Locations of german members // Wohnorte deutscher Mitglieder


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I love meet people in person. I am living with my family in Bonn / Bad Godesberg. Someone close by ?

Ich liebe es Menschen in persona zu treffen. Ich lebe mit meiner Familie in Bonn, Bad Godesberg. Jemand zufällig in der Nähe ?


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Hallo Keno,

addresses may actually be exchanged if you're a member of FOTCM and I think members will be able to enlighten us on that.

I have personally not made the step to join yet, because I hesitate to be registered on a data bank that must surely be a prime target for the PTB.

There is thread that may be somewhat useful for you:

Deutsche wo seid Ihr?

I find it psychologically interesting that while many forum members around the world do include their home town or home country in their signature, Germans mostly do not. (My guess is that there could be about 25 of them/us here on the forum).

Incidentally, I have not included Germany into my signature as well, as have many of the much more prominent German forum members.
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As a rule we do not encourage or facilitate meetings between forum members, for the security of all involved. We do arrange meetups between members of our church, The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind, which helps to vet members and keep everyone safe from online predators. Otherwise, best to network here on the forum so that others can better get to know you since you're a newbie.


The Force is Strong With This One
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