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Everything we live in our lives is our creation. Be it our health, socio-economic situation etc. Anyway, when we look at the creation of these, the most important part is the power of our beliefs. The beliefs about who we are and the Universe play a crucial role. They can determine and change the actual ongoing of our lives.

In our times, people, rightfully, find it difficult to stay safe in this world. The wars, earthquakes, and contagious diseases looks like a threat to our lives. Anyway, we all have the power to change this to the harmless. As long you believe you live in a safe Universe and that your body is not frail to any disease, everything will change. Universe, actually, works according to our beliefs. How you believe about yourselves will determine everything in your life. To be away from anything harmful and stop the contagious diseases from someone else hits you, you may say: "I live in a safe Universe" and "My body is not frail to diseases". By believing and saying these, you'll witness miraculous transformation of your reality. Like the C's said, that's being knowledgeable. I have tried these and they work perfectly. The moment you think there is something dangerous, Universe, if detrimental, will take you away from it. Provided that being independent and depending on nobody suffices.

Your Universe is therefore safe and you're perfectly immune to any contagious someone else origined disease.

Enjoy your new reality :-)


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As long you believe you live in a safe Universe and that your body is not frail to any disease, everything will change. Universe, actually, works according to our beliefs.
I'm sorry, but I strongly disagree. In my opinion this is pure wishful thinking. This would probably work if there's nobody else, except you in the universe.

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Seth says that we create our own reality.

He also says that viruses don't work the way we're taught they do. He says they're not a threat, but are instead a friend. This is in line with some of the things the C's said in the last session.

However, wishful thinking is a trap. And bad things can happen to us if we have our eyes closed.

Best to keep an open mind.


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The challenges and struggles in life which we all experience in our own way are important to grow and develop. Certainly in this reality suffering seems a major part of the learning experience. Personally striving to learn and expand Knowledge and awareness can alleviate the need for suffering and help us process that which we do experience.

Trying to wish harm away can be like recognizing what life has in store for you but declaring that you know better. You may be jeopardizing your learning experience, especially considering the recent session suggesting corona virus can positively help the STO connection.

A: Yes and this is the interesting factor: The virus can change DNA making individuals more susceptible to cosmic information of the STO variety. It can also enhance and activate long suppressed codons of a beneficial nature. So you can see why they are so desperate to halt the spread.

On disease in particular it should be remembered that you are more than your material body, sure there is no need to actively seek death but there is also no need to run in fear from it.

Beliefs or rather perception does indeed shape our reality but only when our perception is aligned with truths will this be constructive in nature; hence the importance of knowledge and awareness. Wishful thinking in contradiction of reality will inevitably lead into entropy.

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