Laura on Joe Montaldo's UFO Undercover


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Laura said:
To be fair, Joe could have been really worked up because of the "300 emails" he said he got about my work, some of it clearly defamatory. We all know the effect that reading Vinnie Bridges stuff about me can have on an individual and that this is representative of the effect that pathology has on a normal person - they get inducted into the psychopathic reality.

Hello Laura,

May be I was one of them "reading Vinnie Bridges stuff about you" and got some negative 'images' about you.
(I did look at his site before to 'verify' which side is true... in such a kind of 'thinking'... :shock:)

So this actual experience to listen your voice was very good!
In fact by listing to your voice I realized I had negative 'images' about you (and I now feel sorry about it :().
What I observed was that your voice 'resonated' my emotional center (possibly intellectual part) and gave me a warm feeling :).

I just want to let you know that. Thank you!


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Good job!

FWIW after I listened to this interview, I sent an email to a few relatives whom I consider "open minded" and have some very brief exposure to SOTT material. This is part of it:

from my email said:
First 4 minutes are blank and it was recorded kind of low, so I had trouble hearing everything over the sound of the lawnmower.

But I really do enjoy these discussions.

They really need a new language for their research work. What is paranormal? What is ufology? What is psychic phenomena?

There is SO much noise out there in these areas. There is more disinformation, lies, and blind alleys than there is real, good, data. Which is what a real researcher has to focus on.

This stuff could be scientific field that can be legitimately studied. Many who say they are researchers, get themselves into rigid methods of trying to make repeatable experiments in things that cannot be repeated, and isolate themselves into "ivory towers" and cut themselves off from proper data.

Also, I was pondering perhaps Laura should try to continue to use a phrase that I have read her use before called "critical channelling" instead of just "channelling" for her Cassiopaean experiment. There are many people have given that "channeling" word such a bad name because of their uncritical use of the communication, by (for example) going into a trance (note how one is in a disabling position, not conscious and aware) and repeating all sorts of gobbledygook and word salad and lies.

Joe was complaining about just that, channelling awakens a lot of negative thoughts for him.

However, Laura does this communication while working with a group of people, uses an instrument, and works hard to check and crosscheck in order to establish good communication with truthful beings as best as she can. However it is not perfect, and there are ways the channel can get corrupted, and she, and her group, works hard to catch it.

Pythagoras had also used some kind of channelling device (a board) similar to Laura that allows a planchette to point to letters something like Ouija boards people have seen.

I can say that Laura uses these teachers, or "herself in the future", as pointers to do good research and cut through some of the noise. However they seem to not ever want to violate free will, nor give endangering info, nor prevent Laura from learning lessons herself that would help her soul growth.

Pretty darn amazing I must say.



I just listened to the download and enjoyed hearing Laura's voice for the first time! I enjoyed the comments on theories of ghosts because of the dimensional bleed-through idea. I was curious as to why Mr. Montaldo thought the human variety of aliens were worse than the Lizzies, since it seems like I only hear about the Grays and Lizzies when it comes to aliens. I agree about the comments of the amount of "noise" in the whole UFO/paranormal realm. As fascinated as I am with reading about it, there is a lot of nonsense out there. I personally have seen 2 ufo's out here in Vegas and I had never seen anything like it in my life. It was quite a shock to say the least. I read Mr. Dolan's book and I am looking forward to his next one. Though, it doesn't surprise me about the attacks. 4th density STS has to have something to keep them busy! ;)


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This interview is now up on youtube without the blank first four minutes.

Here's part 1/10:


Great Laura , on the same page on the right is your interview with Kerry Cassidy another Exellent interview Laura ! ( I have seen everything Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot has put togather & love them for data pro & con) ...then after watching it I clicked on the Aaron McCollum vid on the list at the right , be carefull with this UTube vid towards the end when AAron says do your own reasearch insted of takeing his word for it , all the sudden my machine overloads and reboots ...

Just FYI , It's not my comp as I am a pro at this ,me & my brother run a small computer bizz so needless to say I know my stuff when it comes to computers been at it since 1977..

This has only happened to my machine 3 time in history and all were was during this type of reasearch ... so watch your selves and be safe my brothers & sisters ... BTW I was really digging this interview Laura !


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I can't find the audio on the first link you gave. Laura's name is not among any of the names there. Has the interview been taken off? :huh:


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JP said:
I can't find the audio on the first link you gave. Laura's name is not among any of the names there. Has the interview been taken off? :huh:

Its here:


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JP said:
Thanks Masume.

sound not working. anyone see reports of UFO in LA? MUFON has eye witness report. odd that not one person in Los Angeles got a video of it, the one that's posted on youtube does not appear to be from yesterday, max recognizes seeing it before yesterday.


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I find it funny that Joe Montaldo said (paraphrased): "How peaceful and nice the planet is today, compared to the past" cause in a certain sence he is right, because "The Planet is fine, the people are -flicked-!" as George Carlin has said:

George Carlin - "The Planet is fine, the people are -flicked-!":


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Odyssey said:
This interview is now up on youtube without the blank first four minutes.

Here's part 1/10:

As of now, the YT file has been taken down.

Masamune said:
Its here:

This link still works.

I must say I have listened to many of sound recordings (besides watching videos) of Laura and broadcasts from and they have one thing in common. Very bad sound.
Laura's interviews on different radio stations should have a professional quality when it comes to sound and the same can be said about the Signs of the times broadcasting since it has been going on for a while and all the technical issues should be solved by now.

So the only thing that comes to mind is an STS interference. I don't like to say that because I would prefer a more down-to-Earth explanation but after reading and hearing of the Challet group's experiences for the whole time of their working and living in France, STS influence seems the only plausible answer to the cause of this sound-damaging (noise-creating) effect.

When I consider the content of the talks, it would not surprise me anymore. All the interviews bring on hot topics which, according to STS forces, no one should hear, know and understand.

And this actual UFO talk is brilliant, not the least because Laura is in a great form here, very relaxed and/or in control of herself and patient (?) with the moderator who from the beginning seems very awkwardly polite and friendly but as the chat progresses, he becomes a good partner for discussion.

Highly recommended.
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