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Yes USD is king relative to other currencies except the Ruble but it’s absolute value will continue to plunge as more and more dollars are created out of thin air. As for the indicator, I agree with Mannarino that the 10 year treasury yield is the most accurate leading sign of trouble. When it spikes, that is the idiot light on the dashboard.

It seems the markets are primed for a summer rally which could be the counter-intuitive part. A rally into September followed by another October surprise of epic proportions?

There are tons of psychics and astrologers all over this topic. Instead of relying on any particular outside influence I am trying to cultivate my own intuition inspite of realizing I almost always guess wrong!

IOW, In terms of lessons, when I focus too much on 3D STS like money and the stock market, I tend to get a smack in the head from the great cosmic zen master reminding me that none of this is as important as the health of inner markets.


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Jackowski published two episodes of the documentary about his abilities, with English and French subtitles.
Jackowski's ARCHIVE series are the loudest and most controversial matters he explained with the help of a vision over 30 years of working as a clairvoyant. Unique, previously unpublished cases, amazing stories supported by extensive documentation (including police documentation). The clairvoyant takes the viewer into the mysterious world of visions, paranormal phenomena, messages from another world, causing shivers each time. The role of this series is also to make the viewer aware of the fact that beyond our material world there are other dimensions that sooner or later will be shared by each of us.

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