Lightning around the world


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Possible rare ball lightning, UK,
I saw a ball of lightning, nearly 30 years ago, up close.

I had driven 6 hours, to visit an old school friend, just pulled up in front of her house, when a ball of lightning came whizzing through the sky, and hit a transformer, on a pole, just across the street, in my line of vision. The explosion was terrifying!


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It's like the whole country has become electrified.

Risk forecasts #meteo by the municipality by the AROME model for Sunday #orages on the north and west. #canicule further east.

Possible rare ball lightning, UK, or a UFO (!)
I wonder if the 4Dsts time travelers can use these electrical storms as portals, as well as energy collectors.

Feb. Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Aug 23, 2017


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Sustained electrical activity yesterday evening over the northeast. For the day of Sunday the #BasRhin with 2888 and the #Vosges with 2465 are the departments having received the most lightning. All zoomable stats and maps at #orages

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Irpin today. A thunderstorm, strong winds and heavy rain. Several roads were flooded, and the wind blew down trees. The leafy Kyiv suburb still has not healed the scars of war. Water from the sky pours into these wounds.
5:51 PM · Jun 29, 2022,

Unfortunately, hail caused damage in the Rhône Valley, at Solaize ( #Rhône ) at the end of the afternoon. The greenhouses of the field We wish a lot of courage to this company which had just put the chrysanthemums into cultivation... The losses must be considerable..

Last night, around 3 am, I perched on Mont Saint Baudille, above the Hérault Valley. Several storm cells released about thirty thunderbolts and upwards. My favorite remains this cloudy area above Lac du Salagou. #orages


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This capture of these red electric discharges is astonishing!


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Red sprites in Japan
Fuji was very busy last night with clear skies and the appearance of sprites, fireballs, and longitude meteors. This is a view captured by a camera pointed southwest from Fuji on the night of July 5, 2022 to the early morning of July 6, 2022. Various types of sprites appeared. Sprites are lights that are emitted into space at the same time as lightning strikes, and their detailed causes are not known.
Here is a view of each sprite individually, appearing at 23:48:08 on July 5, 2022, 0:56:42, 1:26:23, and 1:34:39 on July 6, 2022.


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Juin 2022 est le mois le plus foudroyé jamais enregistré en France​

June 2022 is the lightest month ever recorded in France


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Once a ball lightning came into my family home. It flew in through the chimney, flew out through the open stove door, dusting soot everywhere, and flew out the open window. Although all in all, no one is sure if it was ball lightning or something else. It was about 50 years ago, so I only know it from stories.

About 5 years ago, lightning struck very close to my house. I was in the bathroom at the time so I didn't see it but I've never heard a louder sound than that thunder in my life. It wheezed in my ears for a while. Just like in the movies when a bomb explodes. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but my neighbor's house was damaged.



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Lightning storm in Washington DC

A hot, humid Tuesday ended with severe thunderstorms that downed trees, caused damage and left D.C. area residents without power.

Downed trees and branches have been reported throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia, as strong winds, heavy rain and thunder and lightning bombarded the area Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service warned about slick roads, downed trees and power outages, as well as unsecured light objects that could become projectiles. . Power outages, downed trees as storms blitz DC region
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