Listening Psychopathic Sex Offenders.


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Anna Salter:" I am aware how disturbing the film is.I made it because i have seen children report acts of sadistic abuse and not be believe because the listener refuse to believe that such things happen.It is easier to deny malevolence than it is to face it,but we have no hope of detecting and stopping this kind of behavior IF WE DO NOT LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT IT..."

Indeed.I get the Anna Salter`s book Predators,Pedophiles,Rapist and other Sex offenders and i could not finish it...i will do it in any moment but I got my courage and I could see the interviews until the end. My soul staggered, but I could know more about the predator and share with you the information.



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Thanks Muna, I will look these videos as soon as possible... Seeing that type of documentary teach us also the importance to be a little detached and be objective. It is a fascinating subject, a scary one but knowledge help us to be less scared.

Thank you!


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This libertine behavior that’s taken over the liberals is truly devastating and predatory, understanding predating behavior as one who seeks to find the weakest most vulnerable prey. And it’s shocking how they can’t conceive of the fact that this is precisely what they’re advocating for i.e. making prey so available, not only legally but culturally.

I will try to watch the documentary, thanks for sharing, however just reading about it makes me rather uncomfortable I must admit.


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I finally managed to finish watching these. I had to take breaks for several days. Anne Salter's is probably the book that I've found the hardest to read. It's been years since I read it, but when Gerald started taking, I knew he was one of the worst cases she had written about.:cry: The comments on YT seem to indicate that several of the offenders interviewed for that film ended up getting the death penalty after getting out of prison and committing more crimes, sometimes going to the point of killing their victims.

And to think that children nowadays are not just exposed to the same dangers as they always were, but taught on top of that that welcoming this is "liberation", "freedom to choose"... With the current teachings and the age of consent getting smaller every time, people like the ones interviewed by A. Salter may not only not be condemned anymore, but also be seen as having done these children a "favor", practically. I makes me so mad... Yet, learning about this makes you understand who is probably behind the current "sexual revolution", and why. As infuriating as it is, it is better to know. What a favor all these people who are buying into nowadays' trend would do to themselves and to their children if only they watched this...
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