to a 'carbageddon' - and paying the price for it in inflammation. But mostly the urge for crunchy nutty or sweet things has not been there. Or at least not overwhelming so. Having said this, there is something to be said for the psychological processes and motivations involved in getting started, and discussing those is one of the things that will make this a great project.

Also, I have been amazed sometimes at how little I really need to eat and how satiating the diet has been. Made the the coconut custard 'fat bomb' the other day and it was just wonderful. And had pretty much the same thought about it as yours: if someone were just starting out on this diet the custard would, among other recipes, be a delectable way to help make the transition.

Looking forward to seeing how this all comes together :)
I thank you for getting this going! Yes, it seems to be now or never! We need a short handbook that is better than everything else out there because all the others we have read include things that we have found to be bad for almost everybody. (Just because you can tolerate something, doesn't make it good for you; it can be causing silent damage!)
I think the time has come as well. Maybe the guide can have an accompanying keto recipe book from the recipes being discussed in the other thread.
Great idea and thank you. I was sick a few weeks ago for about three days...night chills, achy all over, headaches, constitpation. I got off of wheat about three years ago but I was still allowing "gluten-free" foods into the diet. Reading over the diet outlines in Life Is Religion did help kick start keto for me. I am getting off coffee and have switched to green tea.
Fantastic idea, Gaby. Such a book would be incredibly valuable right now.
Yes, a great idea Gaby. There are significant differences between ketoadaptation, Paleo and 'carbageddon', maybe the document could streamline these?

After 2-3 months of ketoadaptation, eating even a small amount of something nutritionally taxing has a huge effect. It's amazing how many health issues ketoadaptation helps.

I agree, this could be a valuable resource in times ahead!
Definitely a good idea. I discovered the paleo and ketogenic diet and have been researching bit by bit for years. Time and time again friends have been curious about the why and how I do what I do (I've been ketogenic for 1-2 years I think?) and, unfortunetly, have had little to give but a few long videos that don't cover all the bases and some very long internet links.

A more concise guide on the ketogenic diet would, as you've noted, hugely smooth the transition and learning process for newbies and those who have yet to approach the diet sphere. Mind you, the rest of the internet would also benefit from such a work, as I have not been able to find a thoroughly indepth work on the paleo-ketogenic diet (paleo ketogenic is a distinction that should be made, as other people do a ketogenic diet as well but that isn't at all as rigorous, or as beneficial) that covers enough of the areas: What to eat and not to eat, how to eat it, and most importantly, the many facets of keto-adaptation. We know that your body begins to run on ketones, but the process by which this comes to be produces many other bodily changes which are not always noted.

If the Ebola outbreak spreads, who knows. It might have a huge impact on the lives of countless people.
I think that is a good idea. I proposed a similar thing a while ago, but got sidetracked by other issues.

I definitely think we need to do a booklet like this - kind of like a manual for those who want to go keto.

I'll be definitely contributing to the effort, actually I was thinking of doing a video about this topic, maybe we can combine the two efforts, or rather do the book first and make that into a video later.
This is a great idea. Thanks Gaby. I agree, an introductory video and a manual on keto diet with recipes from our thread is a winning ticket!
I agree, as well, great idea. I think the transition and adaptation can be presented in a simplified way to get started immediately. I (and my brother and mother who is now 70) have been in ketosis since around March of 2011. It can be done without much fuss, although in the beginning the right supplements help. After being in ketosis for a couple of months, it has never been a problem to just eat fatty meat and grass fed butter ever since, and I wouldn't want to eat any other way.
Fatty meat does not seem to exist in the USA unfortunately. :mad:

We've had this idea many times in the past I think, but it seems the energy just wasn't there to make it happen. I guess this has a certain timing, and the process has eventually become clear enough that it seems doable.
monotonic said:
Fatty meat does not seem to exist in the USA unfortunately. :mad:

We've had this idea many times in the past I think, but it seems the energy just wasn't there to make it happen. I guess this has a certain timing, and the process has eventually become clear enough that it seems doable.

Sad to hear monotonic, at least here in Europe you can still find fatty cuts from the local butcher (had one for breakfast with a couple of eggs :D)


Adding pictures to get them accustomed to the idea of what a lot of fat actually means would be good but I it could also scare some people off.
Thanks Gaby!

I am an absolute newbie to the diet (only around 8 days in ketosis :-[), but the amazing thing is that you can feel the difference immediately! Already on day 2 I felt this enormous wave of energy sweeping through me and I already lost a couple of kilos. I bought the test strips only yesterday, because somehow I KNEW that this must be ketosis, never felt anything like it. It feels as if I was given a new body/machine :)

I agree that supplementing during this period is essential, esp. when "the flu" hits.

Everyone is different, it might be good if people who do it from scratch, meaning never heard about gluten etc. would not do it cold-turkey, but maybe first become gluten and caffeine free, eat Paleo for a couple of weeks and then morph into the Keto diet. Just an idea.

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