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Ten children have been killed by lightning in the north-western Uganda city of Arua after sheltering in a hut during a storm.

The children were playing football when heavy rain forced them to take a break in a nearby grass-thatched structure which was struck by lightning.
Nine children, aged 13 to 15, were killed on the spot while another died on the way to hospital.
Three survivors are receiving treatment at the regional hospital.

Uganda's north-western region has been experiencing severe rains coupled with thunder and lightning.

This is the worst accident of its kind in Uganda since 2011, when 18 children were killed at a school in the mid-western region.
That year, 28 people also died from lightning strikes in a single week.



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The Electric Discharge Detection Network has registered 5,867 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in Catalonia, of which 863 in the #Berguedà .
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The map shows them by time slots and allows you to see their trajectory from southwest to northeast

Amazing Video: Lightning strikes near moving truck in BR
Aug 17, 2020

August 24, 2020
The size and scope of the fires are unprecedented, Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, wrote in a blog post.
“As I’ve stated publicly, I’m essentially at a loss for words to describe the scope of the lightning-sparked fire outbreak that has rapidly evolved in northern California — even in the context of the extraordinary fires of recent years,” he wrote. “It’s truly astonishing.”

Already, more than 2,000 homes and commercial buildings have been destroyed by fire in California since late July. They include nearly 1,000 that were decimated since Aug. 15, which marked the start of what officials were calling a “lightning siege” of about 12,000 strikes that started an estimated 585 fires in California.

Meanwhile in Madrid


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At 11:55 p.m., Thursday, September 10, a very intense thunderstorm raged over the Corsican reliefs. 300 kms away, from Genoa, I photographed this magnificent jellyfish sprite (leprechaun) Sprite jellyfish over corsica from Genoa, (300 kms away)

Hiratsuka has been thundering from the beginning. A scene of a thunderstorm at 20:50:56 on September 9, 2020, seen from a home in Hiratsuka to the northwest with a wide-angle camera. It's a change of only about 2 seconds, but you can see that lightning is proceeding while looking for a place where electricity can easily pass.

Thunder was heavy last night, and large sprites also appeared. A sprite that appeared at 0:57:52 on September 10, 2020 is seen from a wide-angle camera facing northwest from his home in Hiratsuka. Multiples appeared at the same time and illuminated the sky red.

From the electrical storm tonight in the North Sultana (Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico)!!!
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Magnificent storm cell accompanied by a #éclairextra-cloudy, captured this September 17 near Mont-Blanc by
@suarezphoto ! #foudre#orages#impact

In connection with the subtropical storm #Alpha off Portugal, a few #orages come back from Spain and concern New Aquitaine and the Cévennes since yesterday.



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Cosmic Rays Trigger Lightning

More than 4,200 flashes recorded on #AlpesMaritimes since this morning including 261 in Saint-Martin-Vésubie, 224 in Tende, 197 in Andon. Intense and continuous electrical activity under these #orages diluvians.

Christophe Suarez of Genoa, Italy, wasn't trying to photograph sprites when he pointed his camera at a distant thunderstorm on Sept. 10th. But this magnificent specimen was too big to miss:

"I was shooting a thunderstorm across the Ligurian Sea almost 400 km away over the island of Corsica," says Suarez. "Suddenly this jellyfish sprite appeared!" Its red form stretched 100 km high, nearly touching the edge of space.

Note the slightly-green caps on top of the sprite. These are a newly discovered phenomenon called "Green Ghosts." When sprites intersect Earth's airglow layer 96-97 km high, they can excite oxygen atoms, producing an aurora-like glow. Green Ghosts were discovered just one year ago by Hank Schyma, a Houston Texas-based storm chaser better known to his fans as Pecos Hank. Only a handful of Green Ghosts have ever been photographed, so this is an area of cutting edge research.


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Another good video from Adapt 2030:

Is the Frequency of our Planet Changing

So many electric changes are now manifesting visibly in Earth's skies that from this point forward human and animal life will be affected electromagnetically. Red sprites now forming feet, intense red aurora deep into the crack in our magnet field, birds by the thousands smashing into buildings from Philadelphia to NYC. Mars suddenly has clouds, which s only possible if electrical changes are happening in its crust. Signs in the skies.

Indeed. It seems the electrical nature of our weather, changing atmosphere and weakening magnetosphere is becoming ever more apparent:


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