i just today signed up as a member of your website. I live in Mount Vernon, WA something is not right in our valley. i no I am not the only one in our valley that see's what I see. Most though are what I believe some would consider undesirables the rest just close their eyes. In our town it has grown to the point where it seems you cannot even sit in a parking lot and eat chicken without being observed or watched by a police officer, a sheriff, or an unmarked car. I was in the process of writing a book and during my research found some rather interesting information. My story is true this is not a joke. My car has been searched and impounded five times within the last year. The last time every piece of literature documenation every picture I had was removed from my car. I drive a 1974 VW bug. It is an attention getter which was my goal. I intendeded on using this as part of my research. Many stories have been told on my vehicle. It is very clear someone has told a story that someone does not want to be told. I have at times noticed in our valley vehicles with a logo of what I believe is the same logo you have at the the beginning of your website. Does your website have a logo to display if so I would like to know what it is. this maybe a person I need to speak with. PEACE BE WITH YOU.
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