Ketogenic Diet - Powerful Dietary Strategy for Certain Conditions

I recently had a tick bite that needed an excision to completely remove the tick.
Oh Bobo08, how awful for you!!

For future prevention of ticks, you might like to try an essential oil called “Pelargonium graveolens” or Rose Geranium Oil (sometimes called ‘Cape Rose Geranium Oil’). I bought certified organic. I recall that it comes from a bush that grows in South Africa.

(Note - don’t buy ordinary Rose Geranium Oil, not the same thing.)

Years ago I was having a nightmare experience with ticks and did some research online. I discovered a post from a woman who lived in the County of Lyme who used to go bushwalking a lot. She and her dog were just smothered in ticks. She started using this oil and experienced a complete change in their experience. I’m not sure who was happier - her or the dog! 😂

When I tried it, I found this amazing at preventing ticks, they absolutely cannot stand it. Other friends have also tried it and had brilliant success.

I applied a tiny amount on my fingers and swiped it around my sock/ankle area, on my footwear, on my belt/waist area, on the collar of my top and at the back of my hairline/neck area (my worst problems were when they ended up burrowing into my head), and then just kinda lightly rubbed what was left all over my clothes.

You could probably make it up into a spray and concentrate the mist it certain areas on your body/clothing.

Also used a tiny amount on a friends dogs (with their permission) around the neck and base of tail, they were astonished at the result. Used it on my cats at the back of their neck and under the jaw. Amazing result.

FWIW. :flowers:


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My Triglycerides level is 1.0 mmol/L (< 2.0)
I would make sure you're tested for iron overload next time: ferritin, TIBC, iron, transferrin, transferrin saturation. The triglycerides are okay, so that's reassuring. But I would do something about the cholesterol if there's iron overload.


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Thank you. I only have ferritin tested, which is 194 ug/L. I understand that it is high, but didn't know that it is related to cholesterol. I will make an appointment for blood donation shortly.
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