Learning a new language: how to go about it?


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I'd also like to plug a language learning program called Yabla. _Yabla - Language Immersion - Learn Languages with Authentic Videos
It was started by the child of a local colleague, which is how I learned about it. I subscribed for a while, but did not have the time to do much with it. I forwarded some of the videos to Spanish speaking friends for their opinions, and got very good reviews on their quality. It is kind of a subject focused immersion in casual conversations, staged at various levels of difficulty/learning. I think short-term free subscriptions are offered to see if it is a good fit for prospective students.
I also used My Language Exchange to try to learn Bengali and to help another learn (better) English. To this day I still have that individual as a penpal, albeit in English.


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Available as Docx and Pdf, here is a compilation, “EN Help with Reading and Writing in English”, written for forum members for whom English is a secondary language and who rely on translation machines when reading and writing. Since the previous version, the information about DeepL.com and spell checkers has been updated. The document can be translated using Google Translate.


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