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I share here the review I am taking in charge since this summer.
This review is published in France since 1935.
I publish it online some weeks after the paper version.
The last available is the number of july : N°1222 - Juillet 2021
The writers are some of our readers, we are all volunteers.
The main theme is about Distributive economy :

This implies the abolition of wage labor, along with a radical change in money.

Distributive money is immaterial, computerized like the current bank money. But it is issued by a public institution so that its mass constitutes the purchasing power equivalent to the goods produced. Thus constituting a flow parallel to that of production, it does not circulate: as a company or an individual uses it, it is automatically cancelled. This non-speculative and non-circulating money thus allows :

1. to finance future production,
2. to provide public services (which eliminates all taxes) and
3. to distribute a guaranteed income to everyone, from birth to death.

This income is no longer, for an individual, the payment of his work, it is his share of the wealth produced in common, by social contract, which ensures him the means to develop his personality by participating in this production of wealth.

Everything that is useful, materially and ecologically possible, is useful financially. All citizens receive a purchasing power (the social income) whose total mass corresponds to the available goods and services, put on sale.
This "social income" is paid in "consumer money" and allows the consumer to choose his purchases. This tax reform makes all taxes unnecessary.

Production is not directed, but efforts are orchestrated to obtain the greatest possible output with the least amount of trouble. The human labor required to ensure both public services and the sustainability of production (including the maintenance of equipment, its expansion and improvements) takes the form of a "social service" performed in shifts.

This economic system does not remove any of our political rights, but it complements them with economic rights without which they have no meaning, because to live free, one must have something to live on!
Some books in french have also been numerised in PDF and ePub : Livres (numériques)
The most recent is "Les affranchis de l'an 2000".
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