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Firstly I have to admit that I am not sure if I got it right but it is my understanding that the cataclysmic events will preceede the Wave.
It also apears that we will witness both events in our lifetime. At least those who survive the first event to be more precise :)

It appears that almost every scenario of the cataclysmic events includes raising of the water level so naturally the fact that I dwell on a tiny rock amidst the sea use to bug me slightly.
I say slightly cos deep down I beleive that everyone will be exactly on the spot where they are supposed to be at certain point in time. :)
Still survival instincts sometimes take over and one cannot escape contemplating these things.

And then recently it hit me - only after reading about the Stone Culture ( Seceret History of the World) did I realize that megalithic temples which were under my nose all the time are one of the few structures on this planet that survived previous cataclysms. And that is a comforting thought indeed.

In any case I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this subject. Are you thinking of relocation or you couldnt care less...?


Deckard said:
I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this subject. Are you thinking of relocation or you couldnt care less...?
I think of relocation all the time. Not so much because of the cataclysms, though. Of course, that aspect crosses my mind now and again. How could it not?

What relocation means to me, for the most part, is physically leaving a place that I am not aligned with...where I don't seem to 'fit'...and perhaps escaping before the borders are closed and people are being rounded up and sent to camps.

I fear fascism more than comets.

However, since I am living in the country where some of the worst of the cataclysmic events are likely to manifest, it could be that relocating would also help me escape some catacysmic events; to stay alive longer to help anchor the frequency...if, of course, I am Able.

If I had the 'means' to relocate, I probably would. Yet, I also wonder if I should stay here in 'the belly of the beast'...since many here will need help in the days to come. Perhaps there is something important for me to do here.

I have more questions than answers. The only things I feel sure about are that, ultimately, it's the soul that matters, not the body, and I have a lot of Work to do.


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Hi Lucy, group

Wow- what you have written above is very similar to my thoughts regarding "relocation".
I also don't think of it that much in regards to cataclysms because they cannot be helped. Of course it is good to educate yourself about it and be prepared as much as possible, but it is as the old saying goes... "It's Mother Nature's way". So I am also concerned with the creeping fascism we face in our reality.

I think about how there may be a really big 'shock' coming soon that will wake people up to see what is going on, and that there is going to be SO many people who have questions and so few to answer them. Few that is those who know about objective reality. And since networking via internet/telecommunication will most likely get more difficult, it won't be that easy to access the 'Alternative Media' to seek answers. So in this sense when you say,

Perhaps there is something important for me to do here
This is also a burning query within me.

And at the same time I carry the words of the C's with me...

It's not where you are that matters, it's WHO your are and what you SEE.

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Perhaps we are exactly where we each need to be to what we need to do--and what does escape mean anyway? Growth comes from changes, and changes occur when the old ways are destroyed and discarded. The best thing we can do is to prepare ouselves mentally and I think not focus on the negative physical events that might occur since we will each suffer a physical death at some point anyway, I mean really how productive is to run around focusing on how the end might come? I find comfort in knowing that whatever happens we are probably all going to do it together.


I'd prefer to re-locate my inner and outer self in the country with my wife and kids though!! Ireland is pretty safe, they never get bombed these days. Iceland is a little seasonally depressing. Camping out in the pyramids is going to be a strain on resources. What is Andy at exodus 2006 thinking!! New Zealand might be nice, a bit of middle Earth. I have friends who have emigrated to Oz to flee peak oil. Personally, I'm quite comfortable in tropical Norfolk UK at the moment. How about some prime "safe" locations people!?

Much love


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Relocation have been on my mind for years. But I don't really know of a safe haven anywhere. Some regions of Europe might be a lesser evil but there is one thing that's clear for me: I have to get away from cities asap.

Cities are obviously military targets, regardless of what conventions say about targetting civilians. And "terrorist" attacks will always take place in urban areas.

But even without stretching the scenario as far as having a military aggression, think of what happens in cities when things start going pear shape. Imagine the currency of your nation takes a serious and sudden blow. How will you feed? Where do you get your food from usually? Do you independently grow or breed your means of subsistance? Do you belong to a community where everyone looks after each other? Do you buy it in shops? Yes, so do I. Now your money is worthless, the distribution of food is scarce, and as it is often the case your home belongs to the bank or a landlord. For how long will you have a shelter? For how long will you have water running from your tap? Heating? Telecommunications? General hygiene will go down, diseases will spread, mobs will roam the streets, the law of the fittest will prevail, the police, the army or private bodies of security will be called in to "restaure order"... A rock and a hard place. I guess that you would eventually be deported to a concentration camp "for your own safety".

Remember New orleans.

By the way that was just if you were lucky. If we're talking drastic climate changes, cosmic cataclysm or plain nuclear war or ALL of that... then you may as well stay in your kitchen, have a cup of something.

I understand that going off to the country probably sounds like escapism but my instinct knows how far desperate human beings will go in order to survive and I don't want to witness it or to put myself to the test. In a city, your food and water do not come from natural ressources. They come from trading goods, services and money. So you'll have to get your basic needs from other people no matter what. And when those basic necesities run out, you'll be in STS mode, brought back to the level of an animal. And I think that's what they want. I'm sure there would be beautiful stories of heroism and self-sacrifice but let's be honest, they'll be very seldom and probably half made up most of the time.

Another thing:

Lucy said:
I fear fascism more than comets.
I fully agree with this statement and I wanted to add for the "belly of the beast" dwellers:

How much help can you provide to others if you can barely help yourself? If you spend most of your time looking for food? Hiding from Blackwater troops or soldiers who are given the order to "shoot to kill" or gangs applying the law of the jungle? And even before all that comes around the corner, today's laws are closing in on you. You could be in danger now. For who you are, what you read, your opinions...

The borders are shutting down now and you have to ask yourself, what would you have done as a german citizen in the 1930's, capable of seeing what others could not see?


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Unless your house is close to any military installation :-( sometimes they're faster than a blowing volcano.

Defense bill asks Pentagon to answer questions on Pinon Canyon


DENVER - A defense spending bill awaiting the president's signature also asks the Pentagon to answer questions on expansion plans for the Army's Pinon Canyon training site, Sen. Wayne Allard said.

Army officials have said they are considering expanding the 240,000-acre site in southeastern Colorado to as many as 1 million acres. Such an expansion could swallow up dozens of ranches and farms that are an important part of the region's economy.

"The local communities are frustrated because there has been an absence of information pertaining to the Army's proposal," said Allard, R-Colo., in a written statement.

Congress approved a defense spending bill late Friday that asks that the Pentagon answer several questions by Nov. 30 about plans to expand Pinon Canyon, according to Allard's office.

It asks the Pentagon to provide information including Fort Carson's current and future training requirements, the economic and environmental effects of expansion, estimated costs, and whether expansion could be handled by buying, leasing or exchanging land with property owners around Pinon Canyon.

It also asks what options were considered for compensating communities that will lose property tax revenues.


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tatou said:
I understand that going off to the country probably sounds like escapism but my instinct knows how far desperate human beings will go in order to survive and I don't want to witness it or to put myself to the test. In a city, your food and water do not come from natural ressources.
I think a city and a country are interdependent nowadays and one can't exist without another. There is no more "self-sufficient" country, since all our agriculture depends on mechanized production, fertilizers, pesticides, oil, and whole set of high-tech gizmos, which regulate and steer many production processes. While it is possible to grow crops in the "old school" way, harvests would be much smaller than now, if any.

Thinking about a hypothetical hell breaking loose in the cities - how much time would it take "the fire" to move into country? A day, or two? A week maybe? Would it be so hard to figure out where the food is, if the stores are empty?

If the hell breaks loose (and we have to remember that it is a POSSIBILITY, not INEVITABILITY) it won't matter where you are, but who you are - to repeat others' remarks.

Focusing on becoming STO, or speaking more realistically - becoming at least a little bit over 50% STO seems to be a reasonable answer to any hypothetical doomsday scenario. That said, if relocation would help in reaching this goal - it should be taken into consideration.

Take a look at this thread, IMHO it relates to your dillemas:

By the way, if I there is a cataclysm coming our way - I hope I will have enough time for my last cigarette. I know, it's a cliche, but I like it anyway ;)


I know some pretty remote places in scotland. I mean, there is always somewhere safer than the place that makes you feel unsafe, however if you and close ones arn't yet totally unsafe then you are better off staying put untill that safeness is immediately in jeopardy. It's just practicable.
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