Lightning around the world

I don’t know if this is a fireball or something else, but these photos are taking from front of my house that supposed be video but I couldn’t download here, so, I break as pictures.


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It is not a Russian missile but "Soyouse".
In full takeoff, the Soyuz rocket is struck several times by lightning
#ORAGES : 5141 lightning strikes were counted yesterday by @Meteorage__ They circulated in a northeasterly flow, progressing from Germany and Italy towards Spain. Most often, it is in the opposite direction that thunderstorms circulate, from the southwest to the east of our country. A situation that is therefore not classic. This will be the case again this Sunday.


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Published: May. 27, 2023 at 12:55 AM GMT+2|Updated: 18 hours ago

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The strongest lightning strikes in the Makkah region
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