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This may have been mentioned, so forgive me (on post #30 of review of this thread):

Although this thread is titled and predominantly about Masculinity in Crisis, it applies to the the masculine/father/protector in females also OSIT.

Jordan Peterson mentions Femininity in Crisis in one of his public talks video on the subject of Masculinity in Crisis. I have it bookmarked and can reference and share it directly if need be. Maybe he mentions it more than once. I'm going to investigate that.

He talks about how there cannot be a crisis in masculinity without it affecting femininity and effectively contributing to a crisis in femininity as the two are linked.

Some very interesting and helpful posts in this thread overall. Thank you.


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Jordan Peterson's "The Crisis of Masculinity" podcast from his talk in Manchester on Oct. 25th, 2018:

As the title suggests, he discusses the crisis of masculinity in this podcast.

This is were he mentions a corresponding crisis of femininity, as I touched on in my previous post.

In this podcast, he talks about Rule 7, 10 and 11 from his 12 Rules For Life book. A summary of these rules:

Rule 7: Pursue What Is Meaningful, Not What Is Expedient
Rule 10: Be Precise In Your Speech
Rule 11: Don't Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding

It's a good listen.


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Becoming A Man: A Guide For A Better Future For Lost Young Men - Jordan Peterson:

Another good listen with Jordan Peterson about and on masculinity, crisis of masculinity and addressing this.

Jordan Peterson says in this video:
This also goes for the masculine, symbolically masculine activity of young women.[/url]


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This article is 2+ years old, but from viewing the scrolling lines on newscasts, and general chatter, there really hasn't been a slowing down of this gender bending confusion, it has just gone a bit "dark" due to the scam demic.

Well, considering what we now know about alien agenda regarding the humanity, and in particular masculinity, we can perhaps view that session in a new light. Since the aliens want to domesticate the males, and aggression is connected to sexuality, it makes sense that they would want to mess around with male sexuality and destroy normal male development.

Male models flaunt ‘pregnant’ bellies on the runway​

By Nicole Zane
June 12, 2018
Xander Zhou's London Fashion Week Men's showGetty Images

No one was expecting this new menswear trend.
Last weekend Chinese designer Xander Zhou sent male models down the London fashion week men’s runway with an unusual accessory: prosthetic pregnancy bellies.
Their bizarro bumps were highlighted by equally wacky fashions, including a baby pink tracksuit with a matching towel flung around one model’s neck. Another catwalker’s cropped T-shirt read “New World Baby.”
Confused? Don’t look to the brand’s Instagram page for clarification. “At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., we’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy,” says one post. Hmm.


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In the wake of Sarah Everard's disappearance from a London street, Baroness Jenny Jones told the House of Lords a night-time curfew for men would "make women a lot safer".

Paul Joseph Watson commented on that


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No kidding!

Victorian school says asking male students to 'apologise for their gender' in an assembly was wrong

A Victorian school has admitted it missed the mark after asking all male students to stand up in an assembly to apologise for their gender in the wake of the justice for women movement.

Schoolboys from Brauer College in Warrnambool were asked to stand in a "symbolic gesture of apology" on behalf of their gender, at a whole school assembly discussing respect for women this week.
The move sparked uproar from parents, with many slamming the gesture as "inappropriate".

Mother Danielle Shepherd told 3AW's Neil Mitchell this morning her Year 7 son was left feeling "confused and upset" by the act.

"He said that they had to watch a video and once they watched the video, they were all asked to stand in solidarity to apologise to the female gender on behalf of their gender, which he wasn't sure 100 per cent why," she said.

"He now has this misconception that all boys are now looked at as predators."

Principal Jane Boyle in a statement said in hindsight, the gesture was "inappropriate".

"Boys were asked to stand as a symbolic gesture of apology for the behaviours of their gender that have hurt or offended girls and women," she said.

"In retrospect, while well-intended, we recognise that this part of the assembly was inappropriate.

"Today, the school is contacting parents to explain the reasons behind the assembly and to ensure that any student who requires support is aware that it is available."

Ms Shepherd said she did not believe the school had any "malice" intentions, but they had got it "wrong" on this occasion.

"It wasn't a very thought-out process, I don't think, by the school," she said.

"I understand what they were trying to promote, they've just completely gone about it the wrong way."

In a social media post on the article one woman reported her daughters experience of the event and she said that most of the teachers were upset and disagreed with what the boys were asked to do. There was no discussion beforehand and they were shocked. Apparently the idea was the principles alone. At least there is some sanity in the response by the majority.


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I wanted to share about an excellent 2017 documentary that my men's group and I watched one evening last year. The documentary is about the four-day intensive group therapy sessions held in Folsom Prison in the United States once a year or so. Very small numbers of non-prisoners are also invited to these group therapy sessions by the convicts, and for the first time cameras and footage directors were invited to come as well and capture the journey of four men who decided to go to the prison and participate in these group meetups for four days.

The movie is called The Work. Here is the trailer for it:

The group therapy sessions serve as a container for those men to speak honestly in a space where they can process emotional issues in a supportive environment. Nearly all of these members are in prison gangs themselves, but one of the principles of the space itself is that they leave behind those gang affiliations at the door and just come as men and human beings and practice honest and openness and even some vulnerability. Violent criminals tend to exhibit what a lot of what could be called toxic masculinity, and that can sometimes be seen in some of the many participants when they are triggered or otherwise incensed by something.

Interesting trivia from IMDB:
The director, Jairus McLeary was inspired to make the film after being one of the first civilian volunteers to help out at the sessions depicted in Folsom Prison. This was at the invitation of his father. He was initially dubious but his curiosity about what goes on within the walls of a maximum security prison persuaded him to take part.

I think a documentary of this kind could be very instructive for a lot of men who sometimes feel like they are a straightjacket when it comes to societal expectations of them, whether that society is their family, church, and work, or if it's even a gang of some kind. One thing that the mixture of non-prisoners and prisoners showed was how very similar emotional issues can be, in spite of the drastically different personal and social circumstances. Eg, there was a man struggling with suicidal thoughts because he hasn't seen his children in years and may not ever, and one member of the public who had a very timid "life of quite desperation," but whether those problems were large or small the groups were there for them both. This resonated because so much of our emotional blocks can come from developmental trauma, and there is no such thing as large or small when you're that age. Every emotional struggle is large, because of how dependent emotionally a child is on parents.
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