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Came across Linda Deir's work because she's the only other person I know using a spirit board to channel. She's no Laura and the Cs, but I paid (a small amount) for her channeled material about the current situation in the world out of curiosity of the quality of info that was going to come through. The video cannot be posted because it was privately distributed. Here's my transcript of the guidance and questions of the webinar entitled "A message from the Light Beings, the state of the world as we see it" channeled on 5/30/20. I left her and her husband's commentary out because it really did not contribute to the general info. The channeled messages will be in bold. Linda and her husband Ray will be asking the questions. Punctuation is mine because they do not have punctuation on the board.

Hello, we come in truth and love. To us, they are the same. You know when you hear the truth because you can feel love in the message. We always show you where to look but not what to see--that is up to your free will and whatever you see you must question thoroughly until you feel the love that's there. For that is when you know you have experienced the truth. Everything in the universe relies on balance in order to exist. When chaos heightened, it's a rapid process to accelerate balance. It's moving humanity into a new normal that's happening for you and not to you. While this may sound simple, it's not. You have many opposing forces you deal with daily: light vs dark, yin vs yang, push vs pull, depression vs expression and fear vs love. Whichever you look at, when one dominates the other, the other pulls back in an attempt to reach balance. We want you to look for these examples of balance in your life that you struggle with: what are they? We can see many. For example, you need very little in your life, but you have and want too much. You want to be a good citizen and comply but you also want to protest inequities. There are many things that you struggle with in your life that are problems of balance. Whatever bothers you means the opposite of that is out of balance. Write down all the things you see that are out of balance in your life and ask yourself what is the opposite: the opposite action, the opposite feeling, the opposite thought. That's what you need to look at in order to restore balance. What do we see for you that you must consider between now and the end of this year? We see many challenges of which some are expected but others not.

We see many challenges that effect the re-opening of our country starting with returning to work which will never be the same again. For large companies, the logistics of bringing people back to work are monumental. The large office buildings and layouts that have been popular for decades, the type of open floor environments are gone forever. Social distancing will require complete re-modeling of offices--a huge expense that only the larger, the more solid companies will be able to endure. What about not going back to work? People are getting used to working remotely. While this will help larger companies in their expenses to re-model, there are other challenges urban companies face. How about the huge skyscraper office building where thousands of people work. With social distancing effecting everything, how will you be able to even get on an elevator to get to your floor? An elevator that held 10 to 15 people before, may only be allowed to carry half that amount. How much earlier will you have to get work in order just to ride the elevator? Your company will say that's not our problem, just come to work two hours earlier. Many people will be reluctant to do so or unable to do so. The social distancing will force people into situations that are uncomfortable and not productive at all. We also see other problems returning to large buildings. How about the stagnant water that has been laying in the pipes and tanks for weeks or months growing all kinds of bacteria. What happens when you start distributing this tainted water around a building by flushing the toilets or turning the faucets on? How many people will get sick?

There are other hidden challenges that will show up the first weeks of returning to large office buildings. For smaller and medium-sized businesses there are many other problems. Were these businesses even able to survive the lockdown of the economies? How did this lockdown effect their ability to pay their leases? Many will be served with eviction notices and we see at least 30% of small businesses will never re-open. Where will all those workers go? There will also be a tsunami of virus-related lawsuits for all kinds of things that happen as a result of the lockdown. It seems that people are only interested in the re-opening of sporting events, malls so they can go shopping, and bars and restaurants. They want the party to start again. They are not worried about the effects on worldwide commerce stabilizing anytime soon.

What if there was a ploy to eliminate most of these smaller and mid-size so there could be a consolidation of competition and takeover by large corporations? If the supply chain get disrupted enough, many smaller businesses will be unable to operate. You hear talk of a second wave of a virus as more and more people congregate. There is a higher chance of more people getting infected with anything. These second and third waves will be causing more lockdowns and suspensions of commerce effecting the balance of life once again. Who will you follow? Who do you think will be in charge? Will it be federal government? State government? Local city governments? What if they all have different rules as you have seen a little bit in the past. How can you make a sound decision when you are experiencing multiple choices all claiming to be the law. Which authority will you be following? We hope it is your own. So when these future lockdowns happen, how will you be prepared? Or will you be caught off-guard as you were when the first one happened?

We see that you must be prepared to pivot and adapt quickly for what's coming. What will you be forced to change when it happens? How do you as an individual fit into this new normal? We see that there will be many changes that you will not like. The way you used to handle things won't work and you will be shocked by many of the facets of this new normal. You won't even know what the people around you are thinking and what they will do. The path that you choose to take is in your ability to know who you are and what you are capable of. This knowing reveals what is truth and what is love based for the level of awakening you are capable of. You must follow your heart and not the crowd. Choose knowledge over ignorance. Research everything you hear or see on the news before you make a decision and then you must make and then you must make those decisions without fear. Follow the light and be the light for others who are ascending, just like you.

Question: what [specifically] do our viewers need to be prepared for that's coming next?

First they need to understand that they can't do it on their own. You cannot be afraid to ask for help from us and others. The first wave caught many without food and supplies which caused the millions and millions of people who, all of a sudden, who were not working to go to the grocery store and hoard it all. You must have at least a couples months of food, water and supplies. You need to remain healthy and focused. Do not forget important supplements and basic pain medicines like tylenol and aspirin and be prepared with a first aid kit should you need one. If can't afford and go out and buy all these needed supplies, get together with friends or families and split up the cost with some people buying these items, other buying those items. This way you will be able to share with each other when the time comes.

Also be prepared if the basics went out like power. Have batteries and flashlights and a battery operated radio so you can stay informed as the internet won't work. This time, see your lockdown different from the last one. Get outside and breathe the air because balance needs to have fresh air. Do some exercises each day so you can remain healthy and keep your mind clear. Ask us everyday for help; for us to show you which way to look so you can weather the next storm. We will always be here to answer your questions and show you things that you didn't think of.

Question: I want to ask the guides what is the second wave? What do you see?

The second wave will be an excuse to lockdown again and take away your freedom of movement and what you can participate in or not. These repetitive series of lockdowns and re-openings will be a test...somewhat like a release valve when people get too edgy and begin to rebel. Let's re-open sports or some restaurants or some businesses but not all. Let's see where the line is before they start to totally disregard any directives and rebel. We want to let them know that control is being exerted over them little by little.

Discussion about people making more money with unemployment than with previous jobs. Question: what's the set-up here...there is no free lunch here I think you all know that.

It's an agenda to get people used to not working and still having money. Then one day in the not-too-distant future, the money will stop abruptly. Then these people who didn't go back to work when they had a chance, will discover that there isn't any job to go back to because they were selfish. So, these people now who have no money or income, will do anything to survive. They will do things they never thought they could. Crime will accelerate quickly and more chaos inserted into a society. Then, all of sudden, a solution will appear on the horizon. We will pay you to be in the initial testing of several new vaccines and people will fall all over each other to get in line. Everyone will line up to get vaccinated and paid because they will be told that they will never be able to work again without being vaccinated.

Question: how do we get around this?

You get around it by admitting to yourself that a few very powerful people and entities you and if the masses refuse to comply, their grip will fall away quickly.

Question: Have the masses evolved enough to take back our power and resist this?

People have not lived their lives around taking control of their own power. They have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into everything they do. They are constantly programmed from the time they were warned to must consume. This and then that and then more of whatever it was that you started consuming. The programming on the television is what they are doing to your subconscious is always geared to you buying something

I have to cut it short here. Ran out time for transcribing at work and will post what I have done so far. Linda Deir's website is About the Founder, Linda Deir has always experienced the paranormal...


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Linda Deir 5/30/20 continued...
feeling you are insecure, feeling you are not worthy unless you have that feeling that you are sick with a new disease they made up because they have a new pill. Anything that you are feared into, especially regarding your health, will be the most powerful method to control you. It's so easy to ask your doctor if this pill is right for you because he or she will be glad to prescribe it immediately. The forces that control your mind and consumerism behavior are very strong. How do you decide to combat what they are trying to do? If you want want to hurt them then don't buy anything they're selling.

Question: are the masses able to [make them back off]?

Only if the individual decides they will question and investigate everything they hear on the news.

Linda comments to do research without fear and connecting with the higher self, spirit guides. Linda comments that many people have been distracted and not making connection to the higher self. Question: is too late to change?

It's never too late to change. Recently, we gave an example in "Linda's Weekly Insights" about turning off the picture when listening to the news on TV and see how different your reaction is when you can only hear something. You have to listen intently and ask yourself questions about what you heard. When you hear fearful news combined with fearful pictures it overwhelms your ability to question.

Comments about shutting down the world economy. Question: is it just the beginning of this nonsense?

Yes. The forces that want to control the world and you and your body and mind will stop at nothing and their agenda is now beginning to roll out.

Comments about consumerism, control and this being a conspiracy reality. How can we get back to [focusing] on what we came here to do?

All right, here's a start: write down everything that you do in a day, in a week, in a month and next to write down the feeling that you get doing these things. Do you feel happy, do you feel sad, do you feel stressed? Then look at what the opposite feeling would be then decide which feeling is better. Then and only then do you realize what you have to stop doing so you can take action on that.

Closing message:

People who play God are not [God]. You will recognize them by their agenda. Division, misinformation, chaos and fear are keys to their control. Unity, truth and love are discouraged, challenged and suppressed. This will lead to submission to fear and loss of more freedoms or a very destructive scenario of rebellion of the masses. Either way, at this time on the planet their will be continued chaos to bring about balance. Everyone here on the planet at this intended to be a part of this and not be afraid or fearful of it. For those who choose to align with energetic upgrade we are always sending you will see more of us soon. We come in truth and love.


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Second Installment of Linda Deir from 6/27: “A Message from the Light Beings: Second Wave of Fear and Confusion is Coming.” A follow-up message from the first one. I put the transcribed channeled material in bold. Punctuation is mine.

Hello. We come in truth and love, to us they are the same thing. A second wave is a military strategy. The second wave of any battle happens once the enemy is worn down by the initial onslaught. The second wave is an extremely well-organized agenda. The second wave happening now in your world follows historical patterns of war and is not deviating from them. The second wave has been happening for a long time and it has been happening in the shadows. Today we will address how this second wave is affecting peoples' behavior and lifestyle. Next we will talk about the economic impact it is having on business and lastly we will tell you how to deal with the fear and confusion.

This second wave you are experiencing is designed like all others: it's designed to increase fear. Fear in the enemy makes them unable to think straight or react properly. It's also designed to increase compliance or control over an enemy, driving them back or taking them prisoner, making them slaves. The third aspect of the second wave is to solidify wealth: this is referred to in war as the spoils of war. One army attacks another's castle and defeats them and steals all their gold, silver, jewels, food and riches leaving the enemy abandoned. This strategy is being rolled out perfectly against humanity at this time.

First we will talk about fear and peoples' behavior in the midst of this second wave. The fear is increasing due to continued oppression and uncertainty of what's coming next: will it be more of the same or when will this be over? Keeping people off-balance and uncertain is key to the strategy. You are seeing it now in a cycle of repeated lock-downs and re-opens. Take something away from somebody and then give them a little bit of it back then take it away again. It's this constant playing with emotions that destabilizes the masses. As this continues to happen, people will move into a survival mentality. When this occurs, there's a lot of bad behavior right behind it. People who are desperate do things they normally do in normal times. For example, there will be a huge increase in crimes as city governments crumble as you are seeing daily on the news. They attempt to stave off the anger of the masses going to extremes like eliminating the police department which will result in nobody to call when the violence gets out of hand and moves into the suburbs.

People do horrible things like stealing their pets in order to extort rewards. This happens during most severe economic times. Always you must protect your pets at all times. Others get so desperate they resort to risky investing, trying to get that last big score before they run out finances. Other types of social violence revolve around the wearing of PPE like face masks. Face masks is a politically charged item. It is a control mechanism. People have different ideas of what is trying to be controlled when wearing a mask and we won't get into it whether you should wear one or not but you will see more confrontations in public spaces over why someone is not wearing a mask. We call this "mask rage" just like "road rage." People will get killed in stores because someone else thinks they are endangering their kids by not wearing a mask.

The people are running out financial reserves. The benefits they once had are coming to an end. When you loose your job or run out of unemployment compensation which will only make the stress worse. People are resorting to selling assets in order to survive. They're selling their gold and silver and art and heirlooms and anything of value that they can still find a buyer for at bargain basement prices. Next, when attempting to sell everything to pay the mortgage, the last thing that they feel connects them to the old normal, there will be a frantic selling of real estate that will drive prices that will drive prices down tremendously. It will be a market that you just hope that you can find a buyer your home. What will happen is that many homes will be given up and any equity in them will dissolve. As many are upside-down in this new real estate economy, this frantic selling, many will find out they will be able to sell and a tidal wave of foreclosures will be right behind it. They won't be able to pay the mortgage because the jobs are gone, the benefits are gone, they sold everything and there is nothing left to sell. All of a sudden, food becomes more important than a mortgage. This real estate crash will finally awaken people to the fact that they couldn't face before: that they are over-extended, not only real estate, but in all other aspects of their lives. The mindless consumerism that got them here has caught up with them and they cannot even sell the things they want.

The wealthy, on the other hand, are escaping to the suburbs, maybe to their homes in the Hamptons. But the middle class is stuck even if maybe you can sell your home. With tightened restrictions, you won't be able to get a mortgage--you lost your job and your steady income so you will become a renter. Others are thinking that buying an RV is the solution. RV sales have never been better. An RV makes people mobile and able to go anywhere. However, we see that a planned gas shortage will hamper mobility. Owners of brand new RVs will find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere without gas.

Remote workers are finding out that working from home is wonderful and more than half will never want to go back to an office environment. If they are living in high rent districts like Silicon Valley or the big cities, they will move to rural areas where they can cut their rent by 75% or more. Many find, however, that you can move to an area that is too rural. The shock will show up when they get sick and cannot get the proper healthcare. This will increase the already unbearable stress on people resulting in an increase of domestic violence and suicides.

People want the old normal to come back so badly that they don't realize the experience of the old normal is gone and the places to where they went to experience the old normal are closed. For individuals, it time to re-evaluate and re-think your lifestyle based on the new normal of being satisfied with only what you need and not what you want. Being prepared and informed is what will keep you keep you sane amidst all this confusion.

I'm going to post the above just in case I loose the page. Back with more soon.


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First of all, thank you for taking the trouble to type out the long transcript.
There’s a lot to digest here, but whether or not the source is a legitimate one, it contains quite a lot of common sense and what sounds like a realistic compilation of what will take place in the near future.

The employment situation is getting pretty bad already. I know so many people well-qualified who are out of a job, which not so long ago was unthinkable. A friend of mine who works for Disney has had her entire team let go of, and now has to perform the work of three people.

Yet the masses seem quite complacent and still in the mood to party, as was mentioned in the transcript. Restaurants are permitted extra tables
outside where cars once parked. If you have a few bars and restaurants in your street imagine the noise and mess created. ( I don’t normally do this, but the other day at 1:30 am I found myself opening my sitting room window and loudly asked the dozen or so people standing on the street to please be quiet, which they were!) None of them seemed concerned about Covid or that anyone just might be disturbed. Nightly concerts in our square are going to take place for three hours every night starting, I think next week, and are to last until
September! Most of the neighbours have signed a petition in protest.

I thought the part about noting down what you fear
or makes you unhappy in life and finding its opposite was very helpful, too.


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People want the old normal to come back so badly that they don't realize the experience of the old normal is gone and the places to where they went to experience the old normal are closed. For individuals, it time to re-evaluate and re-think your lifestyle based on the new normal of being satisfied with only what you need and not what you want. Being prepared and informed is what will keep you keep you sane amidst all this confusion.
Thanks for the transcript. Reading it I was remembering a tv movie that I like very much, The Day After, that happens before and after a nuclear attack but the situation is very similar, before and after, as your description. People in the movie are not aware of what will happen, like now, they think everything is ok, no problem. In the movie they listen to the news (that give signals) but they don't believe that the situation is really bad, something horrible will never happen, and that in a second everything will be erased and a new reality, a nightmare, will be the new reality is inconceivable. And yet. In The Day After when they wake up, those who are still alive, they will finally open their eyes in the reality that is the end of civilization itself, the end of humanity. That will happen for us, also.

I am waiting for the next chapter. Thanks!


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Definitely remains to be seen what kind of source Linda is channeling and how accurate it will prove to be. Some it seems very obvious and a waste to "channel." Kind of lost me at "cereal." But the economic fallout of COVID igniting a housing crisis with a forced fuel crisis does make logical sense. I knew I bought those "Jerry" gas cans for something back in 2015! I'll keep working on the transcription. Here's where I left off with the transcription of that session:

Next, what effect will the second wave have on the economy and businesses? This is the conditioning part that leads to consolidation of wealth. Businesses will be closed and re-opened over and over again. People will feel like they are being pulled with a rope--given a little rope and then pulled back right when things start to feel normal or better. If you are a business owner and you had a business that was effected by the virus, you have been closed for many weeks but when you re-open the virus is still there. It still will effect your business in many ways. For example, if you have a restaurant and have to conform to the control of social distancing, you will lose 50% or more of your floor space for customers. That means you will lose 50% of your profits when you were operating on a tiny margin before the virus that means you will not be able to make up any lost income because you were closed down for months. Millions of small businesses will be wiped out. You may think that they can just go bankrupt and start over but many can't do that. Many mom and pops took out a 2nd mortgage on their house in order to start their business. That means that they personally guaranteed the obligations of their business to be paid one way or another.

These mom and pops will not only loose their business but their homes and everything they hold as assets when the bank comes calling. Landlords have not been fond of giving any concessions to their tenants. There is very little rent relief or postponement because these landlords need to pay the bank every month. Landlords who are not collecting rent cannot honor their obligations to the bank and the bank will foreclose.

There will be tidal wave of foreclosures on commercial property: you could see as many as 35% or a little more of small businesses disappearing forever. This is the consolidation of wealth part. This is the spoils of war that banks swoop in and carry off. Now with competition eliminated, all that will be left will be large corporations and the chain restaurants. When you used to enjoy going to the corner deli to get your sandwich at lunchtime, your choice will be another franchise, another fast food restaurant.

This consolidation and loss of small businesses will result in so many tenant and landlord lawsuits as well as employee and employer lawsuits that the court systems will be jammed. Another thing is that many employees don't want to go back to work, they have established a side hustle over and above unemployment and like the fact that they are their own boss. This will deal a second harder blow to an already fragile economy.

While all of this may sound very grim, it's not meant to be that way. It's just what has been planned to happen in this agenda that has been so strategically rolled out. So how do you deal with the fear and confusion you are now experiencing? No matter what the conditions are in the world, you have the option to choose the life that you want to live rather than giving up and surrendering to the enemy. Disruptions of the future all require preparation today but it will take but it will take a cohesive and worldwide mindset to defeat this organized and powerfully funded enemy. Be prepared for extended shortages: food, gasoline, essential items of all kinds and clean water. You must be safe at all times. Do not go anywhere that you absolutely have to and don't go alone. You must be in a position to protect yourself and your loved ones whatever that means to you.

You have to turn off the sources of the constant fear being programmed. Question everything you hear and do your own research before you make decisions. Just eliminating the news will make you less stressed. Have enough food and essentials to sustain for at least 3 months. Non-perishables like peanut butter, energy bars, protein powder, canned good like tuna, chicken, plenty of high grain cereals and other non-perishables in case the power grid in case the power grid goes down. Also, you must have supplies and equipment to filter water.

Some of the good things that will come out this time will be new appreciation for things. New appreciation for simplicity. New appreciation for minimalism. Minimalism is not going without, minimalism is learning to live well with gratitude for only the things you need. You may find an appreciation for home cooking and you should learn to bake your own bread. You can read and study and exercise and be creative and artistic. Taking walks in nature will also bring down your stress levels which if they get out of hand will turn into illness. Help somebody else. Help your neighbors who can't help themselves. It's only through gratitude in giving that you will find contentment in the situation. Look for like-minded people. Either nearby or online and share ideas and experiences. Fear is a big thing to overcome. You must realize that you have the right to say no and not comply. It's difficult because so many people want to comply with everything thinking that the old normal will come back. It won't; it's gone forever.

Passive non-compliance is the key. Stopping the mindless consumerism that feeds the powers that be of the world is also required. Cut off their food supply. Stop spending money on their needless stuff. This is the only protest tactic that works. Stop feeding the beast. Realize you are a free soul who can refuse to be ruled or forced to participate in anything that you see as wrong. The people who are orchestrating this second wave are relatively few but humanity holds many. It is the many against the few although it does not look that way. We want you to know that they are more fearful than you are and must keep doing what they're doing in order to keep you in fear so they can succeed in their agenda.

Love and truth has a mysterious way of rising up and defeating oppression. Throughout history, this is a universal law evolve you. Do not get involved in the chaos but evolve through it. You are at a stress point right now, the life that you chose to experience before you got here. Imagine that you wanted to be here at this time, now you have to discover that you only have two choices: truth and love or fear and control. We come in truth and love.

Linda & Ray comment: the guides talked to us in December 2019 about "the volatile year to come." More discussion of what was channeled.

Although there will be a third, a fourth and subsequent waves of fear attempting to control you to get you to comply, to take your wealth and power away, we don't want you to be afraid. The world can be a scary place, but you don't have to be afraid. The world can be a dangerous place but you can create your own place of safety and comfort. The world can be a harsh place where peoples' inhumanities to each other are non-stop but you have the ability to radiate love and truth in order to not only to defeat this evil in this world but also to evolve into the next dimension where you will look back and say: "wow--how was I ever able to survive that with all that working against me?" And then you will realize it was all truth and love.


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Thank you. Especially interesting about the too good to be true unemployment benefits right now. I'm starting to wonder if the PPP loans are going to be as easily forgivable as we've been lead to believe.


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Linda Deir July 25th: "The Light Beings: Preparing You for Your New Experiences" Linda's channeled messages will be in bold; punctuation mine. Questions will be in regular type.

Hello we come in truth and love. We speak for our infinite legions. What we see going on in your world is that things are not breaking; they are just coming to light. We are here to take you on a journey through your new experiences. This breakdown that has been going on has gone on for a long time. Here's what we see coming in your near future. We see that continued lockdowns and suppression of your humanity is at the forefront. What is happening is an agenda being driven by fear and terror. Why is this happening? There is a few groups of very powerful people who are more afraid than you are. They fear they are loosing their grip on the control over humanity. This causes them to irrationally believe that they can conquer the entire world and all its' inhabitants creating a master and slave environment. How will you navigate something like this should they be successful? The key is not to wait and worry about it but to examine all your options.

What are those options?

You've had plenty of time over the last few months to reflect on not only what's happening but what is valuable to you. Is it your job, your home, your lifestyle that has been thwarted? Is it your own safety and that of your loved ones? Is it worrying about what you can and can't buy at the store if you can even find a store open? Is it the loss of all the things that you did in your normal life?

So what are the options?

The options are very focused. During this lockdown period you found yourself thinking more and more; not so much about what was happening but what will happen once the lockdown is over.

Which is where we're heading now, right?

Partially. There's talk of locking down the country and the world again just when you thought it was over.

Back to the options...

Your options are to get quiet, look within yourself, and re-arrange your priorities you had when you thought things were normal. Writing down your vision of any type of new normal will be is just a start. It's like hoping or wishing. People who want things to go back to normal are now realizing there will be no normal ever again if the planned agenda becomes the norm. What's happening right in front of your eyes is the destruction of societies, economies and peoples' lives and livelihoods in attempt to deprive and dehumanize people around the world. Why is this necessary? A relatively few very powerful people are afraid they are loosing their grip and control. And rather than coming up with a plan where everyone can live in harmony which they certainly have the resources to do, they decided to destroy what exists and take the spoils and everything that's left over for themselves. The best way to navigate this is to realize that you have a choice to participate in their plan or not. You have

More later...
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