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I was very happy moving to London. One of the reasons was opportunity to see places that Fulcanelli describes in his book about Gothic Cathedrals.
I visited both. Westminster's Abbey still has figurine of Saint Paul. Mysterious statue of Saint Peter (Holy Stone) after many years is still displayed in Church of Saint Etheldreda.
I was surprised that London actually has more alchemical dwellings. One of them is the building in mews of Mayfair. The below fellow straight away attracted my attention. (See 1st attachment).
According to Fulcanelli alchemist is a monkeys of the Work. He copies Nature in his endeavour. You can find monkeys in Westminster's Abbey, Canterbury's Cathedral. A friend of mine sent me photo of a leaflet from church in Peterborough UK which has it's own monkey.
On the left from Mayfair's monkey you can see two canines standing one in front of the other. (See second attachment) When I saw them first I thought they are kissing. Until I have found the beliw in book of Lambspring. (See 3rd attachment). Comment for that picture says:
Alexander writes from Persia
That a wolf and a dog are in this field,
Which, as the Sages say,
Are descended from the same stock,
But the wolf comes from the east,
And the dog from the west.

They are full of jealousy,
Fury, rage, and madness;
One kills the other,
And from them comes a great poison.
But when they are restored to life,
They are clearly shewn to be
The Great and Precious Medicine,
The most glorious Remedy upon earth,
Which refreshes and restores the Sages,
Who render thanks to God,
and do praise Him.

I find a part in bold intriguing as animals on illustration seem to be depicted other way around. If you look one more time at the tails on the wood carving from Mayfair, you can notice that position of the wolf and the dog coincides with the illustration. Is it a mistake blindly copied from a book? I have reason to think that it is not.


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Building has three wooden carved panels. The one with the monkey and the canines is on the right-hand side. The one in the middle shows two people. (See attachment). One is holding a staff. Could it be a woman? The other deffinitely a man is holding either a ribbon or a perchament. Building is situated close to cardinal directions. Declination is no more than 10 degrees. "Woman" is facing the South. Man is looking towards the West. Underneath both are flower-like shapes. They are very interesting couple.


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Left panel has a man with plants instead of feet. Man is holding two birds. (See attached). Next to the right is a bird resembling raven or maybe eagle. (2nd attachment below) After the bird there is a face of a green man. Sprouts are coming out of his mouth. (3rd picture) Panel is enclosed with lion from one side and the unicorn from another.


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